Friday, April 14, 2006

Basic Themes of My Site...."A Premise"

The basic themes of this site are...#1- "Truth NEVER contradicts Truth", (John Paul II) #2- "The Supernatural is the undiscovered natural", (The Great Kreskin) and #3- The source of all true wisdom is not found in Science or Spirituality alone but ONLY in an unbiased and humble fusion of BOTH. (yours truly)

Reality, as we perceive it , has been basically divided into two realms, the perceivable Physical Realm and the "ethereal" Spiritual Realm. Up until the first quarter of the 20th Century, those pursuing a Doctorate in Science were required to have a competent knowledge of the Bible in Hebrew, Latin and Aramaic. As man became "intoxicated" with the knowledge revealed through the Scientific Method, his "dependency" on the wisdom of the Spiritual Realm became less important, probably a consequence of ego. As a result, Biblical revelation was left to Philosophers and Theologians. Unfortunately, the latter developed a disdain for Scientists, rejecting the Scientific Method for revealing knowledge that they apparently think contradicts Biblical Truth while most Scientists considered the Spiritual to be "pure fantasy" and consequently the "gap" between them has continuously grown to irreconcilable levels.

This separation of Science and Theology (Spiritual) is most unfortunate for BOTH have presented a distorted view of Reality resulting in "illusion." In the last 20 years, Science has made tremendous advances in the field of Quantum Physics and our perceived understanding of Reality has been greatly challenged. Using a kind of "Reverse Scientific Method", Physicists have been able to resolve many incompatible issues in Unification of the Four Forces with a "new" view of the Universe called the "String Theory" and its' different subcategories. (Super, Brane, Bubble etc)

"String Theory" has been able to "mathematically" resolve the incompatibility problem between Electromagnetism, Strong/Weak Nuclear AND Gravity, the "life obsession" of Albert Einstein. The very bazaar phenomena of "Quantum Entanglement", called "all too spooky" by Einstein, has been verified in the laboratory and is very strong evidence in support of Strings. The phenomena is showing promise in developing "Quantum Computers."

In a "nutshell".....String Theory implies that the ONLY difference between the Physical and Spiritual Realm is FREQUENCY. If this is true......the Universe we presently perceive is an "illusion" and a kind of "matrix" and REALITY is not what we once thought. In this view of the Universe we have 11 distinct dimensions and movement between one and another is merely a change in String Frequency.

In light of The String Theory, understanding the "REAL SECRETS" of the Bible are within the grasp of humanity, however, because of the isolation between Science and Theology, these TRUTHS will be slow to being revealed.

It is my hope that I may contribute in some small way towards speeding up the revelation of Truth and the discussions that this site hopefully generates will contribute to this end as well.

Pax......"The Doubting Thomas"


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