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Did Eve Come from Adam?

Comment on the questiom…..Did Eve come from Adam's rib?


Translations from the original Hebrew to ALL other languages are ALWAYS subject to human interpretation.  EVEN the original language is subject to INTERPRETATION. Religious scholars (of ANY religion)  ALL claim that "theological" evidence, hermeneutics (what was the interpretation of the original READERS?) and "divine" instruction (spiritual influence, ie:  "born again" people CONVINCED the Holy Spirit of God gave THEM the ABSOLUTE TRUE interpretation. No wonder we have so many conflicting religions on the planet and even within specific religions and historically have  caused more human misery and suffering than human selfishness. Is there hope for TRUTH?  

   ABSOLUTELY......God's "GIFT" of  the Scientific Method and Mathematics)  Why do I say this?   God (Creation/CREATOR) is PERFECT...therefore His physical and spiritual laws are PERFECT.  We are CREATED in God's image....most religions "created God in our human's BACKWARDS!    The God/Spirit/Love of Creation, since we are Created in His Image,  gave His Creation a solution to revealing Truth without bias…...the Scientific Method….a process that reveals truth WITHOUT human bias, opinion…….. BECAUSE the "process” MUST be repeatible by others!  Based on this premise of truth revelation through Science and Mathematics and NOT on biased  “belief” …....ALL ancient writings, including Judeo-Christian, were written at a “pre-science" time  by inspired people who recorded these inspired Words based on THEIR limited knoiwledge and experiences.   Many Scriptures refer to a time of increased knowledge , prophetic fulfillment (especially the "Fig Tree Prophecy of Jesus") and restoration of the planet to the Kingdom of God. I believe we are at that period of "time."   I therefore strongly suggest that the “TRUTH”  is revealed in God’s "Gift" of Science and Math.  

The article in reference ( suggests that there was a loss of meaning in translation of the “rib" vs the whole "half" of Adam's body in Eve's creation in the original Hebrew.  Again…"human" interpretation.   Whether the  "rib” was used or some other part.....I believe God’s "Gift" of Science reveals that Eve WAS created from Adam (“at last flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone")  via “modified cloning of Adam.” The “rib" is a rich source of stem cells and maybe the “rib” mistranslation was “prophetic?”   Either way, I believe as many others who have commented on this article do,  that the “Y” chromosome was removed from one stem cell and discarded and the “X” was removed from a second cell and injected into the nucleus of the first and the resulting virtual  “zygote” was induced to begin cleavage and morphogenesis  in a surrogate womb (probablyin vitro) and nine months later “baby Eve” was born.  I suspect the “deep sleep” of Adam was a type of “suspension” because Eve was a sexually mature female when presented to Adam.  For me it is apparent that the Science VERIFIES the Genesis account of Eve’s creation. Biblical Truth is revealed in Science and Math!

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What on earth ?€” or perhaps, off earth ?€” did Nimrod and his followers think they could accomplish? How could building a tower enable them to "make war against G-d?" [Genesis 11:1]
Not only is the idea nonsensical, but they contradicted themselves: "They said: €™Come, let us build a city and tower, its head in the Heavens, and make a name for ourselves, that we not be scattered across the earth.?™" [11:4]
 Rabbi  Rashi (French Rabbi)  explains there that battling with G-d was so "that He not bring upon us a blow that scatters us from here." They convinced themselves that their aggression was defensive!
So the people perceived a false danger, that G-d would want to harm them without reason, and provided themselves a ridiculous solution to their false problem. The result was truly counter-productive: the very thing they wished to avoid was done to them, due to their own actions.
This came about because the people followed this line of thinking without thinking. Nimrod is described as a charismatic leader who was able to capture people’s thoughts and imagination with his words. Logic and analysis were replaced with sweet-sounding invitations and sloganeering, all for the supposed benefit of humanity.
We have not learned. Throughout history, charismatic leaders have enticed unthinking followers to do abhorrent things that run counter to their stated goals. Jules Streicher, the Nazi leader, "taught" Germans to believe that "the peoples of the ancient world perished from the Jewish poison," and that this was "proven" by world history — thus requiring that Germany act to remove the Jews before it be destroyed.
By his day, world history had long proven the very opposite -Â that it was those who oppressed the Jews who found themselves in "the dustbin of history." And so it went with Streicher and his comrades; not only were they defeated and the Reich destroyed, but today to call someone a Nazi is the worst of epithets.
How little things change: today, much of the world celebrates murderers of children as "freedom fighters," asserting that "resistance is not terrorism" as long as the victims of said terrorism are Jews.
Our Torah teaches us to think and analyze, rather than mindlessly accepting what we are told to believe. Is is when we maintain objectivity and study carefully that we arrive at the truth. Never let slogans replace substance!
Good Shabbos!
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis /


4 Signs of the Antichrist
The coming of the Antichrist is a sign of the end. (of the present evil world order)
By Stephanie Hertzenberg 
The identity of the Antichrist has long been a source of both debate and anxiety for Christians. The Bible warns that many people will be taken in by his lies or fail to recognize him for what he is. No Christian wants to be one of those who is deceived by this frightening and demonic figure.
Given that the stakes are nothing more or less than a person’s eternal soul, a great deal is riding on successfully identifying the Antichrist. The internet is filled with bloggers and preachers alike claiming that this political figure or that rival preacher is the Antichrist. Speculation is not confined to the depths of the web either. Innumerable churches have heard sermons warning about what the Antichrist will say and countless Bible study groups have debated the where the Antichrist will originate.
The Bible is peppered with verses warning about this false prophet and alluding to the acts that will reveal him for what he truly is. The problem and source of debate comes from trying to weave dozens of cryptic remarks and prophetic hints into a clear picture. Unfortunately, someone has yet to turn the myriad of clues and references to now-ancient empires into a single cohesive portrayal. This leaves Christians stuck in the same uncertainty that all the debate is attempting to clarify. That said, the continued study of the Scriptures does leave us with a general idea of what the Antichrist will be like. Here are four signs that will hint at the Antichrist’s true identity.
The Antichrist will sway many people to his side. This fact is undeniable based on the descriptions of the Antichrist throughout the Bible. He will be admired, and the odds are good he will be a smooth talker who will win people over through his ability to speak “great things.” Those who follow the Antichrist will become zealous and follow him unquestioningly. They will revile and persecute those who are leery of the Antichrist or disavow him. In this regard, many believe the Antichrist will be similar to Adolf Hitler.
Hitler was known to be extremely charismatic. Those who actually met him in life say that he was extremely skilled at making connections with people and saying exactly the right thing at the right time. Hitler projected a certainty that lent his opinions authority, and he had a talent for sinking his claws into a person’s subconscious thoughts or desires. The Antichrist is likely to have similar gifts. He will give voice to what people believe but are reluctant to say and, in doing so, gain their utter loyalty.
The Antichrist will also be clever. Daniel 11 describes the Antichrist as taking control through “intrigue,” and Daniel 8 says he will be a “master of deception.” This supports the idea of the Antichrist as something akin to a charming, clever psychopath. That calculating cleverness will help bring the Antichrist to global prominence in multiple ways.
One of those ways is as a military tactician. Verses in both the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel describe the Antichrist as being a powerful military leader, an unrivaled military genius in his time who will develop a tendency to attack when his victims feel secure.
Another is the Antichrist’s ability to avoid what people would see as scandalous behavior. It is said that he will not “regard…the desire of women,” thus avoiding the common scandal of an affair. Revelation also says that the Antichrist will be given the authority to “make war.” His actions, violent as they will be, will be supported by not just zealous followers, but by what the average person will recognize as legitimate authority.
The Antichrist will have the cunning to be a successful military leader. Revelation and Daniel both describe the Antichrist’s military prowess, but there is a difference between being a talented tactician and being a conqueror. The Antichrist is undoubtedly the latter.
Revelation 6:2 says that the Antichrist will go “forth conquering, and to conquer.” He will take over lands that did not belong to his people and hold them. His conquests will likely take place at least partly in the Middle East. The theory of the Antichrist’s involvement in the Middle East is common, especially the notion that part of his strategy will be to make peace with Israel before attacking the Jewish people.
The Antichrist’s conquests will also be seen as legitimate. Revelation 13 says that the Antichrist will be “permitted to wage war on God’s holy people” and “given [power]… to extend his authority over every tribe and people.” Revelation 13 also states bluntly that the Antichrist will succeed in conquering God’s people, at least for a time.
Economic Control
As well as gaining military control over much of the world, the Antichrist will gain economic control. In Revelation 13, the infamous number of the Beast is discussed, and it is related to the Antichrist’s control of the economy. According to the Scriptures, the Antichrist will compel all people to be “marked with an inscription” on their hands or foreheads. Only those will this mark will be allowed to “buy or sell.”
Whether the Antichrist will use force or charisma to compel people to accept his mark is not stated. It could, however, be born of simple practicality. People may be presented with the choice of refusing to take this mark or losing their chance to participate in any sort of buying or selling. The Antichrist’s charisma and cunning would allow him to make this seem like a reasonable requirement of trade. With society accepting this new regulation, even those who disagree with the Antichrist oblige and take the mark so that they can feed their families.
The Antichrist will be a blasphemous man. It seems like blasphemy would be an easy way to identify the Antichrist, but consider what the Bible defines as blaspheming: any use of the Lord’s name in vain. Now, think of how often the phrase “oh my God,” is used to denote shock or excitement.
Recognizing the Antichrist will be difficult, especially in the Western World today where religion is often kept carefully out of politics. A clever man could very easily get away with a great deal of blasphemy, especially if he takes care to do it in ways that are common around him. But, the blasphemy of the Antichrist will eventually reach new and unheard of heights, and he will attempt to say that he is God. Until that time, however, no one is likely to look twice at a man who uses “Jesus Christ” as a curse when startled or angry.
What will set the Antichrist apart from other clever, charismatic leaders is his ability to accomplish wonders. The Gospels of both Matthew and Mark warn that the Antichrist will perform miracles that convince many people that he is the Messiah returned, not Christ’s enemy. In 2 Thessalonians, it is said that the coming of the Antichrist will coincide with numerous signs and marvels.
One of these false miracles may give us a few physical characteristics of the Antichrist. In Revelation 13, we learn that the Antichrist will survive a deadly wound, usually attributed to a head or facial wound. This miraculous survival or perhaps even a return from the dead, will convince many that the Antichrist is actually Jesus returned. Some link this sign with Zechariah 11:17 which calls for the Antichrist’s arm to be “completely withered and his right eye totally blinded.”
While some interpret these verses as meaning that the Antichrist will actually be blind in one eye, possibly from whatever mortal wound he survives, others believe the verse describes a more metaphorical wound. Those familiar with the history of Hitler’s rise to power know that there was a period where it looked very much like the Nazi party was going to fade into obscurity. Revelation may be describing a time where the Antichrist loses power and support, only to regain it spectacularly and, in returning to prominence, gain more followers than ever.
Christians Must Be Vigilant
Despite the sheer number of times the Antichrist is mentioned in the Bible, there is little that will definitively identify him before he has the world under his thrall. Christians must be vigilant and be sure to maintain a questioning attitude. The spell of charismatic men and women can be dampened through logic. After all, those who experienced Hitler’s rise said that many of his speeches could be “refuted by reason.” Be wary of things that sound perfect and of those who seem to have all the answers, especially in today’s divisive time. Reason serves as a strong barricade to the sort of zealotry such a clever, charismatic leader will breed.

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THE GREAT LIE................
When you start buying into the theory of evolution, you open the door to say, “You don’t have to trust the Bible completely.”
This is a lie straight from the gates of hell because salvation is based on the Blood of Jesus Christ NOT rejecting Scientuifc discovery.    Evolution and old Earth evidence has NOTHING to do with God Crteating man in His Image AND the reality is that Science  proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the Creation revealed n Genesis is ABSOLUTE is interpretation of processes that have caused the division and the TRUTH is ALL of the Bible is ABSOLUTE thruth. I suspect Fundamental young Earth believers fear Science because they fear God for the wrong reasons. The DANGER is that humanity has bought into pseudoscience which has allowed the evil new world order to supress real TRUTH and enslave mankind in total ignorance!
I suggest all readers check out

An article on old vs decide

Have you ever heard of the “Old Earth” theory
and the “Young Earth” theory?
The founder of Prophecy in the News, Dr. J.R. Church, was always a believer in what the Bible teaches about a 6-day creation and the “Young Earth” theory. He taught this without compromise and without apology.
When you start buying into the theory of evolution, you open the door to say, “You don’t have to trust the Bible completely.”
Evolution and the theory that the earth was formed in “millions of years” is the greatest myth ever forced on the minds of men.
The main reason for believing in the young earth is that the earth is young! The Bible tells us so, and the weight of the scientific evidence points to a young earth. John Morris, son of the famous Dr. Henry Morris, president of the Institute for Creation Research, states that “While the Bible may not specify a precise date for creation, it does indicate that the earth is only a few thousand years old. Similarly, while the geologic and physical evidence cannot give a precise age, all the evidence is compatible with the young-earth doctrine, with far greater evidence supporting a young earth than an old earth. There is much evidence incompatible with the old-earth idea.”
He goes on to say, “Furthermore, many biblical doctrines are based on the recency of creation and the corollary doctrine, the global flood. One cannot hold the old-earth position and believe that the flood was global, for if the flood was global, then the entire earth’s surface was altered. The flood would leave in its wake the rock and fossil record, which now is misinterpreted by geologists as evidence for an old earth. All Christians who knowledgeably advocate an “old earth” believe that the flood was only local. (A few still hold the bizarre notion that the flood was tranquil and did little geologic work. Imagine – a tranquil, worldwide flood!) The doctrinal absurdities which result from a local flood and old earth are well documented in creationist literature. The most serious fallacy involves the death of the vast majority of earth’s inhabitants before man appeared, and before he sinned and incurred the wages of sin. Astronomer Hugh Ross even proposes human-like animals who buried their dead, practiced religious ceremonies, painted pictures on cave walls, etc., but did not yet possess an eternal spirit. Death before sin implies that death is natural, not the penalty for sin. But if so, what good did the death of Jesus Christ accomplish? And what was the world like before the Fall? Old-earth advocates believe it was no different from our world – with death, disease, bloodshed, carnivorous activity, fossils. Belief in the old earth, with the implied concepts of death before sin, the world before Adam not really “very good,” an inconsequential Fall and Curse, a local flood, etc., destroys the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some Christians do believe in both Christianity and the old earth, but this is inconsistent with their professed belief in the Bible.”
I have been reviewing a book for our Prophecy in the News bookstore titled, “Is The Big Bang Biblical? by John Morris. In his book he talks about the so-called “Gap Theory” in a chaptered titled, “Does Scripture Allow a Gap?”. He says the “Gap Theory” was proposed early in the 1800s, but which became popular around the turn of the century, and has very few scholarly advocates these days. However, many Christians do still hold to it, mostly by tradition, having never examined it closely. There have always been many scientific and theological problems with the idea of a long gap of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, but perhaps the “death” of the gap theory came with the 1978 publication of Dr. Weston W. Fields’s fine book, Unformed and Unfilled. In it, Fields specified the many biblical problems inherent in the concept and, with only a few exceptions, Bible scholars have now abandoned it. Some of the main arguments are briefly summarized below.
Gap advocates hold that only the surface of the earth was “created” during the six-day series of events detailed in Genesis 1:2 through 2:25. This creation followed a global holocaust brought on by the fall of Satan, which destroyed a supposed pre-Adamic world. But the all-summary statements of Genesis 2:1-3 and Exodus 20:11, and elsewhere, argue otherwise; “the heavens and the earth…all the host of them…all that is in them…all His work which God created and made,” seem better to refer to all of creation, not just the earth’s surface.
Some have claimed that in Exodus 20:11 the verb “to make” is used instead of “to create,” and, that, therefore, the summation is referring only to the earth’s surface, leaving the rock strata and the earth’s interior untouched. But in reality, while there is an important distinction between the words in Genesis 1, both are used in Genesis 2:2-3 and Nehemiah 9:6 to refer to all of creation; and are even used in synonymous parallelism in Genesis 2:4, Exodus 34:10, Isaiah 41:20, and Isaiah 43:7.
Another often-repeated claim is that Genesis 1:2 should read, “the earth became without form and void,” as supposed to the traditional understanding that when God first created the earth in verse 3, it “was without form (i.e., not yet inhabited).” The verb’s normal meaning, however, is simply “was,” and while it may be translated “become,” the context does not warrant it, and all accepted versions of the Bible was “was.”
Each verse in Genesis 1, except verse1, begins with the conjunction “and,” thereby connecting each verse sequentially to those before and after. There is no hint of the passing of millions or billions of years of time between verses 1 and 2.
Gap advocates frequently turn to other portions of Scripture for support, particularly those which use the word “without form” and “void” (Jer. 4:23, Isa. 24:1, and 45:18 are most important). In each case, the prophet refers to a wasted state due to the judgment of sin, thereby implying that Genesis 1:2 likewise implies a condition brought about by judgment. But in each case, the context regards the land of Israel, not the original earth. There is no justification for postulating long ages present in a supposed gap in Genesis.”
John Morris summarizes the chapter by saying… “The gap theory, as with all efforts to harmonize Genesis with the geologic ages, faces insurmountable problems on several fronts. How much better to take God at His Word and simply believe what He says.”


Sadly,  many Christians of ANY denomination, Catholic or Protestant, live with a false sense of security by believing that obeying their Church doctrines, rules and what their clergy teach them will automatically place them in the "Bride of Christ"...the REAL CHURCH.  One of the characteristics of such belief is the sense we are "better" than "other" sinners.   The ONE human trait that will gurantee we are NOT right with God is hatred of ANYONE. God judges our hearts not our obediance to rules ....when we are RIGHT with God rules are automatic because we do God's Will...NOT ours.
I believe the article below by a Catholic Priest reveals the truth about the consequences of "hate."  God forgave us from the Cross of Calvary, it is impossible to do God's Will unless we too forgive anyone who "trespasses against us."

On Hatred
James V. Schall, S.J. on the way those who say they oppose hate engage in hatred of whatever and whoever refuses to confirm their own prejudices.
Both Testaments of Scripture contain passages in which we are admonished to hate something, like evil, but not to hate our brother. We are familiar, perhaps too familiar, with the adage: “To hate the sin but love the sinner.” This aphorism can easily leave the impression that my sin is floating out there totally independent of me, who, in the meantime, remains pure as the driven snow. No sin disconnected from a sinner can be found. Moreover, we are definitely well advised to avoid some sinners or, at least, to deal with them most gingerly.
When Aristotle treats anger, itself a good thing, he talks about controlling or not controlling our passionate response to what is dangerous or wrong. We usually overdo it. But not to be angry at evil things is a vice. Some things ought to anger us.
Hatred is the emotional response to our recognition that some specific thing is wrong in the world. Tell me what you hate and I will tell you what you are. And if you tell me that you do not hate anything because nothing is wrong in the world, I have an even clearer picture of what you are – that is, hopelessly naïve.
Cultural revolutionaries
Here, I am interested in the relatively new phenomenon known as “hate language.” Few things are potentially more pernicious, especially when governments and institutions get into the business of defining and enforcing it. “Hate language” and freedom of speech are clearly in bloody conflict with each other. The same folks who were once interested in pressing the limits of free speech – such that most anything could be said with impunity – are now the same people who, in control of the culture, want to suppress any speech not to their liking.
Where did this “hate language” business come from anyhow? Its origin was in the now largely successful endeavor to overturn the moral structure of civil society. Generally speaking, this transformation was accomplished through the deft usage of “rights talk.” What was once called, on rational grounds, a disorder or vice became first tolerated, then finally a “right.” Once it became a “right,” then for anyone to call it a sin or evil became a slander, an attack on transformed human dignity and pride.
Human language has a purpose. It is accurately to define, then name, what in reality it designates. If we come to use the same word for two very different realities, we have to deduce from usage to what reality we are referring. If marriage means both the relation of male/female and male/male, the reality to which the word marriage refers does not change. One is not the other.
 At this juncture, “hate language” arrives on the scene. Since the law now claims that both marital arrangements are “the same,” we no longer are free to state that they are not the same. It causes pain to people to hear that what they do is or is not a marriage. The very statement that they are not the same is judged a civic disorder that must, in the name of preventing turmoil, be forbidden. We can find ourselves ostracized or put in jail for stating what is true and giving arguments for it. Free speech, which was designed to state the truth of things, is no longer permitted. Truth is now what endangers society.
When this situation is universalized, we find that we have to provide places where people are protected from even hearing anything that would question either the rightness of their own choices or the civil law that has now claimed jurisdiction over all of our speech. A most odious feature of totalitarian societies was to set up listening posts or to have children tell what their own parents said in private. This same phenomenon has arrived among us. It is now gussied up in the image of protecting the victims from the hatred of those who refuse to accept the new “rights” regime that insists that its law is the highest and only law in the land.
In discussing law, Aquinas asked: Whether we should have a law that forbad all vices? At first, it seems like a good idea. In fact, it is a terrible idea. Aquinas understood that giving such power to the state would imply a divine knowledge. It would also do away with that freedom to err and to be wrong that allows us to chart our own destiny.
Aquinas knew that some vices had to be dealt with, otherwise we would be in a state of war with each other. But to empower the state to rid us of all vices would require giving it absolute power, something too many politicians covet. Citizens would lose that arena of freedom and intelligence in which they are to carry out their own decisions. “Hate laws” ultimately stem from the modern democratic state’s endeavor to change human nature.

James V. Schall, S.J., who served as a professor at Georgetown University for thirty-five years, is one of the most prolific Catholic writers in America. Among his recent books are: The Mind That Is Catholic; Political Philosophy and Revelation: A Catholic Reading; Docilitas: On Teaching and Being Taught; and Catholicism and Intelligence.

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Jesus said "No one knows, not even Myself, ONLY the Father knows, when the Kingdom will be restored on Earth as it is in Heaven."


AND..Isaiah 45 tells us the world is  WITHOUT end...the present evil world order is the one that ENDS!

Apocalypse Now: 6 Biblical Signs of the End Times
These are signs of hope, not despair.
By Wesley Baines

The Bible presents a certain paradox when it comes to the end times. On one hand, we have Mark 13: 32, which tells us "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” So the angels in heaven don’t know when the end is coming. Not even Jesus, Himself, knows when He’s coming back, it seems.
Yet in Matthew 24: 5-8, Christ says, of the impending end of all things, that “For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you dare not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.”
So we’re told that we cannot know when the end will come, yet we are given definitive signs that foretell its coming. How can we make sense of this?
One way in which these signs can be useful is if we, instead of trying to predict the end through them, simply take them as hope-filled reminders that Christ is going to return and redeem all of creation. In this way, when we see these events transpiring, we can find hope instead of fear as we prepare ourselves to weather the storm.
To help you see these events for what they are, let’s take a look at 6 Biblical signs of the end times.
Nation Against Nation
In Matthew 24:7, Christ gives us one of the signs, saying that, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.”
Since war has been raging ever since the Biblical Fall, we have to assume that this means something more—something far more destructive or significant than what we’ve yet seen. And knowing what we’ve already been through—things like WWII—it is difficult to imagine anything worse.
We may very well be about to enter this troublesome age. However, with world tensions again growing taut, and with most every country now possessing the most powerful weapons in history, this sign may be fast approaching.
Consider North Korea, and its boasts of nuclear retaliation. Think on Russia’s growing tension with the United States. Think of the myriad conflicts in the Middle East. And don’t forget that China, one of the world’s superpowers, is growing increasingly hostile with the West.
With all that’s going on, we can’t help but be reminded of Christ’s return.
 False Prophets
In Matthew 24:24, Jesus warns of another sign, saying “For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”
These “false christs” will look like the real deal—they’ll preach like a Christian, be charismatic, and draw in many, many followers. Those followers will sincerely believe that, in following these people, they are doing the work of God.
But in reality, these false prophets are not of God at all. Their messages will be subtly corrupt. They’ll even perform miracles. This brings to mind many a corrupt religious leader.
But there is a way we can discern who is true from who is false—Christ, in John 14:21, says “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.”
If we steep ourselves in the study of Christ’s life, we can plainly point out those who are not like Him. So study up, and be prepared for the false prophets.
 Moral Decay
In 2 Timothy 3:1-4, Paul writes of a sign: “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”
Again, since human beings have always been all of these things, we must assume that these traits will occur at an unprecedented level—more brutal, more heartless, and more greedy and proud than ever.
The fall from God-inspired morality to relativity is a mark of the postmodern age. Ours is a society that has become suspicious of anything labeled “truth,” and this may very well be the beginning of this sign. Moral relativism allows for the creation of personal codes of morality, of personal interpretations of truth—everything is up to the individual. This may eventually allow for the extreme behaviors listed in this sign.
Remember the fruits of the spirit— love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Live by these, and you’ll avoid the trap of moral decay that so many are destined to fall into.
 Signs in the Stars
In Luke 21:25-26, Christ speaks of the sky, saying, “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, people fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”
This is an interesting one, and appears in several places in the Gospels. Some of the other verses speak of “roaring” in the heavens, as well as some kind of trouble in the seas.
One thing that’s certain—this sign will not be one to be missed.
It’s possible that this sign is simply speaking of human weaponry—satellite-based defenses capable of firing on the planet, missiles and bombs that streak down from the sky, and whatever other objects of destruction the human mind will contrive in the coming years.
Alternately, this could, as we see in Matthew 24:29-32, be the great sign that accompanies Christ’s return.
Whatever the case, when the sky darkens and the stars disappear and the moon becomes red as blood, you will know that Christ is near.
A Great Tribulation
The Great Tribulation is a bit of a contentious sign. Some interpret surrounding scripture to mean that believers will be taken up into heaven and spared this difficult time. Others believe that they will not be taken up until after.
Of this time, Christ says that "For then there will be a Great Tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall." This Tribulation will be set off by an action of the Antichrist and conclude with the coming of the true Christ.
The Book of Revelation gives us a few details about what this time period will entail: God’s wrath will be on the earth, the Beast will be revealed, and plagues and suffering will occur throughout the earth.
It may be that this Tribulation is the combined effect of all the other signs—a world torn by war, inhumanity, natural disasters, and heavenly disturbances would certainly qualify as a “tribulation.” Whatever the case, and whatever you believe about this troubling time, keep your eyes open for it, and make sure your heart is prepared for the coming of Christ.
Earthquakes in Many Places
Earthquakes play a big role in Biblical prophecy. In Matthew 24:6-7, Christ says that “there will be famines and earthquakes in various places” when the time is near for His return.
Notice the “various places.” We cannot point to every earthquake that happens and think the end is coming—this sign is something different, something more widespread.
Like many of the signs, this will be something we’re familiar with, but greatly intensified—these won’t be just any old earthquakes, but something that rocks the very foundations of the earth, and so do in many places at once.
These quakes are mentioned five times in the Book of Revelation, with the final earthquake corresponding with the seventh bowl of God’s wrath being poured out on the earth. This is described as “a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on the earth. Now the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell.”
This is another sign that will be difficult to miss, but take care to interpret it correctly. These signs are merely the “birth pains” of Christ’s return, as Christ, Himself, says. Even in these frightening times, there is hope for a better world.
Prepare, Don't Despair
Christ tells us the importance of the signs when He says, “From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near.”
That’s it. That’s the essence of why we’ve been made aware of the signs—so that we might know that Christ is near and take heart, and so that we might also prepare ourselves.
So keep an eye out for these 6 major Biblical signs of Christ’s return—you might just be able to see a few already.

Monday, October 02, 2017


 ................ is defending life ever opposed to God's will?
The world order says....Exitus Acta Probat....."The ends justify the means".......HOWEVER... Jesus says "the ends is justified ONLY by just means".......
                                             JESUS CHRIST
Would anyone be able to pick you out of the crowd, at your place of work or in your neighborhood, and identify you as a Christian? Can people definitively say, “I know he/she is a Christian,” or “I know he/she is a follower of Jesus?” What makes you look, act, think and speak differently than those whom you work and live with? Today, the Christian faith has not only come under attack, but many Christians themselves have become complacent and too willing to compromise their beliefs. Unfortunately, Christians are known more for what they are against than what they are for. In the U.S. in particular, we have adopted for the most part a barely recognizable form of Christianity that almost completely ignores the teachings given by the Bible by the man we say we want to follow and be like: Jesus. Here are six teachings of Jesus that followers of Jesus should be ........................
6 Teachings of Jesus that His Followers Almost Never Take Seriously
It’s time to take the words of Jesus seriously.
By Lesli White 
 On Forgiveness
Our lack of obedience leads to our constant need for forgiveness. Scripture tells us, “Be gentle and ready to forgive never hold grudges. Remember the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others (Colossians 3:13). But forgiveness is a concept many Christians struggle with. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Our inexcusable behavior has been forgiven by God, so if we are to have the stamp of Christ on our lives, that would include forgiving the inexcusable behavior of other towards us. We must be honestly repentant and truly sorry for the hurt we have caused God and others. We must not as for forgiveness just because the Bible tells us. While this is a good starting place, we have to know and feel in our hearts that we need to be forgiven and to forgive.
 On Blessing Others
The Bible tells us, “love your enemies and bless those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). While Jesus encourages us to sacrifice ourselves and speak kind words of blessings to those with disagree with most, for many Christians, that isn’t always how we respond to others. There is always new controversy taking place in the Church. This can involve one group of Christians disagreeing with another group of Christians and the outcome of this situation ends with those taking to the internet to write slanderous posts about the other. This is not Jesus’ way and is absolutely contrary to what He would do. Instead of cursing those who offend us or we don’t agree with, Jesus calls us to speak blessings over them, even if the only thing we want to do is curse them out.
On Witnessing
One of the key elements of Christianity is being open and willing to share your faith with others, but the practical way of doing that is often a struggle. Many Christians don’t share their faith out of fear of being ridiculed, disapproved and persecuted by the world. We hesitate to share and fear-based thoughts begin to show up. How do we tell others about God in a way that is effective? Some people think of sharing their faith as a commandment enforced by knocking on doors and throwing Bibles. Fortunately, this is not what God commands. We serve a loving God who didn’t design sharing your faith as a way to condemn others. We can witness to others by spreading God’s love and approaching witnessing with the right attitude and state of mind.
On Condemnation
Many Christians spend a lot of time addressing the people that God is opposed to and who He condemns. They also spend time addressing how to shift from a place of condemnation before God to a position of grace through believing the right things about Jesus. They will also talk about those who disagree or live contrary to their understanding of what is “righteous” as those who are under condemnation from God. But when you take a close look at Jesus’ life and teachings, we see that He not only befriended, loving and affirming some of societies most despised and vile people, but also chastising the religious leaders who condemned for their sin. Jesus said, “I have not come into the world to condemn it but to save it” (John 3:17). It appears that Jesus spends very little time telling sinner they’re wrong or speaking words of condemnation over them, but rather extending love and grace to those who have steered off path and need God most.
On Time with God
Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours” (Matthew 11:24). As Christians, we know that prayer is a key part of our relationship with God but it isn’t always a part of our regular practice. Many Christians struggle with making adequate time for God, through prayer and communication. We live in a fast-paced world and while many Christians say God is most important their life, many struggle with fitting God into their daily agendas. Our lives don’t always reflect that God is at our center. What’s special about a solid relationship with God is that when we face struggle, we know where our help comes from.
On Salvation
One of the clearest messages throughout all four Gospel accounts is the way that we enter the Kingdom of God is through living in obedience to the Law of Christ. Throughout the Gospel, Jesus makes very clear statements that condemn those who think they will be saved because they say the right things or do the right religious rituals. Jesus responds to those who believe they are religious and deserve Heaven by saying that their outward religiosity is detestable and the only thing God desires is that they exercise their faith is by obeying the command of God – to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly. We enter His Kingdom by doing God’s will, through loving God and neighbor. Looking or acting religious isn’t a qualifier.
In the Bible, God tells us, “Simply let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’. Anything beyond this comes from the evil one” (Matthew 537). On your faith journey, you will take more than one detour from Jesus. But in spite of those situations, your stubbornness, your self-righteous arrogance and a litany of other short comings, God loves you. If you don’t feel as close to Him as you once did, it isn’t God that has moved, but you that has moved.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Human Rights?

All human rights are from God and the "right to life" is the most precious of these rights and the suppression of this right places ALL other human rights in jeopardy.   Roe vs Wade must be repealed and replaced with an Amendment that defines "conception the beginning of life." Just as there are no 2 identical snowflakes,  a given conception of a specific human male sperm cell with a human female  ovum WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN IN ALL OF ETERNITY.  Frankly, I believe this argument against abortion surpasses the Planned Parenthood evil of "selling" aborted baby parts for profit. The Word of God in the Holy Bible is very clear on the subject.....Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:31 and Matthew 19:5.   The true meaning of these Scriptures is that a male and female become "ONE FLESH IN THE CHILD THEY PRODUCE."  The decision to terminate that "FLESH" violates ALL of God's Laws because "ALL LAWS ARE BASED ON THIS ONE TRUTH." What do you think the Lord Jesus would say about the "right to terminate God's flesh in the womb?"  Pray for God's wisdom which surpasses all human wisdom..

Monday, July 10, 2017



YES....we are ALL decendants of Adam and Eve, however, God did NOT use magic to create Adam and Eve. He sure didn't use Darwinian Natural Selection either! God is PERFECT..His Laws are PERFECT. God's "gift" of Science allows us to discover His Laws which reveals that the Genesis creation of Adam and Eve is ABSOLUTE Truth WHEN the Scripture is interpreted through God's "gift" of Science. .

There are two scientific reasons man did NOT evolve from apes. The first is that the ONLY source of  new , natural genetic information needed for new traits, which are subject to natural selection agents, comes from DNA mutations which are 99% lethal and form defective proteins preventing speciation….. AND….of the possible non-lethal mutations, less than 1% occur in germ tissue, the ONLY ones passed on to future generations where natural selection occurs. What this means is that there was no where near enough time for evolution to “create “ the Homo genera from Simians assuming natural selection could ever possibly create Homo sapiens in the first place, even IF there was enough time…..such a theory requires more faith than the Genesis account!

The second reason is that the Simian genome is TOO similar to Homo sapien which seems contradictory and causes many to assume man evolved from apes.  This assumption is an illusion and unfortuneately causes many to reject the posibility that Genesis is correct. Ofcourse the fundamental interpretation of Genesis also causes many to stumble causing them to reject the Bible entirely and the salvation it reveals in Jesus Christ.

The Genesis account of the creation of Adam and Eve is ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  It tells us God created man from the “dust of the Earth” and Eve from the “rib” of Adam.  A question that needs answering is why is the ape-human genome almost identical and why is man so different and special  than all other animals and is ABSOLUTELY a “child of God.”. The “hint” is in the fact that God created man “in His image from the DUST of the Earth.” AND   There is no question that we are God’s actual “children.”

If man did not evolve from apes, and of course he didn’t,  the ONLY other explanation that explains the common genome is “Intelligent Design” involving God’s Laws of RECOMBINANT DNA HYBRIDIZATION  which we have discoivered through God’s “gift” of Science.  This explanation is supported by the “dust of the Earth” Scripture because the elements  that make up DNA are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous…..elements found on Earth….”dust.”   The DNA codes, about 5% or less) that makes us human is NOT of this Earth..they ARE the genetic codes from the FAMILY OF GOD….they did NOT form by mutation and natural selection..they were intentionally “spliced” into the genome by God via rDNA…..there is no question that we were created in God’s Image as Genesis says. 

Ofcourse many (fundamentals)  do believe in Intelligent Design but this belief is based on  “magic” (supernatural) which is a human convention. When the inspired writers of Scripture wrote God’s Words, man had no concept of the Laws that govern God’s creation that we are discoveribng today. Sadly, many fundamental believers reject the Science that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that God’s Word is ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  The apparent mistrust between many believers and Science is obviously an illusion created by the great liar satan himself.  God is PERFECT, therefore His Laws are                                                                                                                                                                                                        PERFECT and the violation or suspension of those Laws (supernatural)  would imply that His Laws are not PERFECT…a non-sequitur.

The creation of Eve from Adams “rib” is also revealed as Truth when applying God’s PERFECT Laws.  It was once believed that the “Y” chromosome of the male (DNA bundle) was a degenerate autosome implying that the female came first.  It has been revealed that this is NOT the case and that the “Y” is a unique specific bundle of DNA .  (sorry women’s femnest nazi libbers)  Science says the male is unique…Genesis says the male (Adam) was created first supporting the Science and that Eve was created after from Adam’s “rib.”  The fundamental interpretation implies God physically removed an entire rib and made it into the female Eve.  If His Laws are PERFECT, and they are, is there a Scientific interpretation that does not require the violation of His Laws?  ABSOLUTELY…. again proving that God’s Word is ABSOLUTE INERRANT TRUTH! 

The “rib” is a easily assessible source of adult stemcells via needle aspiration. (NOTE: The deep sleep that Adam was placed under was not anesthesia for surgical removal of an entire rib. Not much medical stuff going on back then let alone surgery! The deep sleep will be explained later)  The adult stem cells removed from the “rib marrow” are easily “re-set” to an earlier embryonic state.  Two cells are required. The “Y” chromosme of one is removed, discarded and the cell is saved.  The “X” chromosome from the second cell is removed and is inserted into the nucleus of the first, the second cell is discarded.  The resulting modified cell is induced to begin cleavage and form a blastocyst and is placed into a surrogate womb (probably in vitro)  where gestation is completed in 9 months and little baby Eve is born!  The deep sleep was probably a form of suspended animation because when God presented Eve to Adam, she was a sexually mature young women. The Scripture says that Adam exclaimed..”At last, this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I will call her women because she comes from man.”  Again…. this Scientific explanation  proves that God’s Word is Truth.

This  Scientific interpretation of the creation of Adam and Eve along with Dr. Jeanson’s DNA discovery proves we are ALL decendants of these single parents…it also is a pretty good genetic explanation that we ALL inherited the “original sin”  as the Bible says. It is sad that so many believe Science is incompatible with the Bible when the opposite is true. It is also sad that so many believers fear and reject Science and embrace pseudoscience that enslaves all people to the Novus Ordo Seclorum. (evil secular new world order) It is even sadder that so many will never consider that Jesus is real and is who He said He is because of the illusion Science contradicts the Word of God. We true disciples of Jesus Christ will be held accountable for turning so many away from the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Harvard doc finds PROOF Adam & Eve existed (this is freaky!)

July 8, 2017

Saturday, June 03, 2017




MY COMMENTS........ doesn't end (Isaiah45)....the SECULAR WORLD ORDER ends and the planet IS restored to the Kingdom of God. When? Only the Father knows as Jesus said. So why have men tried so hard predicting "when" throughout time and obviously have failed miserably and tragically in many cases? BECAUSE they missed the Lord's warning to be aware of THE SIGN and concentrated on "the signs" instead. (Matthew 24) The "signs" of the TRUE time of restoration (so called end times) will most certainly be a characteristic of the "end times", however, many of these signs have been a constant part of the rise and fall of civilizations leading the religious world to speculate.

What's missing then to reveal WHEN restoration is close? Jesus told us but because of prejudice, hatred, racism AND understanding the Covenants of the Lord...the SIGN has been missed by most eschatologists. Many Christians have fallen for the illusion that God has taken the "keys" to the Kingdom from the Jew and gave it to the Gentiles in the New Covenant and has revoked all other Covenants. THIS is a lie straight from satan. The New Testament does NOT nullify God's promises given through the Covenants.....IT FULLFILLS THEM FOR ALL PEOPLE...Jew and Gentile. John 14:6 applies to ALL human beings, Jew or Gentile. A better name for the New Testament would have been...FULLFILLED Testament! Sadly, because so many do NOT understand the Covenants they have fallen victim to satan's lies that the Church of Christ has REPLACED Israel with the result.  ALL people who repent, Jew or Gentile, who repents and accepts Jesus as Savior become members of the Church of Christ ...PERIOD! is today different than all other times in the past?  Are all these Matthew 24 signs THE SIGN?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! It's about "THE SIGN" that is overlooked or even ignored by those who have replaced logic with emotional anti-Semitism.  The Disciples asked Jesus when the Kingdom would be restored.   As He said...only the Father knows but He did specifically reveal to them THE SIGN.  Jesus said..."When the "fig tree" begins to sprout leaves, you know that summer and  the fruit is near."  The Disciples KNEW Jesus was NOT talking about seasonal change or fig trees or fig Newtons! They KNEW that the symbol of Jacob..who became Israel was the "Fig Tree."  This Prophecy is flatly rejected by many Laodician Churches of today because anti-Semitism has blinded them and they have embraced the satanic lie that the Church is Israel.  Jesus was saying that the Kingdom would NOT be restored until Israel was re-established which happened on May 14, 1948 and Jerusalem restored to Israel on June 10, 1967.   THE SIGN HAS BEEN FULFILLED!  Isaiah 2 and 11 will soon be FULLFILLED......REPENT NOW!

NOTE: President Trump has recently delayed the moving of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. HMMMM.... Maybe this is a blessing in disquise because God may be delaying Rapture so many more Jews and Gentiles will respond to God's Love and repent and accept His Son Jesus as the "Savior of the World."

Monday, May 15, 2017


(of course...if you think that Scripture is fantasy, your "free" to do and believe what you want and just hope there are no consequences for your choices.....GOOD LUCK!)
Jeremiah 1:5...........
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you,
before you were born I set you apart;"

Psalm 139:13-14...........
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


                                               AN INCONVENIENT FACT

Now that half of the people have had the last 2 months to express their support and love for President Donald Trump and his plan to "save" America from Novus Ordo Seclorum, mostly on social networks and very little coverage in the mainstream media, AND half the people have expressed their insanely  emotional  hatred and fear of him  to the level of impeaching or worse assasinating him  on social networks, AND with  HUGE coverage in the mainstream media , IT IS TIME FOR REVEALING AN INCONVENIENT FACT........

The anti-Trump movement has based their displeasure on the fact that "their" candidate won the popular vote and it was the “alleged” unconstitutional Electoral College (which BTW has been constitutional over the last 200 years) that robbed them of their choice for President. We already know Trump blew away Clinton in electoral votes!  (270 required..Trump 304, Clinton 232)  The SIMPLE INCONVENIENT FACT is that IF the popular vote in New York and California were subtracted from the total...President Trump would have WON the popular vote by  3, 131,876  votes instread of losing the popular vote by  2,864,974 votes with California and New York!    (look it up...... 
There  are 50 you really want the President of the United States determined by just 2  high population liberal states?  If you do you have no clue what a Republic is and you are obviously a selfish liberal yourself hypocritically claiming FAIRNESS. America is a Republic Democracy.  We conservatives had to live through the last 8 years of liberal policy! The genius of the founders of our country is that they realized that a true Democracy needed a protection mechanism to prevent a “demographically  skewed popular vote” determining the outcome of an election.   Last year's election was a validation of the needed protection if the  Electoral College.  I live in New York...I would gladly give up my vote to protect true Democracy!   Just because California and New York have the most liberal minded people doesn’t mean they are the “guardians” of what is best for America….true Democracy is suppose to determine that.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Aam and Eve



God is PERFECT therefore His Laws are PERFECT. The "supernatural" is NOT a violation or suspension of those Laws BECAUSE they are PERFECT . The "supernatural" is a human convention to label phenomena that is not yet understood and whose Laws governing such phenomena have not been discovered yet.

A basic principle of Science is that discovering the mechanism of how something is evidence of the Laws that govern the phenomena. The assumption that many Scientific discoveries are incompatible with the Bible is an illusion. It is the interpretation of the Bible that often contradicts Scientific discovery. Fundamental Christianity claims the Creation of Adam and Eve revealed in the Book of Genesis is incompatible with the popular Scientific explanation of Darwinian Natural Selection. Ironically this is one case where the Fundamentals are correct and Science is sadly wrong!

The real Science behind the Creation of Adam and Eve has been discovered AND is compatible with the Genesis account, however,  because most people in the Scientific community rejects the Truth and Wisdom revealed in the Bible, they are totally unaware that Science has discovered how God did it!  There are some in Science who do believe in God yet still embrace evolution as the mechanism of Adam and Eve's Creation which is most definately incompatible with Genesis.  God could have used evolution to do it because ALL His Laws are PERFECT but that is not what He revealed in Genesis. There has to be another explanation that IS compatible with God's Word and is based on Laws Science has discovered AND  there IS, yet the Scientific community AND the religious comuunity are oblivious to this Truth. The religious community would reject this Truth because they fear that Science is not just is dangerous and destroys God's Word and sadly they have embraced pseudoscience which creates illusion that enslaves all men and threatens our freedoms. Most in the Scientific community wiould reject this Truth becausethey reject God.

The  Creation of Adam and Eve revealed in Genesis expalined through God's PERFECT Laws of Science.........

Genesis....  "God Created man in His Image from the "dust" of the Earth and "breathed life"into man. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous are elements found on this planet..."dust of the Earth."  Science has discovered the the basic chemical of "life" that records the "genetic codes" that determines the protein enzymes present in a living cell that determines the biochemistry that occurs in the cell which determines what an organism is....moneran, protist, plant fungus or animal.  The five elements of  "dust" are the elements that make up that "recording" chemical...deoxyribonucleic acid..DNA.  Science claims man evolved from Simian ancestors. Since the the human genome (DNA codes)  is 98% identical to Simians, it is understandable Science would embrace the evolution explanation, however, this explanation is impossible because the ONLY source of "new and natural" genetic codes needed for Natural Selection is via DNA mutation of which 99% are "lethal" and produce defective proteins. Less than 1 % of any possible "positive" mutations occur in germ tissue that produce sex cells...the ONLY ones that pass on the genetic codes to future offspring for selection to occur.  The reason this is critical is because there simply was NOT enough "time" between Simians and Hominids. The ONLY other explanation is that God Created Adam via Recombinant DNA Hybridization...."dust of the Earth."   The 2% difference in DNA reveals that this "new" DNA and its' code was NOT from Earth and proves we are truly "Children of God"  just as the Bible says. This 2 % DNA that makes us human came from the Kingdom of God...NOT from Earth.  Note: the "breathed" issue......I suggest this refers to arobic cellular respiration.

Eve's Creation......

Genesis.....Adam was not happy with the indigenous females..they were NOT of hs "flesh." God saw Adam needed a help mate. He placed Adam into a "deep sleep",  removed a "rib" and covered it with "flesh and bone" Creating Eve. When God presented her to Adam, Adam exclaimed...."at last, this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I will call her women BECAUSE SHE COMES FROM A MAN."

Scientifically explained and 100% compatible with the Scripture......

The "rib" is an easily accessible and rich source of adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are easily "reset" to an earlier embryonic state using determinant enzymes. ( called IPS cells...."Induced Pluripotency) Note: We are doing this today in growing various tissues and organs.) Two IPS cells are required. The "Y" chromosome (DNA) is removed from one and is discarded..the cell is saved.   The "X" chromosome is removed from the second IPS cell and is inserted into the nucleus of the first. The second cell is discarded.    The altered first cell is induced to begin cleavage and form a blastocyst that is placed into a surrogate "womb" (probably in vitro) where morphogenesis gestation is completed in 9 months and "baby Eve" is born. I suggest that the "deep sleep" of Adam was not a surgical anesthetic but a form of suspension because Eve was a sexually mature young women when she was presented to Adam.  There is no question that this explanation is compatible with the Scripture because she came from a man and was his flesh and bone and blood etc.  (modified cloning)  (Good thing the "Y" was replaced with an "X" or it would have been "Adam and Steve?"  uuugh!

About the Son of God, Son of Man.... Yeshua ben Joseph..Jesus the Christ of God.........

Merriam (Mary) was a Jewess Virgin. She conceived Jesus via the Holy Spirit of God using God's PERFECT Laws once again.  Jesus was obviously a "Hybrid God-Man"....23 human chromosomes (DNA) from His Mother Mary and 23 "DIVINE" chromosomes (DNA) from God.  Half man and half wonder He had those "powers."

Of course the MOST important fact about Jesus is that our planet and all people who accept His Truth (John 14:6)  are RESTORED to God's Kingdom..the Infinate Cosmic Family through His Death, Burial, and Resurrection, Our planet will soon be RESTORED upon Jesus RETURN as King of Kings and Lord of Lords EXACTLY the same way He left 2000 years ago..Acts 1:8-11.  AND there is a lot of Science involved in that "cloud" Jesus dissappeared into. (saved for another time)

The views expressed inmy comments will never be understood by the religious or atheists untill they and all humanity understand the True God revealed in the "flesh"in the Incarnation iof Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Jesus said that He and the Father are ONE and if we repent, accept and obey He and the Father on the Spirit will "live within us."   This statement of Jesus cannot be understood until one understands the Hebrew word for God...."Elohim." and the Genesis  Scripture..."Let Us Create Man in OUR Image,"

In Christ...David

Monday, February 27, 2017


FAKE NEWS HAS A PURPOSE AND WHETHER IT IS GOOD OR BAD FOR SOCIETY DEPENDS ON WHAT SIDE YOUR ON.......The question is which side's fake news is best for society in general.
What's hysterical but also sad about this is that fake news FAKES the fake news. Fake news started with Walter Kronkite and it has evolved into what we think is absolute reality today. Fake news has serious consequence for BOTH sides of an issue. If you were willing to accept ANY wisdom revealed in the ancient writings that were consolidated 2000 years ago into the anthology we call the Bible, two Truths would stand out.....(1) .the great liar Lucifer revealed through Josef Goebbels in WWII that "truth" can be altered easily through lies....."Tell a lie big enough and long enough and it becomes absolute Truth" and (2) Truth is NOT controlled by Homo sapiens...ANY of them from Adam and Eve to today..... “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12)
All humans are "victims" and the "elite" power brokers of the world who "think" they are controlling the planet socially and economically are the most pathetic of all "victims." This TRUTH explains why Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus the Christ) "begged in agony" from the Roman Cross for His persecutors ..."Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

If however you consider the Bible worthless fantasy, Truth is irrelevant and you become a victim of illusion.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

REAL Climate Chanage

Climate change is very real, however, man's activities have NOTHING to do with it. There are many factors involved all driven by solar activity but man is not one of the factors. Man made global warming is a political ploy used by the world "elite" to remove the last economic obstacle to Novus Ordo Seclorum......America!

BTW....CO2, the gas the "elite" world leaders blame on climate change, weighs 44 grams per mole. It is too dense to remain high up in the atmosphere acting as the "glass" of a greenhouse and therefore "sinks" to the surface where it is "buffered" by increase in "biomass" through photosynthesis and increased limestone deposition in bodies of water.

Why are there so many "alleged" scientists claiming man made climate change then? (notice they don't call it "global warming" any longer because of the recent "cooling" trend)  The answer is simple.......MONEY! If you oppose man made global warming you don't get government grants for your own research and worse, your reputation is ridiculed often resulting in loss of career. AND...the news media is NOT "news media"...they ARE a "climate propaganda machine" controlled by the "elite" world leaders and they will never report the vast numbers of REAL scientists who KNOW man made climate change is an illusion.   Notice they accuse people who know the truth as "climate deniers."  This is disingenuous because climate change is REAL. The "elite" expect you to believe we cause it!

 What about Bill Nye's ("the science guy") man made global warming position? Look no further than his bank acount for the answer! AND Al Gore "is no dummy....he laughs all the way to the bank!"
I taught science for 35 years and I always feared that someday we would be a nation of scientifically ignorant people. Sadly...we are there! (you can thank "common core" for that!)  Alexis deToqueville (19th Century French Dipolomat)  said in his book "Democracy in America"...Democracy will fail without an educated citizenry.

Friday, December 09, 2016


God is PERFECT...therefore  His Laws are PERFECT.

Debating evolution vs creation can cause many to mistrust God's PERFECT Word.  All humans need love and forgiveness AND the ONLY source of this is Jesus Christ.  Convincing people that evolution is a hoax will never bring people to repentance and accept the Grace of God through the Blood of Christ.  The Gospel is simple...Jesus Christ died to reconcile man to has nothing to do with evolution vs creation which causes confusion for both people of faith and especially atheists who will never accept that they need the saving Grace of Jesus because they assume the Bible is incompatible with science.  The ABSOLUTE TRUTH is that science verifies God's Word.  The problem is in the fundamental  interpretation of God's Word that seems to contradict science. This is sad indeed BECAUSE if we interpret God's Word through God's "gift" of science our "blind" faith in God's Word is replaced by INFORMED FAITH.  EXAMPLE......Man did NOT evolve from ape ancestors....Adam was VERY real and he was created by God in His image via recombinant DNA hybridization....."ABSOLUTE REAL INTELLIGENT DESIGN."  (God has no need or purpose in breaking His own PERFECT is man who requires this of his Creator!)

Merry Christmas to all.... In Christ ...David 

Thursday, November 24, 2016


I received a interesting question from a dear e-mail friend of mind that got me thinking about the birth of Christ.  Since it is the Christmas Season I share some ideas on the topic..........

My friends question.........

 Getting close to Christmas. As a biology teacher. Have you considered the blood of Jesus had to come from being a virgin birth? What if Jesus had a blood transfusion. Would his blood been contaminated or he was pure enough that the blood would have been purified?

My response........

........ didn't have transfusions back then! Erythrocytes (red blood cells) do not have a nucleus (except in the early stages of formation in bone marrow) therefore they do not contain DNA......"purity is a condition of the DNA." (besides the cells given in a transfusion are replaced in several weeks anyway!)

Clarification…..the Virgin Birth was NOT about “parthenogenesis”…biological development of a non-fertilized ovum which produces offspring with a monoploid compliment of DNA. (half the amount…common in several plants and invertebrate animals.) Jesus was human in every way except sin…He was NOT a “haploid.”)

 The virgin birth was about DIVINITY...the "purity" is about DNA .....NOT MORALITY......Mary, His mom was 100 % Homo sapiens...she gave Jesus 23 human chromosomes (DNA) from the House of David that goes ALL the way back to Patriarch Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (Israel) THIS fulfilled the "promise" made to Abraham through HIS righteousness given to him directly from God. The "other" 23 chromosomes (DNA) DID NOT COME FROM THIS PLANET! Those chromosomes (DNA) were "pure"...DIVINE.....from God's Eternal Cosmic Kingdom. Gabriel (an Angel of God...and Extraterrestrial I might add by definition since he was not from Earth) announced to Mary that she was FAVORED by God through her "purity in the blood line of Abraham." (being Catholic we have this in our Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.....HER conception....VERY important concept when talking DNA and GENETICS!  She was in a “pure” state in reference to Her DNA….She was not a “haploid” either!) You don't have to be a biologist (like me!) to realize we are talking "artificial insemination."

I know that my faith would say she conceived by the Holy Spirit as recorded in Scripture WHICH IS TRUE ....HOWEVER...since the Holy Spirit of God dwells within ALL who accept God's Gift of Grace....AND there is no question Gabe was very "pure" as well... the 23 Divine chromosomes involved in the Holy Conception of the Son of God was via "artificial insemination." Scripture is NOT contradicted! (duh….Gabe didn’t do the inseminating ala’ the Nephilum. Angels are forbidden to procreate with humans)

The reason many will not understand what I am saying is that man equates sexual reproduction with morality. Sexual reproduction has NOTHING to do with is about God's PERFECT Law of "Genetic Recombination of Gene Codes." The "morality" issue occurs when man ABUSES this Law! The Conception of Jesus (Yeshua ben Joseph) in the Blessed Womb of Mary was a FULLFILLEMENT of God's PERFECT Genetic Laws AND had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MORALITY. Man's mind tends to be in the "gutter" which is expected since we are in a fallen state in DIRE need of the Blood of Christ to resolve our disconnect with a Holy God!!!

We know that Jesus had seemingly apparent "supernatural powers" (whatever that means!) recorded in God's Holy Word. With 50% of His DNA coming from God's Cosmic wonder He could "walk on water" etc.!

Bill...the Holy Bible is ABSOLUTE mistakes...contradictions etc. The problem is that the INTERPRETATION of Scripture is illusion. God's "gift" of Science ...given at this "time" of human history actually PROVES the Bible is TRUTH. God wants INFORMED Faith..NOT blind Faith.  

 The power of positive prayer is evidence of the God of Reality and I suspect the prayer works at the "quantum level." I find it ironic that today's Scientists are BLIND to the reality of Scripture and Science.  It is VERY sad that alleged believers reject the connection between Science and the Bible

....... didn't have transfusions back then! Erythrocytes (red blood cells) do not have a nucleus (except in the early stages of formation in bone marrow) therefore they do not contain DNA......"purity is a condition of the DNA." (besides the cells given in a transfusion are replaced in several weeks anyway!)

Clarification…..the Virgin Birth was NOT about “parthenogenesis”…biological development of a non-fertilized ovum which produces offspring with a monoploid compliment of DNA. (half the amount…common in several plants and invertebrate animals.) Jesus was human in every way except sin…He was NOT a “haploid.”)

 The virgin birth was about DIVINITY...the "purity" is about DNA .....NOT MORALITY......Mary, His mom was 100 % Homo sapiens...she gave Jesus 23 human chromosomes (DNA) from the House of David that goes ALL the way back to Patriarch Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (Israel) THIS fulfilled the "promise" made to Abraham through HIS righteousness given to him directly from God. The "other" 23 chromosomes (DNA) DID NOT COME FROM THIS PLANET! Those chromosomes (DNA) were "pure"...DIVINE.....from God's Eternal Cosmic Kingdom. Gabriel (an Angel of God...and Extraterrestrial I might add by definition since he was not from Earth) announced to Mary that she was FAVORED by God through her "purity in the blood line of Abraham." (being Catholic we have this in our Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.....HER conception....VERY important concept when talking DNA and GENETICS!  She was in a “pure” state in reference to Her DNA….She was not a “haploid” either!) You don't have to be a biologist (like me!) to realize we are talking "artificial insemination."

I know that my faith would say she conceived by the Holy Spirit as recorded in Scripture WHICH IS TRUE ....HOWEVER...since the Holy Spirit of God dwells within ALL who accept God's Gift of Grace....AND there is no question Gabe was very "pure" as well... the 23 Divine chromosomes involved in the Holy Conception of the Son of God was via "artificial insemination." Scripture is NOT contradicted! (duh….Gabe didn’t do the inseminating ala’ the Nephilum. Angels are forbidden to procreate with humans)

The reason many will not understand what I am saying is that man equates sexual reproduction with morality. Sexual reproduction has NOTHING to do with is about God's PERFECT Law of "Genetic Recombination of Gene Codes." The "morality" issue occurs when man ABUSES this Law! The Conception of Jesus (Yeshua ben Joseph) in the Blessed Womb of Mary was a FULLFILLEMENT of God's PERFECT Genetic Laws AND had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MORALITY. Man's mind tends to be in the "gutter" which is expected since we are in a fallen state in DIRE need of the Blood of Christ to resolve our disconnect with a Holy God!!!

We know that Jesus had seemingly apparent "supernatural powers" (whatever that means!) recorded in God's Holy Word. With 50% of His DNA coming from God's Cosmic wonder He could "walk on water" etc.!

Bill...the Holy Bible is ABSOLUTE mistakes...contradictions etc. The problem is that the INTERPRETATION of Scripture is illusion. God's "gift" of Science ...given at this "time" of human history actually PROVES the Bible is TRUTH. God wants INFORMED Faith..NOT blind Faith.  

 The power of positive prayer is evidence of the God of Reality and I suspect the prayer works at the "quantum level." I find it ironic that today's Scientists are BLIND to the reality of Scripture and Science.  It is VERY sad that alleged believers reject the connection between Science and the Bible


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Getting close to Christmas. As a biology teacher. Have you considered the blood of Jesus had to come from being a virgin birth? What if Jesus had a blood transfusion. Would his blood been contaminated or he was pure enough that the blood would have been purified?

Friday, November 11, 2016


...Global warming is a cyclic process based on the Sun's cyclic processes. The reason it is NOT affected by man's alleged carbon emissions is because of the following....... the "green house effect" is based on silicon GLASS IN THE CEILING of a green house that allows sunlight to pass through and prevent loss of the warmth created by the light inside the "house" warming up the house The reason carbon can't do this is because it exists as a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) (erroneously called a "green house gas") that weighs 44 grams per is the heaviest gas in the atmosphere (densest) and IT SINKS TO THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH and is absorbed by green plant life (mostly the microscopic phytoplankton in bodies of water) that manufactures carbohydrate nutrients and OXYGEN AND dissolves in bodies of water forming bicarbonate ions which bind to calcium ions (minerals) depositing LIMESTONE. THE RERSULT OF this is that CO2 is a BUFFERED it increases, biomass and limestone deposition increases keeping the net amount CONSTANT. The ice core studies that claimed human activity has increased CO2 to dangerous levels DID NOT take Biology and Geology into the issue. Wonder why? READ BELOW....... (BTW...ONE VOLCANO RELEASES MORE CO2 INTO THE ATMOSPHERE THAN ALL THE CARS COMBINED SINCE THE MODEL "T" FORD!.....I taught these truth to my students...they KNOW the truth)

Man made global warming is a Novus Ordo Seclorum (secular new world order) device to help control human populations and bring them under a one world EVIL government. (Brexit and the election of Donald Trump has forced the secular new order to goon the "back burner" until the time of the Biblical Tribulation.)

The news media disperses false information that all scientists are in agreement on man made global warming. I and thousands more like me KNOW THE does President elect Donald Trump. MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A WEAPON OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

In has learned how to modify weather patterns using aluminum silicates and barium salts at high altitude ("chem trails") that absorb very high energy electromagnetic radio energy from DARPA's HAARP project.

DARPA.....The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. DARPA was created in February 1958 as the Advanced Research Projects Agency by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Its purpose was to formulate and execute research and development projects to expand the frontiers of technology and science, with the aim to reach beyond immediate military requirements. The administration was created in response to the Soviet launching of Sputnik 1 in 1957, and DARPA's mission was to ensure U.S. military technology would be more sophisticated than that of the nation's potential enemies.

HAARP.....High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Sounds innocent? It was in the beginning! When they found out their experiments were altering weather patterns they knew they needed a "smokescreen" to cover-up what was happening and the secular new world order that infiltrated out government after President Eisenhower suddenly knew they had a "tool" to affect world populations. THEY NEEDED A FALSE FLAG......hence..MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING.