Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This sure has been an interesting week for the "politically correct." Political correctness is thought to be the key to understanding that will result in peace between all people. It is suppose to foster tolerance of those who think differently than us. I submit that political correctness is a subtle tool of the devil that ultimately detroys the human spirit.

Case in point.... Benedict XVI, talking to a group of Catholic Bishops at a University in Germany about the history of religious intolerance and violence by quoting a 14th Century cleric was misconstrued as an attack against Islam that resulted in an "angry outcry" of all of Islam and the killing of a Catholic Nun and the burning of many Catholic Churches and generated MORE hatred of Christianity.

Personally...I believe this was agitated by the Islam clerics. The Pope apologized for the unfortunate reaction by Islam but did not make an actual apology to the words of the 14th Century cleric. How could he, he wasn't the one who said the things that Islam was questioning. Unfortuneately, in his attempt to diffuse the issue using political correctness because of the way he views his position as a world leader, he has actually created a worse case scenario. Islam looks at him as being weak and they WILL take advantage of it! Being a Catholic, I am ashamed that he said that he "deeply repects Islam." This is not only giving into political correctness but has given Islam the appearance of being the ones who have suffered. How come he doesn't demand apology from Islam's reaction. (For that matter how come Islam hasn't apologized for 9/11?)

A second case in point....Our President has committed a similar error in giving into political correctness by his "cowtowing" to world leaders at the UN and demonstrating his weakness in his resolve that we are the "good" guys in this War on Terror. What did it get him? First Amahadinejad uses our President's position as a weakness in the eyes of world leaders and he is even further "trumped" by Hugo Chavez spewing out his "poisonous venom" today against our Country to the APPLAUSE of these same world leaders! We are so affraid that we will offend somebody that we actually are perceived as "offending" somebody! We are hated BECAUSE we allow ourselves to be hated! We have lost faith in ourselves to the point that we are now starting to agree with 3rd world dictators that we are the "bad guys." Hollywood sure thinks so!

Yes...we are living in an "Alice in Wonderland World" where GOOD is now called EVIL and EVIL is GOOD. (By the way....this is a Biblical sign of TRANSITION. Add the "Fig Tree" of May 14, 1948 and you better start looking up, "your redemption draws nigh!"!)

"Is Political Correctness helping us?"

"I submit that Political Correctness is KILLING us!

Pax...Doubting Thomas


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