Monday, November 20, 2006


We know that Bible Prophecy says that "knowledge will abound" during the "end times", just before the Physical-Spiritual return of the Christ. (Transition of the 4th World to the 5th) I believe we ARE the generation that is experiencing this Prophecy and not ONLY Prophecy BUT Scientific Predictions made over 100 years ago when Scientists predicted God will come down and announce..."Gentlemen, it's closing time!" ....................

Reprinted from The Saturday Evening Post, June 24, 1950, at the conclusion of an article entitled "The Truth About the Hydrogen Bomb":

"One is reminded of a dinner conversation in Paris some eighty years ago, recorded in the Journal of the de Goncourt brothers. Some of the famous savants of the day were crystal-gazing into the scientific future 100 years away. The great chemist, Pierre Barthelot, predicted that by 1969 "man would know of what the atom is constituted and would be able, at will, to moderate, extinguish and light up the sun as if it were a gas lamp." (This prophecy has almost come true.) Claude Bernard, the greatest physiologist of the day, saw a future in which "man would be so completely the master of organic law that he would create life (synthetically) in competition with God."

To which the de Goncourt brothers added the postscript: "To all of this we raised no objection. But we have the feeling that when this time comes to science, God with His white beard will come down to earth swinging a bunch of keys, and will say to humanity, the way they saw at five o'clock at the salon, 'Closing time, gentlemen!'"

We HAVE achieved sustained hydrogen fusion (if only for a mere 8 seconds that made enough energy to run New York City for a day!) AND we ARE manipulating life through Recombinant DNA Technology and cloning. ADD to these the discovery of String Theory by Reverse Scientific Method that has resulted in the discovery of Quantum Entanglement (that is being utilized in Quantum chips) and Zero Point Energy (devices being manufactured in Northern Ireland) AND it's......

"Enjoy's later than you think"....(hope you remember the ol' tune with those lyrics.) (or trust Yahshua if your not a gambler)

Pax...The Doubting Thomas (David)


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