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Don't spend your Obamanation crumbs all in one place!  $13 a week..... WOW.....we can buy a baker's dozen of perogies!    One thing is for SURE....Friday the 13th into Valentine's Day  was the END of the American Republic OR the END of the Republican Party.  We will soon see which!  3 Republican traitors made Obamanation possible. (Specter got 1.8 billion personally, wonder how much Snow and Collins got.)  If the Stimulus actually saves our economy, Obama will be "enthroned" as the American Messiah and no doubt term limits will be repealed so we can live happily ever after in the ObamaNATION.   AND if this indeed does is the END of the Republican Party because with only 3 defecting is political suicide.  I'm finding it awful hard to believe that these EVIL Republicans that voted against Obamanation's Stimulus  are that stupid.   Now ..I always suspected that Snow and Collins were playing poker with a pinocle deck and deuces are wild! At least we know Specter is just a plain crook!  If I thought that there was no consequence for screwing people..I'd take the 1.8 billion too!


PLEASE..someone tell me why the Republican Party is committing political suicide by going against Lord Obamanation.  Why can't those evil  Republican morons realize that the messiah has returned!


Trust me..if Obamanation was pro-life...I'd kneel before him with palm branches.."Hosanna  in Excelsis!" (in the Highest)  (Why did God make it so easy to discern "darkness from light" yet most people can't see the "forrest through the trees?")


I thought Obamanation wanted transparency, no "pork", bipartisanship and at least 48 hours before ANY bill is passed?  The Democratic House blocking all Republicans out of the "smoke filled back rooms" where the Democrats secretly  created this monstrosity and even keeping Republican Senators out of the committee to correct some "pork" in it is not exactly bipartisanship, is it?  AND I thought Obama was going to STOP all the "pork" in Washington.  There's more "pork" in this bill than in a heard of pigs! ( I want one of those golf carts)  Stimulus package my butt......Geeze..... all I want is to have the Secretary of the Treasury Geintner pay his damn taxes like I have too.....and I have to take a loan out to pay 'em!!


AND please explain to me why our new New York Democrat Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, was all pro-gun ownership before and has now "seen the light" that we NEED more gun legislation. What "secrets" has she been told? AND the NRA endorsed her!  Oy Veh.



Rejoice all you Democrats out there..the Repubilcan Party is history..maybe!   I am accused of being a ONE issue voter.....I AM pro-life. Give me a break people...I am a Biologist..I'd be a hypocrit to my profession if I thought abortion was not murder.  I am a Catholic and many say I am jamming my religious convictions down their throats.  Not true..... Catholic Church is lucky THEY are pro-life or I'd "beam"  outta there in a "little baby's heart beat."


The ironic thing about this is that Obamanation has patterned himself as a "new" Abraham Lincoln..the father of the Republican Party. Weird eh? (one thing is for sure...what ever happens...all this stuff will make one helluva a great bunch of movies with Will Smith playing Obamanation) 


If , however, this Stimulus puts us in a deep depression that makes the "Great Depression of 29" look like a picnic....I suspect Obamanation won't even last 4 years. Que Sera" Sera'


AND this just  in.......It's Official......Pelosi and Reid released incriminating evidence that George W. Bush caused the Continental tragedy in Buffalo and found evidence that Obamanation was behind the US Air miracle on the Hudson. Hope Capt. Sully thanks the Lord Messiah Obamanation.


AND......Why didn't they send the STIMULUS bill to our elementary schools and let the kids read least we would know what is really in it!  Our elected Congressmen and Senators didn't read it because they can't understand it!


This monstrosity is suppose to give jobs to all the people that just lost theirs at the tune of 1000 jobs per hour?  I fear our people may have to go to Mexico and work for the Mexican Drug Cartel..oops I mean Government.


Maybe this whole bill is about sending the illegals back to Mexico now that they did their duty getting the messiah on his throne.  Why would I say this?  It seeems that the illegals are trying to sneak back into Mexico and get off this sinking ship!  This is no joke....Border Patrol Agents have apprehended these people going the opposite way ..back to Mexico!  (Don't sweat it..the illegals are here to stay! They are not going to leave the biggest welfare state in history!)





....... about the "Stimulus Package"..........For some this may sound like bad news but for those who love the Lord Jesus this is the greatest news in history............


On the back of the one dollar bill  by the Masonic Templar image "The Great Seal" is a Latin phrase that first appeared in 1932...... "Novus Ordo Seclorum"..translated.."The New World Order"   We assumed that meant American Democracy.   But the insidious truth of this phrase is found in Biblical Prophecy.  During the "end time"..... just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.........."there will be one world government under the false messiah."  I'm not saying Obamanation is that person but he seems a close kissin' cousin of him!


I may be wrong and I hope the hell I am but I strongly suspect that the Stimulus package never was about saving our's about preparing our economy for the New World Order which will be a socialist form of world government. America is the last obstacle for this New World Order. This "rotting corpse" of a bill removes this last obstacle.   Amazing how fast it is happening too...Obamanation hasn't even been in there a month yet!  Is it not strange that it HAD to be passed so fast under the guise of national security when the actual Stimulus portion won't even take affect for a year.  Why are we sheeple so naive we can't see this madness? 


Folks..I pray I am wrong and just an old paranoic fart .....for all our sakes!   One thing is for certain.....after Bill Clinton gets done getting the Fairness Doctrine back (He's helping Obamanation with this) you libs won't have to put up with Limbaugh, Savage, O'Reilly, Hannity, Ingraham, Coulter and Glemm Beck any more!   


Good luck and God Bless all of us.


The Doubting Thomas, David




Below is more detail on the Novus Ordo Seclorum and the Second Coming of's only for those interested or crazy enough to be's boring.......




The Disciples of Jesus Christ asked Him when will the Kingdom of God come to Earth.  He answered that question twice. First He said  " observe the "Fig Tree"...when you see it's leaves sprout on it's branches you will know the time is near."    Then He told them.."As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when the Son of Man returns."


OK....let's do the "Fig Tree" thingy first.......EVERYWHERE in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible..all references to the "Fig Tree" refer to Isaac's son Jacob. Isaac was Abraham's legitimate son through his wife Sarah......Ishmael was his bastard son through Sarah's hand maiden Haggar.  Jacob inherited the promise YHWH God made to Father Abraham and He changed his name to Israel....thus creating the Eternal Covenant between YHWH God and His People Israel.  (It's all in the Old Testament...... read blows away the crap Hollywood throws at us and people like Dan Brown and his NOVEL the DaVinci Code!...(Don't believe me? Look at the FIRST says "A NOVEL" right on it.  Ya won't find it on 2nd editions!)  Now his illigetimate son Ishmael gave rise to the Arab Nations and through his offspring ..... the false prophet Mohammed.........the Islamic Nation.


The New Israelites began to not trust the Lord God YHWH  and eventually were cast into the world as slaves (Egypt) and then forgiven ..Moses and the ..Exodus. then a .return to the Holy Land and enjoy many years of prosperity. (Solomon and David years)    They again turned from trusting YHWH and were again scattered (Diaspora) and Israel became occupied by different enemies and eventually Rome.  During the occuption by Rome...the Lord God Incarnated through a VIrgin Jewess, Mary of the House of David.  The promised Messiah Prophesied by the Prophets of the Old Testament (Isaiah etc) came to Earth as a Child...Jesus the Christ of God. (Son of God, Yeshua, Yahshua, Son of Man, King of Kings, the Lord etc.)  The Gentile world was "grafted" to the Fig Tree through the Death, Burial and Resurrection of this Messiah Jesus. ("by His Stripes we are healed"..Isaiah..the Blood of Christ spilled for ALL sin.)  This became the New Covenant in His Blood...the period of Grace and the Gentile. Israel AGAIN disobeyed and again was scaterred and Jerusalem was  destroyed in 70 AD and finally made ruin in 132 AD by Emperor Hadrian of Rome who renamed Israel Palestine. ( a play on words..sort of rubbing their faces in salt because the real name is Philistine..the greatest enemy of the Jew.).


So as we can see..there was no Israel from 150 BC to now..BUT....God surely works in myterious ways.   He never abandoned His People Israel like some Christians believe and teach the Great apostasy that the Body of Christ is Israel..the Church. This is a lie straight from the gates of Hell!It is called "Replacement Theology."  There is ONE word for it..ANTI-SEMITISM. (Ironically, I read the books of Martin Luther that brought me back to Apostolicc Authority..Catholicism...and I was shocked how anti-Semitic Luther was.) 


Now remember...Jesus said "when you see the "Fig Tree" bear leaves you know the time is near."    I may be wrong but I strongly suspect that the "Fig Tree" popped out leaves on May 14, 1948....the restoration of Israel after 2,000 years of exhile and occupation....and then finally the restoration of Jerusalem on June 10, 1967 followign the 6 day war with Egypt.  This belief is opposed by all anti-Semitics and anti-Zionists.  (Gee...I wonder why?..duh!)    The second thing He told them was that things were gonna be bad  as it was in Noah's day.   Really ticked God off and He made Noah build a big boat and save some critters and some humans but the not the Unicorn from the Big Flood.   (some major Continetal Drift going on too!) 


 This time around things are a bit different.  Jesus said when it gets as bad as it was in Noah's day........there will be this New World Order undwer the so called "ant-Christ"  that will make a 7 year Peace Treaty with Israel BUT it will be broken in 42 months and the Final War of Good vs Evil will take place in the Valley of Migido, Israel..not far from Jerusalem....this is the Biblical Armegeddon.  What do we have today the wackos in  Noah's time didn't?   Nuclear weapons what's what!  Book of Revelation says "pillars of fire"  ' that will "melt" the elements, cause the "flesh" to fall off men and blot out the stars.  Sounds like a nuke detonation to me and with Ahmedinejad vowing to destroy Israel....and with Iran getting a bomb sometime in 2009.....things look pretty grim.


BUT as I said..REJOICE because this is when Jesus returns with His Saints 3 1/2 years into ths time "like Noah's time" (called Tribulation Hour)  to put and end to the killing and destruction and cast the leader of darkness (Lucifer..Satan)  and his minions in to the bottomless pit (another dimension separated form God)   and the Lord Jesus will Reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords form His ancestor David's Throne for a millennium...... in Jerusalem, Israel.......NOT the Vatican in Rome, Mecca , Salt Lake City or Clearwater, Fla...   The Lord's Prayer will have been fulfilled.."Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven."  (Ever since Pope John Paul II said the Star Visitors are our brothers and sisters in God's Kingdom...I affectionately like to call the Kingdom the "Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations...hey.....give me a break.... I'm a Trekki.    "Star Trek geek")


Jesus said......."the generation that sees these signs " will not see physical death but will be changed in the "twinkling of an eye" into "immortal eternal flesh" and the dead in Christ and the pre-Grace righteous will be Resurrected  and ."with new transfigured bodies." (Transfiguration..just like Jesus) AND "we will meet them in the air." (Hmmm....Starship?)   Catholic Bible calls this the Rapture and some Protestants teach it but ironically it is not in their Bibles!  It was in the 1st edition of the King James but was removed   I am MORE than CONVINCED that we are that generation.


AND here is some interesting math to go along with this weird stuff.....  As you know...if ya been watchin' TV...there is a lot of talk about the end of the world on December 21. 2012.  The Mayan calender ends then so does the Hopi and there have been tons of psychics through out history that also point to this date. ..........


12/21/2012 minus 42 months = Father's Day..June 21, 2009.    "Our FATHER, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name......    very  Interesting!!!   What does Jesus do 42 months into the Peace of the New World Order?  HE STOPS the killing and destruction of our planet.   So sad people think 12/21/2012 is the end of the is the END of evil for the "Meek  shall Inherit the Earth" as Jesus promised.  Isaiah said it 5000 yers ago...."It is a world without end."  Now the Bible says no one knows the exact time but we are commanded by the Lord to know when it is near.    






 Pax........The "Doubting Thomas"


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