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I received this Easter wish from my nephew, whom I love very much. I am very much moved by the enthusiasm and sincerity he has shown in his quest for Spiritual Enlightenment in the Lakota Sioux Faith. His position is exactly the reason I question "new age" thinking because I am convinced that this is nothing more than "old age" thinking in "new packaging" and the type of thinking that created all the world religions and all the "illusion" being repeated today. Instead of "freeing" the person they "enslave" them to someone else's teaching and ultimately their control over us. My response to him is based on my belief that The Creator Incarnated in the manifestation of Jesus to "free" us from the bondage of all religious systems...INCLUDING Christianity as it exits today.


REMEMBER..... it is only the scientists
who need a mathematical formula
to think....... that they have an understanding of the Creator's


REMEMBER.... it is not for us to ask why but just to "be"....and be "thankful"....and listen to the "heart"...not the mind.......


....REMEMBER also....we are created in God's image which does not mean we physically look like Him but we are HIM Spiritually....which includes His Spiritual and Physical Laws AND one of His Gifts is the Scientific Method. Scientific Method devoid of the Spiritual leads to illusion......Spiritual discernment without God's Gift of unbiased , humble Scientific Method like wise leads to worse illusion....the creation of man made world religions...including Christianity with the resulting enslavement of man by the elite leaders (cabal......Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Bilderburgers, Committee on Foreign Relations) over those who are not "allowed" to use God's! (Ephesians 6:12)
If we seriously expect everyone to "find" spiritual enlightenment without the intervention of Yahshua Ben Joseph (Jesus, The Christ) we deceive ourselves.......the proof of this is history "thought" they were "enlightened" and "favored" by God to tell the world "they" were given the secrets to Spiritual Truth. What happened.?......they "created" man made religions to control others! ie; Mohammed, Buddha, Shiva, Confucius, Krishna, Zoroastrians, Baha'I, Moon....etc. (including South and North American Native cultures...with their own style of "rules.") Some body else tells you what to do to..... What do all these religions and cultures have in common? Simple.....Spiritual fulfillment (what some call "salvation") is a personal process of either "working" for it, "earning" it, being "rewarded" for it for "being good and doing good" doing what "others" tell us we must do to "achieve" it! THIS IS ALL ILLUSION and we are deceived by our own EGOS.
2,000 years ago...the final plan for the Transition from the 4th World of illusion to the 5th Eternal World of TRUTH was initiated with YHWH, (translated IAM WHO AM) The Creator ,taking on His own Physical Biological flesh in the most amazing "rescue mission" in history in the manifestation of Yahshua Ben Joseph...Jesus The Christ of God. He was called "Son of Man"... because His Earthly Mother was a Virgin Jewess, Miriam (Mary) and He was also called the "Son of God" for His Father was YHWH Creator. Jesus was a "Hybrid" Man-Star Being....YES...He was a Star Being! YHWH Creates through His Creation....for He is Existence...His Laws BOTH Spiritual and Physical.....Star Nations...Star Visitors! "Let US Create Man in OUR Image, after OUR Likeness." (Genesis 1:26} This is OUR Star Family being recorded here! They knew God was in them, they know God is in us...Jesus taught that God is in Us as well...He said I and the Father are ONE.....this was Jesus' Message. BUT......His Message was lost by Theologians and He Himself (The Messenger) was LOST by so called "enlightened" "New Age" thinking, which is really VERY "old age" thinking in a new "package." MORE ILLUSION! Jesus IS the Message a AND the Messenger ALL in ONE! The MESSAGE IS.."THE MESSENGER!"
What is Jesus Message? That we do NOT work out our salvation....IT IS A FREE GIFT for accepting what the MESSENGER DID...He RESCUED US from ourselves..our EGO (EGO=SIN) by dieing on The Cross of Calvary. He was NOT a Prophet...He was not just a Master Avitar, He WAS YHWH GOD CREATOR INCARNATE!
Judaism is a religion that gave the World the 10 Commandments. So many are "fooled" into believing that by keeping the commandments we achieve "enlightenment" or "salvation" if you prefer and we go to some place called "Heaven" as an "award." THIS IS THE GREATEST LIE IN HISTORY. The Commandments have ONE and ONLY one reveal to us just how far out of union with God we actually are...they condemn us..they DO NOT SAVE! Our Star Nation Families are "IN UNION" with The Creator...this is WHY "THEY" GAVE MOSES THESE show us the WAY...and what is the WAY?...The Messenger...JESUS.....John 14:6..."I AM The Way and The TRUTH and The Life,...NO ONE comes to The Father (ABBA..YHWH) EXCEPT THROUGH ME!"
We cannot achieve "enlightenment" or "salvation" through the Commandments...we are GIVEN THIS GIFT by God Himself. It is our EGOS that prevent us from accepting this TRUTH about the Intergalactic Rescue of God Incarnate.
Heaven is NOT some weird "ethereal- mystical" place...... it is THE UNIVERSE! The Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus taught is in our hearts is NOW as we live in the flesh... in the 4th World but not "OF" the 4th World. At TRANSITION, this Kingdom comes to the Planet as the 5th World. ("Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done on Earth as it IS in Heaven." The Kingdom of God IS "The Intergalactic Federation" and our Star Nation Families are patiently waiting for us to "grow up" and join our rightful place with them that was robbed from us by our egotistical arrogant juveniles that screwed up our 4th World!
Jesus did not come to "judge us"..He came to RESCUE US! Darn Frank Sinatra and his egotistical song...."My Way" ...remember this one simple TRUTH.....We do NOT "clean up our act" to get rewarded by Creator.....we get "saved" by the Creator so we CAN clean up our act!" We can perform all the sacrifices that are possible and it is NOTHING but "filthy rags" in the "eyes" of The Creator for God is no respecter of persons. "For ALL have sinned (succumbed to EGO) and come short of the Glory of God." (Romans 3:23)
Most people reject Christ because of 3 reasons...1) if we accept Him we are stuck having to "clean up our act" 2) how can a "loving" God punish His creatures?...answer...He doesn't...we do that to ourselves and He suffers for it! 3) Christ is "TOO EXCLUSIVE"......funny part is..He actually is 100% INCLUSIVE...for ALL people of ALL religions and cultures because He is Creator. Being in a Christian group does NOT make you ONE with Christ (saved) anymore than being in a garage makes you an automobile! If you believe in your heart that Jesus died for your inequities and that God raised Him from the dead..YOU WILL BE SAVED." (enlightened) (John 11:25)

"YHWH God Creator came to FREE us...NOT to make us fulfilled Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, ANY other group."
Simple Truth..... John 3:16......not religion!

Pax....The Doubting Thomas


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