Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Peaceful Religion?"

Islam Peaceful Religion? You be the judge.....CLICK link in title to learn about a new book that suggests a different view of Islam.


Dear Fellow Americans,

Strange, but in today's America you can tell just about any lie about Christianity and its founder Jesus Christ, and the media will help you publicize it. You might even become a bestselling author like The Da Vinci Code's Dan Brown.

But if you dare to tell the truth about Islam and it's founder, Muhammad -- well, that's a different story altogether.

Consider the case of Robert Spencer. He has made the New York Times bestseller list -- but he can't get a book reviewed by the Times. He can't get on the big TV talk shows, either -- not even the conservative ones.

Why? Because Spencer reveals facts that directly contradict the "Islam is a religion of peace" myth touted by the liberal media and, sadly, even some Republican leaders.

For that, Spencer must live in constant fear of assassination by "peaceful" Muslims, who boast openly on the Internet about having put him on a "hit list."

But now Robert Spencer has written his most "politically incorrect" book yet. In The Truth about Muhammad, he reveals that Islam's founder, far from being the Jesus-like "man of peace" of media myth, was in fact cruel, licentious, and the originator of the violent jihad ideology that is his most lasting legacy.

Robert Spencer uncovers the facts about Muhammad that other biographers and the mainstream media keep hidden -- such as:

The "revelation" that allowed Muhammad to marry his own daughter-in-law

The strange incident in Muhammad's life that makes it virtually impossible to prove rape in Islamic countries today

How Muhammad used the graphic lure of Islamic Paradise to urge his warriors to fight furiously to extend his rule

"Kill every Jew who comes into your power": Why Muhammad became so angry with both Jews and Christians -- with disastrous consequences that are still playing out in the world today

Muhammad's child bride -- and the terrible consequences his marriage to a nine-year-old still has in the Islamic world

"War is deceit": The permission Muhammad gave his followers to lie in order to gain an advantage over their enemies

How Muhammad broke the principal treaty he entered into, again setting a pattern for Muslim states thereafter

Muhammad's commands to his followers to wage perpetual war against non-Muslims

Muhammad on women's rights: Women "are prisoners with you having no control of their persons"

Why Muhammad still stands as the supreme model of human behavior for Muslims -- the "Perfect Man"

"I have been made victorious with terror" -- and other statements of Muhammad on his deathbed.

How other modern biographies "sanitize" the figure of Muhammad for Western audiences.

Anti-Muslim lies? Ignorant bigotry? Hardly. Every one of Spencer's assertions comes straight from the sources that Muslims themselves revere as most reliable for information about Muhammad including the Koran, the hadiths (traditions of the Prophet Muhammad), and other Islamic documents.

But don't expect to see The Truth about Muhammad reviewed in major newspapers. And don't look for author interviews on TV. This book is certain to be shut out by the mainstream media -- who are so afraid of offending Muslims that they won't report the truth about the deadliest enemy our civilization has ever faced. (


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