Monday, March 09, 2009




Novus Ordo Seclorum = THE NEW WORLD ORDER   from the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. (on the back of the American Dollar Bill under the Masonic pyramid)  According to the Prophecies revealed in these two Books of the Holy says there will be a one world government order present on Earth with One dictator at it's head called the "anti-Christ"  that will signal the return of Jesus Christ to Earth to Reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords from His ancestor King David's Throne in Jerusalem, Israel for a Millenium and that this Novus Ordo Seclorum and it's leader along with their god Lucifer (Satan) will be destroyed and as promised.."the Meek will inherit the Earth"  as Jesus said and this is why we pray.."Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven."


It is a" World without end"   "As it was in the Beginning, is Now and EVER Shall Be...World Without End, Amen." (Isaiah.)  (The History Channel  has it WRONG. Isaiah has it right........the world NEVER abides FOREVER.)




 I'm NOT saying Obama is the anti-Christ YET...maybe Putin? Clinton ? Sarkozy?Brown? Blair?




..........with Henry Kissinger sending him to Germany during the campaign to test his popularity on the world scene. (He sure was a big hit in Germany!)


....... how America...... (and it seems the entire world....and Ahmadinejad, Chevez, Castro, Hamas , Hezbollah and maybe now Putin because  of the "ice' being broken by Hilliary's little "comical language error" media party with the Russian Ambassador) .......has fallen in love with this "messiah."


..............his getting the Clinton's on board when they hated him so much in the campaign!


..............that it was  (verified not to be trust worthy like Wikepedia) that verified he was a "naturally born"  citizen  and has only produced a certificate of  birth registration and residence and NOT an actual birth certificate that all 43 Pesidcents before had to do.


...............that he was mysteriously sworn in AGAIN after he was sworn in on live TV  WITHOUT a Bible. (he and I have the double swearing in in common..I was sworn into the Transportation Security Administration US  Dept. of Homeland Security TWICE and I am STILL a Federal Transportation Security Officer disabled  ond on leave without pay since January 2005  and hopefully will be FREE of this on Aopril 14 this year when my appeal hearing is final. This fact and the fact that Governor Sarah Palin has appointed a pro-abortion Judge to the Alaskan Supreme Court has CONVINCED me that the Republicans are together with the Democrats in pushing America into the Socialistic Novus Ordo Seclorum. (Bush started the negotiations to form the North American Union with Canada and Mexico)   I will resign from the Republican Party and  register in the "Right to Life Party" ASAP1


  ..........that the news media WAS his campaign manager (we need "change")  and IS now his  PR manager. (change has come.....we should have been careful what we asked for.)


............ the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a political maneuver orchestrated by the Obama White House to distract from its economic failures.


 ........ the "parties" he's having at the White House (now being investigated by the GAO) Wouldn't be surprised "Slick Willy" is catering the parties for him!


.........picking a "mental midget"  for a VP (for you Aunt Malla!)


..........his economic policies that are intentionally destroying our economy (Bush's policies were doing it too...OIbama's are just faster!  Republican-Democrat..who stinketh the most?)


)..........the soon to be issued Amero to replace the soon to be collapsed dollar and the finalizing of the North America Union that Bush negotiated..(OH YES..Bush is the same as Obama!   Notice the big passport push  to go to Canada has all but dissapeared!  as well as the "Mexican Fence!")


 .........the  "RFD chip"  (started by BUSH) that will soon be in all of our driver's licenses, probably when you renew .... AND SOON these chips will be required to be surgically implanted in our wrist or forhead and wihout it you will not be anble to be employed or draw your Social Security or pensions....hell you won't be able to get a loaf of bread without the implant! (666 of the Book of Revelation.."Mark of the Beast.")  If ya'll be sent to our new Dept. of Homeland Security concentration camps where you will be terminated. Hope they use a's fast and painless..they say!


.............his restoring embryonic stem cell production that kills a child when the cells are harvested knowing full well that adult stem cells are easier to work with and more favorable for success in medical research because the embryonic ones have almost all of the morphogenic protein determinants present making it almost impossible to isolate and  discern which ones are active and which are not while the adult type are a heck of a lot more quiescent and much easier to isolate the ones that say...."would cure Parkinson's,  Altzimers  or MS etc."  (I'm a Biologist folks, I know what I'm talking about)  WHY would he do this you ask?  $$$$$ (donlt know the symbol for the Amero yet!)


..............his lifting the ban on.the killing of BORN babies (accept for their little precious heads because ALL New Age Novus Ordo Seclorum people believe that the Soul does not enter the child until it breathes and these monsters have the nerve to quote the Bible to support their murder.......

Genesis 2: 7"And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."  (I recall that Satan quoted a lot of Scripture to Jesus too!)  



..............his push for a FOCA bill (freedom of choice Ammendment)  that will forever prevent States from passing any laws on abortion and that will make it illegal for any physician to refuse to do abortions and that includes Catholic Hospitals which will have to be shut down for not complying.



..............his push for redefining Marriage between humans instead of man and women


..............his pushing for amnsty for illegals (bye fence)



...............his desire to negoitate with terrorists



...............his first TV interview was on an Islamic TV instead of his "own" country! (Hmmmm...wonder what country?)


...........he is pushing for Nationalization of our banks.



.........he's setting up the "need" for socialism  and Henry Kissenger (a leader in the Biderbergs and a Republican  along with Bill Clinton also a leader in the Bilderbergs  and a Democrat said that they have designed a 10 State  New World Order.  Kissenger just said this on PBS this week and that Obama is being groomed to usher in this New World Order.  Brown of England was just here to state this need as a well.   ALL Republicans and Democrats need to wake up and reject both parties.


...............his association with very strange people like Rev. Wright and that "Weather" man! (report..... STORMS!   Too bad his frienship with Blogoivitch went down the tubes!)



...............his picking a cabinet of income tax evaders!  (I am lucky....Wells Fargo let me put up my old PT Cruiser  (2001)  as colateral for a loan so I can pay my taxes..and I am on fixed income..a New York State Teacher's Retirement and Social Scurity. Unlike the Cabinent



ADD YOU OWN REVELATIONS HERE.......................



I mean I'm just sayin' seems to me if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck and it waddles like a  just might possibly be a DUCK!"


With all these observations I have been making,  I am really beginning to wonder if he is the anti-Christ. I mean May 14, 1948  and June 10, 1967 has already passed us so I'm just say'in.


OH I know...they have been talkin' doomsday for 2,000 years .  and no Jesus right?  Like I just ain't 1947 anymore!  ( I was a cute 2 year old then... the time of Roswell....hee hee hee)   SO what's so special about 1948?  Do you like "figs" (I love fig newtons)   Well...the "special" thing about figs is Bible History.   EVERYWHERE in the Old Testament , EVERTIME the "Fig Tree" is mentioned it is referring to Jacob.......the Patriarch who got his name changed to ISRAEL by YHWH God Himself.


Big deal..... right?   YES.....VERY BIG DEAL!  After Jesus was Crucified and had Risen from Death and the Tomb.... and appeared many times to the 12 Disciples....He told them that He must leave them and return to the Father  so that He could "send" the Paraclete to them......the Holy Spirit to guide them  through life.  He then told then  that He would return.  They asked when?   He said  " When you see the leaves sprout on the Fig Tree you will know the time is near for spring."  Such will be the time of my return. He talkin' Fig Newtons here?  Duh....I suppose all you gullible  DaVinci Code followers  will say it's all about "Fig nNewtons!"  Grow up people..... NO...Jesus is talking about May 14, 1948 when the restoration of Israel occured after being in exile for 2500 years and again on June 10 , 1967 when Jerusalem was restored to Israel after the Six Day War..


I do know that true followers of Jesus Christ are to obey those in authority and whether Obama is evil or good is irrelavant ....... we must obey the Laws he sets upon us because God put him there for a reason. If Obama is the anti-Christ....we should REJOICE not be in fear because we know that Transition is near and the fulfillment of the Lord's Prayer is upon us....."Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven."



There has been much talk about December 21, 2012 being the end of the world. I have already shown that Isaiah tells us the world NEVER ends.   Many religions and cultures all ageee that this is the date. The Mayan Calandar ends and says a Golden Era will enter the planet after the end. 


Well.....what happens on that date? God only knows but what happens on Father's Day June 21st this year may verify for me.... anyway....that Obama may be the anti-Christ.   If what I think will happen doesn't happen then I'm pretty sure he is not the ant-Christ. but if it does happen, what I think wiull happen this Father's Day..I will officially proclaim Obamanation the anti-Christ of God.


 How  the hell will  I know this? Maybe "little voices are speaking" to me like they did to Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Edgar Cayce, Mary Baker Eddy, Oprah Winfrey, Depak Chopra , L. Ron Hubbard , John Travolta, Tom Cruise and tons and tons of other  people today?   God forbid...ABSOLUTLY not! 


Here's how...I read the Bible and do some simple math!   When President Sarkozy of France and PM Chris Brown of the UK  annouced this past week a need for a Mideast Peace Summit ASAP in Paris.....I started to wonder about some things Iread in the Bible.  Accordiong to the Book of Daniel.......during the time of Transition a World Leader will rise and make a 7 year peace contract with Israel. ( Remember there was no Israel until 1948......King Nebachanezzar took Daniel, his brothers and the Israelites captive back to Babylon (Iraq) in 500 BC. The Israel of Jesus time was NOT Israel it was Palestine named by Emperor Hadrian of Rome in 132 AD when he tried to wipe out the name of the Jew FOREVER. Sound like a good water color painter we know..Adolf Hitler?)


OK...Daniel says that this peace contract with Israel will not last but will be broken in 42 months and Israel will be invaded by Gog, Magog, Meshack , Tubol and Rus...all  ancient names of locations in Russia.  (this is the final battle between good and evil; fought in the Valley of Meggido near is called Armeggedon....but...the World will not be destroyed because this signals the return of Jesus and the people of God to establish paradise on Earth.  The "dark side" and all it's leaders will be vanquished with their leader Lucifer(Satan)



So folks....for the hellluva it...I started out on the calendar with December 21, 2012..Doomsday and counted back 42 months  I WAS shocked!   42 months from June 21, 2009..FATHER'S DAY  to December 21, 2012 is exactly 42 months!   God is our Father..I'm just sayin'


If there is no peace treaty made with Israel and Hamas and Palestine and Hezbollah  and Lebanon...before Father's Day ...then I will officially proclaim that Obama is just the first Black President of the United States..although we will be a socialist state..that part will not change....that's because "Communism is change we can believe in!'  


Hmmmmm....If there is no peace treaty by Father's Day maybe I was suppose to take the square root of 42 and multiply it by 2012?  Hey..I'm a Biologist not a mathematician!


December 21, 2102  maybe "doomsday" for all who are not pure of is the Day of Glory for all those who trust the Lord Jesus and are pure of heart. 


Here's a promise I found in the Bible......anyone who calls on the Name of the Lord Jesus and repents and is truly sorry for their  transgressions, no matter how bad you think they are, WILL BE SAVED and God will protect you through the Transition either by beaming you outta here...(Beam Me Up Scotty)  or by shelding you from the Novus Ordo Seclorum.  (BTW exact ranslation from Latin is New Secular Order).