Monday, July 14, 2014


.actually.....the Bible is ABSOLUTELY true WHEN INTERPRETED SCIENTIFICALLY.   It is the religious fundamental  interpretation that turns its' message into fantasy....

 Science says all life forms are the result of Darwinian Natural Selection.  This is true for most forms of life but here on Earth, the mutation rate (the only source of new NATURAL genetic information for natural selection to act on) is not high enough for the time required for the higher forms to evolve. Add in the fact that 99% of all mutations are lethal and less than 1% of the non-lethals occur in germ cells, the only ones passed on to future generations for natural selection,  evolution of the higher forms of vertebrate classes on this planet is quite questionable in the time involved. Simply stated...there HAS to be a more efficient source of new genetic information besides natural mutation!  Science is simply WRONG that Homo sapiens were created by Natural Selection!  

Fundamental Christianity embraces "Creation Theory" and "Intelligent Design" as the source of new genetic info.  Ironically, they are RIGHT...but...for the WRONG reasons. Because most major religions including Fundamental Christianity have an "anthropomorphic" concept of God instead of the True God revealed in the flesh 2000 years ago by Yeshua Ben Joseph.... (Jesus the Christ in Greek) .....they explain Creation SUPERNATURALLY, that is, God Created the different forms of life  by "magic." Obviously they are wrong because the "supernatural is the undiscovered natura"l and these "undiscovered" Laws are God's Natural Laws  AND they are PERFECT,  therefore the "need" to break these Laws is a human need.....not a Spiritual need of God.  Ironically, Science KNOWS exactly how God was able to Create the higher forms of life WITHOUT natural gene mutation and Natural Selection but they too do not understand the God revealed in the "flesh" in the Person of Jesus Christ so they are confounded to NOT "see" God in His Natural Laws and are therefore forced to break their own Scientific Natural Selection Laws!

What does Science know but is totally unaware that it verifies the Truth of "Intelligent Design?" The answer IS.........rDNA  (RECOMBINANT DNA.) or more commonly called "genetic engineering." We have been using rDNA for over two decades in agriculture and livestock a well as in synthesizing many different kinds of medical drugs .  The reason Science cannot relate rDNA to "Intelligent Design" is because they assume there is no "anthropomorphic" God and ironically they are RIGHT. Unfortunately, because they reject God, they cannot understand the True God revealed by Christ.   There is no question God is the Creator and that He did Create man in His Image THROUGH His Creation.   In order for Science and Religion to ever be reconciled, BOTH need to realize and understand that the God revealed in the flesh as Jesus DWELLS WITHIN AND WORKS THROUGH His Creation and His PERFECT Laws AND is NOT separate from His Creation but IS HIS CREATION!
(The following Scriptures reveal this TRUTH..... Psalm 82:3-6, John 14:8-23, Galatians 3:26-28, Colossians 1:27)

 The following is just ONE example of  Scientific interpretation of Scripture  ........"THE CREATION OF EVE."   ..................

God noticed that Adam was not happy with indigenous female primates (too hairy and smelly!)  and was quite lonely. He placed Adam in to a deep sleep and removed a "rib" and covered the "rib" with flesh, blood and bone, creating "helpmate" Eve.  When Adam awoke and was presented with Eve he exclaimed...."at last flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I will call her women because she comes from man."

  They can interpret that Scripture fundamentally if they want but that merely shows how childish and illogical they are.  God has Created us in His Image and has given us the Gift of Science to discern Truth from fantasy...He is not a God of confusion but one of compassion and TRUTH.  (There is one observation of have noticed  that disturbs me about many Evangelical Fundamental Creationists. They seem to also embrace a "Gospel of Plenty" believing their financial success is evidence that God has endorsed their beliefs. Well, God didn't say if we follow Him we would be blessed with material greatness, power and even health.  He says the OPPOSITE...they we must bear our own Cross as Jesus did and serve each other.  The Gospel is about TRUTH, not gaining riches!

 The Scientific explanation of the Creation of Eve by God THROUGH His Children is so simple I am AMAZED the Scientific community does not "see" it clearly revealed in the Scripture............   The "rib" marrow is potentially one of the best candidates for harvesting adult stem cells in the body. These adult stem cells can be easily "reset" with with appropriate organic substrates that render the cell "pluri-potent," that is  "Induced Pluripotency"...cells that can be triggered with appropriate substrates to form any kind of tissue and organ  for medical purposes AND even be "reset" to "time zero"... as though it were essentially a "zygote"..a fertilized egg that could be placed in a surrogate indigenous female uterus and then complete gestation in 9 months producing a baby. .  It is obvious to me that since God does not need magic to do His work and that His work is through His Creation, this is exactly what was done to Adam, removing stem cells from his "rib,"  inducing pluri-potency , trigering cleavage and morphogenesis and completing gestation in a surrogate or maybe even an "artificial" womb...which most likely was the case.     Of course, God had a bit more work to do (through His Children)  with the induced pluri-potent stem cells because if the process was completed at this point, we would have had "Adam and Steve" identical twin "clone" of Adam and a male. (don't want to go any farther with the implications! hee hee hee)

So......before inducing cleavage in one of Adam's stem cells, God actually used TWO cells.  In one He removed the "Y" chromosome (DNA)  and discarded it and saved the cell.  He then removed an "X" chromosome (DNA)  from the second cell, and discarded the cell and then injected the "X" chromosome (DNA)  from the second cell INTO the first giving the diploid "XX" famale pair.  That cell was the one that was induced to start cleavage and that one became "Eve" after 9 months!    Yepper....."flesh, bone and blood" of Adam and most definitely "came" from Adam......a women.    I suspect the "deep sleep" phrase  actually refers to the fact that Adam was presented with Eve AFTER Eve grew to be a sexually mature women or Adam would have been a "pedophile!"    I know Creationists will tell me God did all this "supernaturally," that's because very few people KNOW the God revealed to humanity in the Person of Jesus Christ!   As I said...God is PERFECT and therefore His Laws are PERFECT,  and there is no need to violate Laws that are PERFECT. It is imperfect  man who needs and requires  to have  God break His Laws.

EVERYTHING in the Bible can be interpreted this same way, using Scientific knowledge!  Science say this is ridiculous right along with Religion.....evil wins!  It is TIME all humans re-visit the historical  Christ Person and relaize He Incarnated to free mankind from ALL RELIGIONS.