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How do you interpret "scientifically" biblical stories such as Adam&Eve, Noah's Ark, talking bushes and snakes, etc., etc?

My answers..................

Adam's  creation was via Recombinant DNA hybridization of Simian stock which explains the common genome between humans and apes and resolves the "time" problem related to DNA mutation rate, mutation location in germ tissue and positive viability of the mutation. No doubt there were various Hominid "prototypes."  as revealed in the fossil record.

Eve was created by modified cloning of Adam.  God took a "rib" from Adam and covered it in "flesh" and Created Eve.  When God  presented her to Adam, Adam exclaimed.."At last..this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone..I will call her women because she comes from man."
The "rib" is a rich and easily accessible source of adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are easily "reset" to an early embryonic state.  Two cells are harvested...the "Y" chromosome of one of them is removed and discarded. The cell is saved.   An "X" chromosome is removed from the second cell and is inserted into the nucleus of the first cell. The second cell is discarded.  The resulting cell....essentially a female zygote.... is induced to begin cleavage and eventually form a blastocyst which is paced into a ":surrogate" womb. (probably in vitro)  and 9 months latter baby Eve is born.  But Eve was presented to Adam as a sexually mature women?   Yes.....Scripture says that God placed Adam into a "deep sleep" ......I doubt it was general anesthesia.  I submit Adam was placed into a form of suspended animation and was awakened 12-14 years later so Eve was grown up.  The Fundamental Christian interpretation requires acceptance of a "supernatural" process which allegedly is instantaneous. First of all....the "supernatural is the undiscovered natural." (Kreskin)  God is PERFECT..His Laws are PERFECT.....the illusion of the "supernatural" would imply that those Laws be suspended or worse violated......they are PERFECT so suspension or violation would be a non-sequitur,

About the flood and other stuff.........I'm a Biologist but there are plenty of Geologists who could share the Scientific evidence of Noah's flood I'm sure. I read recently also that Archaeologists have discovered chariot wreckage in the bottom of the Red Sea ala' the story of Moses' exodus. You decide......I could go on into the "Shroud of Turin" etc.   Bottom line.....there is TOO much evidence discovered that verifies the Truth in the Bible so therefore.... ironically...it can't possibly be true.  I know from experience that the more evidence you give someone the more they reject the facts...human nature I guess...we hate to admit we might be wrong! You can claim that I am wrong and even believe you have facts to prove me wrong  but you can't even begin to diminish my Faith in Jesus Christ!

The reason atheists can not comprehend this interpretation of Genesis is because they have rejected the Bible as fantasy instead of Truth.  People of Religious Faith can not comprehend this either because they do not understand the God revealed in the "flesh" in the Incarnation of Yeshua ben Joseph 2000 years ago.  The reason is because human thought is limited by human mortality which makes the concept of Eternity impossible to grasp.  This is also the reason Scientists accept Louis Pasteur's Law of Biogenesis as proof that life was not created by "spontaneous generation" AND THEN  contradict their acceptance saying "it happened at least once."  God never had a : "beginning" therefore "life never had a beginning."

I suggest (and I pray) all the readers of the comments on this thread seriously consider the possibility that Yeshua ben Joseph is GOD Incarnate. Maybe the "faith" so many have that there is no God is illusion?  Maybe atheists "need" a better definition of God....try the following......

 God is the Spirit of.........


........that dwells within our hearts and works through us and His PERFECT Laws.

In Christ....David


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