Friday, February 27, 2015

Existence IS God

Thanks to the Judeo/Christian religions we have a  Bible that reveals there is a Creator...God.......the Bible reveals that God  ALWAYS existed and ALWAYS will. Since God always  means EXISTENCE   always was and always will be...duh!   The problem is understanding what Creation is.   Religion separated God from Creation which results in separating existence from EXISTENCE....a non-sequitur.  Creation is an infinite process NOT a beginning and Science is finally getting it right.

 The fundamental interpretation of Genesis 1 says "In the beginning..God Created heaven and earth. Obviously heaven was what the Bible writers could see with the naked eye,,.."they had no telescopes" ....they didn't even know the expanse of the planet they were on!  (Yes..God "rested" from His Creative work The Bible writers needed a beginning to  their limited Creation so they created one.    The gift of Science came to mankind and we became aware of our planets true nature and the vastness of the Cosmos AND Science said "IT HAD A BEGINNING" (Big Bang)  It was a revelation that verified the Bible writers "need" for a beginning.....BUT....Ironically...the Fundamentalists rejected the Science of the Big Bang just as they rejected Darwinian Natural Selection. (although they accept micro-evolution......obviously they have no choice because of the appearance of antibiotic resistant pathogens)

Now that Science has revealed an INFINITE Cosmos through the only "probe" left to understand reality.... ....(because it is impossible to break the Plank Limit (1 X 10-33cm) ......"mathematics." .... what  are the Fundamentals going to say now?  Fundamentals are not even aware of the fact that the Bible verifies INFINITY because they have no clue what Creation is.  They should have embraced "Big Bang" when they had the chance!   Frankly...most Christians.... including those of my own Faith, ....Catholicism.....don't even know the TRUE God revealed in the "flesh".2000 years ago in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ!  The reality of the TRUE God is  revealed in John4:24,John 14:8-23, Psalm 82:3-6, Galatians 3:26-28, Colossians 1:27, 1 Corinthians:3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20,  and 1 John 4:16. 

(Incidentally..the ONLY way one can truly understand these Scriptures above is in understanding the Hebrew plural word "Elohim"  for God in Genesis. The "Trinity" is a Christian attempt to resolve the contradiction of monotheism vs polytheism...however....God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are NOT separate..they are manifestations of ONE.   You can "spin" it any way you want but it will not resolve the "Elohim" problem. Here's a "hint"....Jesus revealed that God is NOT separate from Creation....He is His Creation because He dwells WITHIN and works THROUGH His Creation and His PERFECT laws.) One last "hint"..."The supernatural is the undiscovered natural." (The Amazing Kreskin)

Science and Mathematics are NOT religion or philosophy,...,they are unbiased processes that reveal reality because they are repeatable by other people. The knowledge we learn from Science and Math builds upon itself and constantly results in clarifying and correcting previous knowledge.   The discovery of quantum mechanics has obviously given man a "new" tool to analyze the observed data  and correct possible errors made in previous theories as in the inflation of the Big Bang.  Correcting what was once thought as true theory is what Science is SUPPOSE to doesn't or it SHOULDN"T cause people to fear and mistrust Science. Science is NOT are!  (sadly, the result of people mistrusting Science has caused them to embrace "pseudoscience" which suppresses TRUTH and enslaves human civilization to people who oppress human thought ,dignity and freedom. ie; man made global warming.

(A reminder.....much knowledge discovered by modern Science was first discovered mathematically and THEN verified later in the laborotory. ie;Einstein's Relativity)

 The Bible reveals that Jesus Christ will one day return to Earth exactly the same way He left 2000 years ago (Acts 1:8-11)  to restore the Kingdom of God "On Earth as it is in Heaven."  (some say to "consummate" the Kingdom already here in the hearts of believers.....frankly..I see no difference)....... Jesus said no one knows when but He did command us to watch for the "signs."  Throughout history, people have thought the "Second Coming: was imminent  .  Many people today are even more convinced the Biblical "signs" are evident and the return is soon. I suspect they are right.

(I personally believe the BIGGEST "sign" is the count down clock that started on May 14, 1948..the fulfillment of Christ's "Fig Tree Prophecy"...... the restoration of the Old Testament..the "Fig Tree" is symbolic of Israel.....  I suspect anti-Semitism is blinding many from understanding this critical prophecy. Many have even replaced Israel with the Church,..Replacement Theology.... therefore..the State of Israel has NOTHING to do with Christ's return.)

BTW...142 years ago the French Chemist Louis Pasteur proved, his "S" shaped flask  experiment....  the existence of God when he discovered God;s Law of Biogenesis..."Life MUST come from pre-existing Life"


IN CONCLUSION...The debunking of the single Big Bang Theory  for Creation and replacing it with an INFINITE Cosmos could very well be the LAST "sign" of restoration.   The planet has sure had ENOUGH misery and suffering!

In Christ..David Brown-Oswego,NY