Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
Albert Einstein Discovered
E=mc² in the Bible
In 1905, Albert Einstein first published his theories on relativity, from which eventually, he developed his formula for the atomic bomb. Though not commonly known, Albert Einstein once told a group of rabbis in New York City, that he had done a rabbinical study of םיר ohr, the Hebrew word for “light” in Genesis 1:3 and צשםיר maohr, in Genesis 1:14, and arrived at his conclusions about relativity. He noted that the two terms are not alike. The light in v.3 appears to be the Divine source, while the light in v.14 appears to be of a different order. Maohr means “from light” – thus emanating from the ohr. Rabbis believe the ohr to be the primeval light – source of the skekinah glory.
Einstein took the word for light (maohr) and by a complex series of grammatical divisions and substitutions, arrived at the words for mass צש ma, light םיר ohr, speed צשישר mahar, raised רוצ rum and squared רקנשי rebah. This led the Jewish genius to discover that E “energy” could be derived from M “mass” multiplied by  the C² “square of the constant” (the mathematical “constant” commonly assumed to be the speed of light).
Albert Einstein discovered this incredible formula from an ages-old accepted and proven rabbinical method for interpreting the depths of Hebrew as the biblical language. He not only proved that the formula works, but also that the original author of the formula placed it in the opening chapter of the Bible.
 ( from the archives of J.R. Church)