Saturday, April 02, 2016


Unlike Bernie Sanders who admits to being a secular socialist, Pope Frances has been unfairly accused of being a Marxist Socialist by both the secular world and sadly many Christian groups. However, it must be understood that there is a HUGE difference between human socialism and the socialism revealed in the Gospel that Frances is bound to.  The difference is that Jesus Christ is the head of the Gospel...NOT the government! 

Charity is a suppose to be a basic characteristic and obligation of those who claim to be followers of Christ's teachings. When the government steps in and takes over that Christian obligation of charity, (socialism) it robs the believer of his character.   When a Christian relinquishes their "charity obligation and  character" to the secular government...the Spirit of God begins to wither and die in that believer. Charity is the "life blood" of a person who has been purchased with the Blood of Christ.   We ARE our brother's keeper...NOT the government.   Our society is in shambles because Christians relinquished their charity obligation to the secular  government. We WILL be held accountable on Judgement Day!  When our founders stated we must separate Church and State it wasn't about public expression of was about CHARITY.


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