Friday, February 12, 2016


Atheist Howard Bloom’s book   “The God Problem”   proclaims there is no God and explains “How a Godless Cosmos Creates” to prove it………I believe he is overlooking one critical fact…..who or what is God?

My comments to his premise……..

  Doesn't claiming that there is a God or that there is no God depend on how we define God?
The dominant concept of God in most major religions is an anthropomorphic all powerful all knowing "superbeing"  who is external to creation  who created it by violating, suspending or modifying the Laws of Existence...the alleged "supernatural"  and  this God is required by arrogant man to interact with creation the same way …….He created it ...."supernaturally."  I submit that this concept of God is irrelevant, meaningless and ironically unbiblical.

The Judeo-Christian God revealed in the Bible is better defined and should be defined as a "Spirit" of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness etc...NOT the conventional anthropomorphic version of most religions.  I submit that it is the interpretation of the God of the Bible that is in error, NOT the Bible itself. and that this God of "Spirit" was revealed in the "flesh" 2000 years ago in the Incarnation of Yeshua ben Joseph,..."Jesus the Christ."  The Judeo-Christian Bible is clear that "this" God had no beginning and has no end.   Therefore….assuming this God is NOT external to creation (which I do) implies that creation itself has no beginning or end and ironically modern Cosmology is beginning to come to the conclusion that this is so with the development of the concept of the "Multiverse." (Bubble/Brane/M Theories)

 Over 140 years ago, French Chemist Louis Pasteur performed a simple experiment that disproved the spontaneous generation of life and revealed that "ALL life MUST come from pre-exisitng life."  (The Law of Biogenesis)  There are some today that claim that they have created life from "scratch."   They have NOT nor will they ever be able to do so. All they have done is modify the genetic information  in PRE-EXISTING cells  by gene editing (CRISPR) and intentional "coding" of synthetic nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) to synthesize specific proteins resulting in new  "designer phenotypes."  In a way they unwittingly  support some of  the claims of Creationist Fundamental Christians by discovering the mechanism of "Intelligent Design"....although these Christians still  embrace the illusion of the "supernatural" as the mechanism.  If they try to assemble all of the organelles of a living cell, active cytoplasm and plama will NOT begin to  "live" because the "essence" of the "life force" is missing.  They have tried this many many times but will not admit their failure. The success of Miller and Uri in  creating amino acids spontaneously in a primitive atmosphere in vitro cannot be extrapolated to the formation of the recording molecules of nucleic acids  because protein enzymes are needed to “make” protein enzymes which are needed to lower activation energy to form stable nucleic acids….the “molecular” version of “What came first..the chicken or the egg?” The true answer is NEITHER!

The ONLY way to tranmit this "force" of life is by fission in pre-existing prokaryotic cells and mitosis and meiosis in pre-existing eukaryotic cells.  I submit that this concept of God is the REALTY proven by Pasteur  and I believe this  resolves  "The God Problem" because life always existed because God has always existed.    As I stated in the first we define God is critical in discussing whether  God exists or not.

 "How a Godless Cosmos Creates"  is actually an oxymoron because Existence IS because God IS.    Creation is an eternal process...NOT an event and modern Cosmology is closing in on it.  The "Big Bang" space/time inflation is just one of an infinite number. THERE IS NO SUPERNATURAL ANTHROPOMORPHIC SUPERBEING GOD...that God is imaginary and manmade.  Using that definition of God.....the title  of  the  book “The God Problem” is accurate but it doesn’t  refute  the REALITY of the God of Existence.

In Christ...David Brown (retired biology teacher)


 If your interested....I believe the following Scriptures support my definition of God.....  Genesis 1:26, Psalm 82:3-6, John 14:8-23, Galatians 3:26-28, Colossians 1:27, 2:9-10,

 1 Corinthians:3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, 1 John 4:11-16      God is the Spirit of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness etc. that dwells within and works through creation and PERFECT Laws.