Thursday, April 20, 2006


Scripture says we are Created in the "image" of God...this means in His "nature." If Scripture is true, then one of His greatest "gifts" to us from that "image" has to be the Scientific Method. When the Scientific Method is applied with out ego and bias and TOTAL honesty (another words by scientists lead by the Spirit of The Creator YHWH) leads to TRUTH of reality.

Science has revealed many "secrets" of the Universe to us and if recent brealthroughs in our understanding of what "reality" is, scientifically speaking......we also must conclude that The Creator works "through" His Creation and His Universal Laws and therefore His " image" may include "form" as well as "nature."

The Holy Bible is without doubt, the inerrant Word of God. The Bible is without out a doubt the Greatest Gift He gave to His Creation with the exception of The Greatest Possible Gift...His only Son, Jesus The Christ. When the Bible is read without ego and bias and TOTAL honesty (another words in the "Spirit" of Our Creator YHWH) the Bible has NO errors, NO contradictions, AND leads to the TRUTH of reality. BOTH lead to TRUTH when done in God's HOLY SPIRIT........

The Scientific Method can only lead to the "HOW" of the TRUTH of reality...another words..the mechanisms of action and reaction.... BUT it NEVER can explain the "WHY" of the TRUTH of reality. The Bible answers BOTH the "HOW" and "WHY" questions. Since honest Science can only answer the questions "HOW", it can NEVER contradict God's WORD on the "WHY" of Creation. Therefore if Spirit lead Science and Spirit lead interpretation of God's Holy Word BOTH lead to TRUTH....then the words of the late John Paul II have WISDOM for all of mankind...."TRUTH NEVER CONTRADICTS TRUTH."

If either do appear to be incompatible with the other...the problem is with sinful (ego driven) man, NOT the Bible or True Scientific Method. Dishonest Science leads to erroneous theories and Scripture read without the aid of the Holy Spirit of God like wise leads to illusion and untruth. Ephesians 6:12 applies to BOTH theologians and scientists and BOTH will suffer the illusion of the lies of Satan if their work is done with out God's power.

There are over 200 denominations of Christianity and even Judaism itself is not of one accord. This WAS NOT caused by God but by the ego and sin in men's hearts. The erroneous conclusion that Science is incompatible with God's HOLY WORD is an illusion of Satan and both Scientists and Theologians are not immune to this illusion. The fear that if one TRUTH in the Bible is contradicted by Science then the WHOLE Bible is put into question. This is an honest and reasonable conclusion... BUT.... since both Spirit lead Science and Bible interpretation is TRUTH.....this is IMPOSSIBLE.

Very few people (if any) who have been convicted of their sin (EGO) and their need for repentance and the forgiving Blood of The Crucified Christ came to salvation by being convinced that the world is 7,000 years old and not 4.5 billion years or that "Special Creation or Intelligent Design" is truth and evolution is evil. The ONLY Way to bring people the Salvation of Christ is to preach Him Crucified and Died for our sins, Buried and Risen from the Dead. It is the Blood of The Christ that brings us to Salvation...not Theology......NOT EVEN ORGANIZED CHRISTIANITY. Let us concentrate our teaching on The Vicarious Death of Christ.

Arguing over Science vs The Bible being incompatible is a distraction that not only leads us away from Christ and reality but is totally unnecessary for they actually support each other.

Pax....Doubting Thomas


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