Friday, September 22, 2006


Bill O'Reilly has a keen sense of what is really going on. He calls is "Hyper-Partisanship".......CLICK ON THE LINK IN THE TITLE FOR THE COMPLETE STORY...

Pax..Doubting Thomas

The Attack of the
Nothing stands in the way of their belief system. Not facts, not provable truth.

Are you a hyper-partisan? If so, stop it right now. These people are damaging America and I'm calling them out.

First, a definition: A hyper-partisan is a person who does not seek the truth; rather, he or she tailors information to fit a preconceived political viewpoint. What is actually happening in the world is not important to these ideological zombies; it's all about reinforcing their core beliefs.

Thus, no matter what President Bush does for example, he's wrong. There is absolutely nothing the man can do that would please the hyper-partisans who oppose him. On the opposite ideological page, Bill and Hillary Clinton are Satan's spawn. They are evil all day, every day.

How boring is this? If it were just a few Kool-Aid drinking nuts, no one would care. But now you have entire media outlets that have gone hyper-partisan. Newspapers like The Boston Globe and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution are just about entirely left wing. Yes, their circulations are in a freefall, but no journalistic enterprise should be hyper-partisan.


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