Sunday, December 31, 2006


The following was forwarded to me by a good friend from a prayer group (link in title). The message is "simple" yet "profound" and will last long after we are gone!

May you all have the most Happy, Blessed and Healthy New Year EVER!.....

The Doubting Thomas

Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 21:46:56 +0800 [06:46:56 AM MST]
From: My Manna
Subject: Be blessed in 2007!

My Manna

Today most of the people everywhere are gathering together to celebrate-
The first bright moments of the New Year - 2007!

Yet, for some others, New Year may serve only
as a dim reminder of loneliness and loss.
It will simply mark the beginning of another
year of failure and frustration.

What about you?
What's this year really going to be like for you?

You may appear to be happy enough!
You may be passing out seasonal smiles and holiday greetings
just like everybody else.
But inside-
Are you bruised...broken...bleeding...?
You may even feel like you can't go on.

If so-
I want you to know something.
All of that can change in an instant.
You can start your life over today and make this New Year's Day-
The most joyful day of your life!

How many times have you said to yourself,
"If I could just start over, I'd do it all differently?"
That doesn't have to be simply an idle wish.
Jesus Christ has actually made it possible.
That's His Christmas present to you.
He paid the price for all your sins.
He paid the penalty for all your mistakes.

That's the reason He came to earth.

That's the reason He was born - so you could start over!

You may look at your life and say,
"But I've made some terrible mistakes. I've done some despicable things."
Jesus paid the price for them all!

How can you make a new start?
Just tell Him:
"Lord Jesus, I'm turning my life over to You.
From this day forward I'm Yours."

What better time to turn your life around than
on this first day of the New Year.

Right now, wherever you are, just give your life to Jesus.
Then jump up and down and holler, "Praise God, I'm starting all over!"
And find out what it really means to have a Happy New Year!

Be blessed in 2007!


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