Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Some random bloviating....even my own Catholic Faith is game.............(click tille for link to article about the Pope.)

Pope Benedict's mistake...Boston Globeby James Carroll"When the likes of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, or ChristopherHitchens, (“faithful atheists”) citing insights of science or the rise of sectarianviolence, denounce the very idea of God, fundamentalists strikeback by attacking pillars on which such modern criticism stands.In this mode, Pope Benedict XVI last week issued two unexpecteddecrees, restoring the atavistic Mass of the Council of Trent (Latin Mass) and resuscitating an outmoded Catholic exclusivism - the notionof a pope-centered Catholicism as the only authentic way to God.In these reactionary initiatives, Pope Benedict inadvertentlyshows that he shares a basic conviction with Dawkins et al. -that religion is a primitive impulse, unable to withstand thechallenge of contemporary thought." (07/16/07) (put the work of John Paul II 10 years back)

Islam does consider Issa Lord. (Messiah and King of kings, anyhow.)Why bother them if they don't believe he was killed in crucifixion(beamed up while still alive) or not the Son of God because Goddoesn't need a son and heir (God doesn't die).
Not the Lord of the Federation anyway…”The Kingdom of God”…. and they will not understand that until they "hear" the Gospel....."no one comes to the Father except the Father beckins." Like the Ethiopian said to St. Phillip on the road to Emmaus....."How can I be saved unless I hear the Gospel?" Our service to God is to preach the Gospel to ALL..including all cults which includes Islam. You better believe God does not die...."homeostasis" includes all frequencies (spiritual) ALL life comes from pre-existing life...Biogenesis..the Essence of God. Same with the world.."world without end." Actually...Jesus refers to Himself as the Son of Man...probably He was referencing Genesis...Let Us Create Man in Our Image...(no doubt Altairian)
He was beamed up after He was dead..revived and then seen first by the women. She couldn't even "touch" Him yet for He had not yet risen to His Father. (maybe radiation of some kind..a residual effect of the Resurrection process.)
Why bother them? telling them that Jesus died for their transgressions is a bother? We are COMMANDED to preach the Gospel to ALL people. Ecumenism that is not based on John 14:6 is "tolerance"..not ecumenism. Compromising the Blood of Christ could very well be the worst sin a person can commit.
Instead of negotiating with evil (islam) we should be brave enough to share salvation with them through our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people are and many converts are martyred. Those martyred for Christ will be rewarded by our Father in Heaven. Being "tolerant" of islam condemns them to hell and we will be held accountable. There is but ONE Faith and ONE Lord. We should not kill them but bring the love of Jesus Christ to them. (However....we need to "defend" ourselves from their violence if we are to bring the Gospel to islam. If you are ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (John 14:6) He will also be ashamed of us. "Political correctness" on the issue of TRUTH and REALITY has created the culture of death. If Jesus Christ is indeed Emmanuel......the Resurrected Son of God....NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Being legalistic will destroy souls..NOT save them. Those who spread Christianity by the sword in the Crusades were working for satan..just as islam is today. The Law of Free Will gives you the choice to choose TRUTH or choose what you think is TRUTH. Just remember......Free Will without consequences IS NOT FREE WILL.

Palestine will never belong to the zionists, no matter how many lies they spread or how many terror attacks they set up in the world and blame arabs for it.
It's not a lie spread by's the simple TRUTH of the Bible . there are 2 groups of people...those who do the will of YHWH God and His Son Jesus Christ and those who serve satan. (sheep vs goats) (Includes all religions and philosophies and new age)

The world system MUST destroy Israel because if it doesn't..YHWH will win and satan can't afford that. satan should read up on the Quantum......he has already lost.....all he can do is take more people down the drain with himself.
It's the jews who don't have any roots as a people, the ancient Israelites are not the same as the jews of today, they mixed with other
be hysterical if it wasn't so sad. Free Will.....reject or accept the Bible. If one error is in the Bible then ALL of it is a fraud..BUT...there are none. It is the inerrant Word of God no matter what you say about it. Just as God cleansed the world with the flood...He helped Israel cleanse the land of the heathen inhabitants....(hmmm...maybe hybrid Zetas?) Israel erred because they had compassion and did not cleanse ALL arabs......then they rejected Jesus on top of it.....BUT YHWH has not given up...He will bring them "home" SOON. BUT they must stop this land for peace failed before and will again. a 2 state, nation, culture, country... NOT YHWH'S WILL.
Pax....The Doubting Thomas (David)