Saturday, July 21, 2007


A friend of mine and I were chatting about religion. (I know…...not suppose to discuss religion and politics…WHO SAYS SO?) We were discussing Mormonism along with ALL the others. I have friends who are of the Mormon Faith and in fact sang in a barbershop quartet with a devout Mormon. Now that Mitt Romney is a presidential; candidate…Mormonism is back in the news…..some good news some not so good. Seems many Fundamental Christian groups consider Mormonism a “cult” and therefore could not support Romney. Throughout history religious beliefs probably have contributed to more misery than any other single thing. Maybe “religion” has nothing to do with REALITY and as a result of man’s EGO….results in misery.
That said, however, there is a very beautiful summer event 2 hours from me (may be going there tonight) in Palmyra, NY called the Hill Cumorah Mormon Pageant. The Pageant is SPECTACULAR…..they re-inact Christ's presence in the New World with the Indians and then end with the Second Coming which quite frankly is so awesome it looks like the real thing! Costumes…. Music…Lighting and a cast of thousands. It is MORE than worth the trip to see it. The Mormons proselytize a bit but they are very polite and not overbearing. Ya know..Christ said He had a flock that was not of the Jews and there was evidence He was in Asia as well. (no...I couldn’t be a Mormon….too “religious” for me!)
Well… take on religion is very unorthodox, to say the least and some may be very confused in that I am a Roman Catholic! For me…my “religious” belief system is based on REALITY with its’ origins in Judaism and Christianity. I consider the Holy Bible to be the inerrant Word of God and when taken as TRUTH…it has very little to do with religion….and LOT MORE to do with REALITY and SCIENCE…..God’s great Gift. (along with Free Will) Those who have read my blog know that I believe that God…...the Creator…CREATES through His CREATION….because He is His CREATION and I call this Scientific Spirituality. (not Scientology..that’s a religion just like all the rest.)
How is it possible to reconcile my position with the concept of the Judeo-Christian Messiah? Heck...Jesus was a Hybrid human Altairian Starman AND LORD OF LORD AND KING OF KINGS so He can do anything He wants…He is not tied to human rules and laws. (I just don't buy into the Book of Mormon of the Koran or any "other" human philosophy; "New Agers" and Scientologist's.) I am a Spiritual Scientist and to me the Bible is a document given to us by our Star Nation Family (Holy Spirit Inspired)..which I suspect are Altairians. I have since become convinced that the Reptilians (like "V" !!!) and Zetas are the 1/3 angels ("demons") booted out of the Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations with their rebel leader Lucifer. THEY are the gods of this WORLD..but not for much longer!
Yep...My conclusions of Reality and the Bible are based on the mathematically discovered String Theory (which has come under vicious attack....a no brainer) and it has convinced me that Our God YHWH is LIFE..He is CREATION and He lives and Works and Creates through us and He doesn't need this "supernatural" crap dreamt up by satan to fool mankind. Believe it or "The Doubting Thomas" I am convinced that Christ is CREATION Revealed in Jesus and String Theory for me is identical to St. Thomas placing his fingers into the Precious Wounds of the Crucified Christ 2,000 years ago. Yepper....Our Creator doesn't need "cheap parlor tricks" to run His Creation! ALL Existence in "Entangled" in the presence of God's Thoughts..."STRINGS" called Quantum Entanglement. His LOVE for CREATION was Revealed in Christ as He hung on the Cross of Calvary.......
ALL religions and new age philosophy are illusions which hide this TRUTH from man. "We are ALL ONE" in the Universe with our SV Family.......a TRUTH the New World Order cannot allow to spread....BUT too bad… is spreading at the 'Speed of LOVE!" Transition started May 14, 1948 (Fig Tree Prophecy) and the New World Order may think they can nullify Prophecy but as Einstein said...."The Past, Present and Future is an ILLUSION, no matter how persistent" so Prophecy will be fulfilled BECAUSE IT ALREADY HAS BEEN IN THE QUANTUM REALM! WE AND OUR SV FAMILY ARE ETERNAL BEINGS because the "FABRIC of EXISTENCE" is a "Mobius Strip" difference between sides...ALL ARE ONE. FOREVER seems like a long time BUT there is no such thing as time...time is an observation relative to motion....therefore...EXISTENCE IS NOW...ETERNAL because there was NEVER "NON-EXISTENCE" Big Bang Theory? Strings are wiping it out fact....the Universe is ETERNAL "bangs" in what is called Brane/Bubble Theory...subdivisions of "Super String Theory" "Existence before "time" IS and illusion because ALL THERE IS, IS EXISTENCE..this is the Essence of GOD!. (and it doesn't depend on Bill Clinton's "what IS..IS" God said "He knew us before we were formed in our Mother's Womb".......proof we are ETERNAL.....logically there is no "other" possibility because if when your dead..YOUR would mean that EXISTENCE doesn't exist which is impossible...a "paradox." It would also make God a liar because He knew us BEFORE we were born and it is impossible for God to lie. past, present or future.....they are ILLUSION and the Quantum predicts this TRUTH.
GOOD news......Transition is on is in the "hands of God" through the Federation. (Kingdom of God) This poor tired old Earth will be refreshed and soon......and THE "GOOD" GUYS IN WHITE HATS WIN AND THE "BAD" GUYS IN BLACK HATS LOOSE! REMEMBER.....FREE WILL WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES IS NOT FREE WILL"
Pax….The Doubting Thomas