Sunday, August 17, 2014


Myth: Climate has been stable for a long time but now is getting increasingly extreme.

Fact: Climate swings are nothing new. Between 800 and 1300 AD, much of the world was several degrees warmer than today. People grew wine grapes in England, figs in Germany, assorted crops in Greenland. Then came the Little Ice Age, and temperatures considerably colder than today persisted until the climate warmed again around 1900. The likely cause? Changes in the sun’s energy output, or perhaps the Earth’s orbit, say Harvard-Smithsonian scientists Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon.

Myth: CO2 is a pollutant.

Fact: CO2 is an essential nutrient for plants. Plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen, while animals inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. Researchers have proven that higher CO2 concentrations enable plants to grow faster and give them better drought tolerance.

Myth: CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas.

Fact: Not even close. Most of the greenhouse effect is due to water vapor, which is about 100 times as abundant in the atmosphere as CO2 and thus has a much larger effect.

Myth: The United States could reduce emissions of greenhouse gases back to the levels of 1970.

Fact: Even if the US reduced greenhouse gas emissions to zero it would have no immediate impact on climate. China, India and many other countries are significantly increasing their emission levels, and global concentrations of CO2 may double this century. Even if the Kyoto Protocol could be fully implemented the globe would be spared no more than a few hundredths of a degree of warming.

Great articles here. Here’s a post that explains the UN’s IPCC;

“Want to be a “climate scientist”? Well you can be within a week. Simply write a paper on the weather or whatever, have it peer-reviewed, then publish it in some dodgy Green journal and voila! You’re a “scientist!” Now you can start reporting your conclusions to the UN’s IPCC about how we are all about to die of sun stroke while drowning in high tides at the same time. They are looking forward to hearing from you, after all it is the first of April.

Of course, if you want to be an oceanographer or a meteorologist, it may take a few years longer and the IPCC will not want to hear from you at all. For God’s sake let’s put this IPCC global-warming rubbish to bed! No member of this fraudulent UN organisation is even a “climate scientist” anyway, they do no research, they are unqualified soothsayers and their outrageous predictions exceed those of the disgraced Al Gore’s.

The way it works is this:

The IPCC is charged with the job of scaring the pants off you in order to get governments world-wide to give them lots of your money via a tax on CO2, which is not a pollutant but a critical plant food.

Most of the circulated footage of “smoke” from all those chimneys is actually steam!

Less than 50 percent of the world’s nations are IPCC members. Most countries have wisely refused to be involved in the scam. So, who are these galahs who warm the leather seats in plush Geneva offices?

Well, they are a bunch of ideological, brain dead, hirsute Green gophers charged with collecting other Green gophers’ alarmist reports and presenting them to media as “science”. Media then slavishly report it to you as fact.

William Schlesinger, IPCC backer and President of the “Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies” has reluctantly been forced to acknowledge that over 80 per cent of IPCC members has absolutely no qualification or background in anything concerning climate.

Its Chairman, Rajendra Pachauri (pictured) is an ex Indian railways worker for Christ’s sake!

The remainder are probably ageing, frustrated weather girls.

Governments’ “global warming” Agencies have also been conspiring with Green groups to defraud taxpayers of tens of millions of dollars.

“Sue and Settle” practices, also referred to as “friendly lawsuits”, are cosy deals whereby far-Left radical Green groups file lawsuits against sympathetic Government “warmist” Agencies.
Court “consent orders” are then issued based upon the prearranged settlement amounts made in advance behind closed doors.

One observer described the scam as: “The Government Agency throws the case, somewhat like Bre’r Rabbit agreeing to be thrown into his favourite brier-patch.”

Tens of millions are extorted from uncomplaining Green governments and given back to Green groups like Earthjustice, who recently netted $4,655,000, the US based Sierra Club, $967,000 and the Natural Resources Defense Council, $252,000.

The IPCC then creams the normal 10 per cent of the ongoing scam.

That’s only the tip of the “melting” iceberg of scams the IPCC is involved in using the greatest scamster of all, Al Gore, as their figurehead who then makes squillions insider-trading carbon credits through his own bank of carbon credit companies.

The scam will continue as long as people like Bob Brown can beguile opportunistic crooks like Julia Gillard.

The IPCC rejects any report that doesn’t claim anthropogenic warming, and always throws in a few goodies like its recently discredited, “the Himalayas will soon be devoid of snow” nonsense.

Figures are massaged, graphs are inverted and reports are altered in an attempt to convince the gullible of their expertise in “climate science”. “Climate” can be a science but these charlatans are certainly not scientists!

Long lunches are spent inventing emotive doomsday phrases designed for you to elect Green-sympathetic governments, like Julia Gillard’s, that will happily give them billions more of your taxes.

There is no global warming, it would be good if there was, but both ice-caps have increased in area, Europe and the US have just recorded three years of record cold conditions, atmospheric CO2 levels have continued to vary by the normal 0.1 per cent, US “Tornado Alley” had 30 per cent fewer tornados last season, there are no tidal increases anywhere and the climate is still changing normally in its own erratic way, as it always has.

The only regulators of the world’s CO2 levels, the oceans, the sun and volcanos, are the only regulators IPCC reports don’t account for.

Thank God the Abbott Government only pays lip service to this global warming myth.

Reading between their lines you can see they don’t have their hearts in it.”

NASA is not sending rockets to the moon anymore. The front page on their website is a graph about global warming. When did NASA switch from space research/travel to progressive propaganda? Was the Obama Administration the one who changed the purpose of NASA?

In an article here, former NASA Director Charles Bolden says that Obama told him that Muslim Outreach was his priority, “… inspire children to learn math and science, expand international relationships and “perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.”

NASA lists the IPCC as one of its scientific sources proving human-caused global warming. Knowing that the IPCC is a phony organization makes the entire website and NASA itself untrustworthy and irrelevant.

In conclusion,

“The CO2-induced global warming extinction hypothesis claims that as the world warms in response to the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 content, many species of plants and animals will not be able to migrate either poleward in latitude or upward in elevation fast enough to avoid extinction as they try to escape the stress imposed by the rising temperature. With respect to plants, however, we have shown that as long as the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration rises in tandem with its temperature, most of them will not “feel the heat,” as their physiology will change in ways that make them better adapted to warmer conditions. Hence, although earth’s plants will likely spread poleward and upward at the cold-limited boundaries of their ranges in response to a warming-induced opportunity to do so, their heat-limited boundaries will probably remain pretty much as they are now or shift only slightly.

Consequently, in a world of rising atmospheric CO2 concentration, the ranges of most of earth’s plants will likely expand if the planet continues to warm, making plant extinctions even less likely than they are currently.
Animals should react much the same way. In response to concurrent increases in atmospheric temperature and CO2 concentration, they will likely migrate poleward and upward, where cold temperatures prevented them from going in the past, as they follow earth’s plants. Also as with earth’s plants, the heat-limited boundaries of their ranges should in many cases be little affected, as has been observed in several of the real-world studies that have been wrongly cited as providing evidence for impending species extinctions, or their entire ranges may simply shift with the rising temperature, as has been observed in many real-world studies of marine ecosystems.

To summarize, both theory and observation paint the same picture. A goodly portion of earth’s plants and animals should actually expand their ranges and gain a stronger foothold on the planet as the atmosphere’s temperature and CO2 concentration continue to rise. If the air’s CO2 content were suddenly to stop increasing, however, the biosphere could find itself facing a significant challenge, as the world’s plants would cease acquiring the extra physiological protection against heat stress that is afforded them by rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Consequently, the end result of curtailing anthropogenic CO2 emissions might well be just the opposite of what many people are hoping to accomplish by encouraging that policy, i.e., many species might actually be driven to extinction, rather than being saved from such a fate.”