Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Informed Faith is NOT the same thing as "blind" faith....It is obvious that most humans who believe in a God have "blind faith".....the many opposing different religions and over 500 denominations of Christianity that has caused so much misery on this planet is in my opinion proof of this, especially today with fanatical religions like radical islam. 

The idea that Christianity was once "fanatical"   is a misrepresentation of history and besides..... it has evolved to be totally non-violent today. A few "whackos"  do not represent what Christianity is.  Radical islam jihad ...on the other hand.... is NOT a few "whackos"  and the claim that alleged non-violent islam is "silent" on the issue because they fear the radicals as well I believe is illusion.  If I appear to be an be is a survival mechanism. Again..the "key" is "informed faith" vs "blind faith."

Careful analysis of the Crusades reveals that comparing it today to groups like ISIS is not only is dishonest and dangerous. More Christians are being  persecuted today.....many being slaughtered in muslim  and hindu countries...... then doing the persecution of others as .they were charged with during the Crusades .  A more accurate account of the Crusades was that they were more defensive of islamic jihad then offensive  proselytizing compared to today's radical islam who consider ALL non-muslims "infidels.".

It seems a person's "truth" is based on where he gets his information....not accurate facts.
(includes myself as well...if you think your sources are more accurate then mine...fine with me.)

In Christ......David