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The following is a comment I made to an article on “robots” taking over the world.

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I suspect that the "fear" we have of AI robots is based on our understanding OR misunderstanding of what "consciousness" is.  There are two basic schools of thought on this issue......"monism".......the idea that cognitive consciousness is a product of the complex neural interactions within the brain......and....."dualism".....the idea that "consciousness" is the result of an "external force" that "directs" the neural interactions..."the soul."   Most humans believe in "free will."  Some claim there is no "free will." 

If "monism" is the reality of our conscious existence, then there is no real "free will" because we are "slaves" of random neural activity and this would also mean AI robots could be created and eventually evolve on their own and be no different than carbon based human life and the "fear" of them "taking over" would be frighteningly real.

However.....if "dualism"is the reality then there is “free will” and there are positive and negative consequences for the choices we make in life before and AFTER biological death.   With “monism”  there are only consequences during “life.”   If indeed dualism is reality….AI robot fear is reduced to simple “programming.”  Robots would be nothing but machines  programmed with the “will” of the human programmer.  Ironically, the “choices” made by the robot would be an extension of the human programmer’s choices!

If the robot were to kill a human being… the “programmer” would be guilty of the crime NOT the robot!  Destroying the robot for the crime would be equivalent to when we kill a predatory animal for killing a human.  Predation is not a moral choice for an is their nature.  “Unplugging” the robot is not necessary….all that is needed is “reprogramming!”

The big question is …which “school” represents reality?  If we are to rely on our own understanding it is essentially impossible to determine which represents reality.  Basically, what you believe to be reality is your personal opinion.  Each side can claim the “other” is wrong but resolving the issue is futile.

However…there is a source external to human thought that might possibly reveal which “school of reality” IS the valid one.   That source is the ancient writings of man that became compiled into a library called the Bible. Obviously, we would not expect the “monists” to even consider the possibility that the Bible could reveal anything that resembles reality.   The Bible itself reveals that the writers has no idea they were writing the alleged Words of God and merely states they were “inspired” by some external source to write the Scriptures.  These Scriptures were written at a time when man knew very little about the true nature of existence so the idea they had a diabolical “agenda”  to “control” other humans is in my humble opinion non-sequitur if not ridiculous.

I therefore believe the wisdom and truth written in the Bible reveals information that does tell us that “dualism” is the true nature of  all LIFE everywhere in the Cosmos…not just for Homo sapiens on planet Earth!  The mainline Christian belief that only humans have a “soul” I believe is an illusion and ironically is unbiblical.

There is no question that believing the Bible is the absolute and inerrant Word of God requires “trust and faith” and  that  God has revealed reality to us in the Bible.  However…..the  Bible itself is its’ own evidence by virtue the of its’ fulfilled prophecy, that the authors were not contemporaries (Old Testament)  and had no idea they were writing God’s Word and in recent times by archeological evidence. 

Many will claim that the Bible is fantasy because it is alleged to be incompatible with Science.  I submit that the literal, fundamental Creationist interpretation of the Scriptures does appear to be incompatible however,  many Scriptures were not to be understood until a “time” in the future when knowledge of what is real revealed through God’s “gift” of the Scientific Method .  I suspect that this “time”coincides with the Biblical promise of the restoration of the planet to God’s Family upon the return of the “hybrid Starman” Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus the Christ) EXACTLY the same way He left 2000 years ago. (Acts 1:8-11)   In fact the Book of Daniel is VERY clear that it would not be understood until the “time” of restoration.   I believe we are near this “time” and I am convinced that the  “key” to understanding the “real” Truth in God’s Word is revealed through Scientific interpretation of the Scriptures.   Atheists all claim the Bible is full of errors, contradictions and fantasy, however, all such claims are eliminated when interpreting the Scripture Scientifically.

(Some examples….. Jesus is a hybrid “Starman”…23 human chromosomes from His Virgin Mother Mary and 23 “Divine” chromosomes from God’s Family via artificial insemination.   Adam was the first man created in God’s Image from the “dust” of the Earth via Recombinant DNA and CRISPR.  No question that the elements of DNA, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorous is “dust of the Earth”  AND Eve by modified “cloning of Adam.”  see below) 

So…..should we worry about AI robots taking over our planet?   I am very confident that we don’t….we need to focus instead on the evil  Novus Ordo Seclorum (Secular New World Order)  influenced by the “dark entities” revealed in Ephesians 6:12.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

(Creation of Eve……..God created Eve by placing Adam into a “deep sleep”, removed a “rib” and covered it with “flesh and bone.”  The Science…..Adult stem cells extracted from the marrow of the “rib”,  a rich and easily accessible source of these cells. The cells are “reset” to an earlier embryonic state called Induced Pluripotency.  Two IPS cells are involved….the “Y” chromosome from the first is removed and discarded, the cell is saved.  An “X” chromosome is removed from a second IPS cell and is inserted into the nucleus of the first. The second cell is discarded. The first cell is induced to start cleavage and form a blastocyst and is placed into a “surrogate womb (probably in vitro) where morphogenesis –gestation is completed in 9 months and “little baby Eve is born.”   Obviously the  “deep sleep” was a form of biological suspension because when Eve was presented to Adam she was a sexually mature young women.  Adam exclaims…”At last...this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone…I will call her women because she comes from man.”   Fantasy becomes reality!)

The Dark Meaning Behind The Word ‘Robot’

The English term first appeared in the 1920s.

04/09/2016 09:00 am ET


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·                                 Casey WilliamsEditorial Fellow, The Huffington Post

Peter Sherrard via Getty Images

Robots have arrived. They’re sorting your packagesdeciding what you see on Facebook and might be coming for your job.  

But have you ever wondered where the word “robot” comes from? 

It traces its roots to the Czech word “robotnik, which means “slave,” according to the Online Etymology DictionaryRobotnik” comes from “rabota,” the Old Church Slavonic word for servitude. 

In English, the word “robot” first appeared in a translation of Czech playwright Karel Capek’s 1920 sci-fi drama “RUR,” or “Rossum’s Universal Robots.” In his play, Capek describes a company that manufactures and sells workers that look and act like humans, but lack souls. 

“The Robots are not people. Mechanically they are more perfect than we are, they have an enormously developed intelligence, but they have no soul,” says the play’s human protagonist, Harry Domin. (His surname, it’s worth noting, is also a Latin prefix meaning “master.”).

In Capek’s story, the intelligent servants rebel against their human masters. It’s a tale that’s been echoed again and again as artists and writers grapple with rapid technological change. Books and films like “Frankenstein,” “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” “i, Robot” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” all depict mechanical beings struggling to throw off the yoke of human mastery.

These books and films express the deep, nagging human fear that our uniqueness, and our dominance, will be threatened by our own creations. 

We fear, in other words, the battle cry of the robot Radius in Capek’s play: “You will work! You will build for us! You will serve us!”