Monday, June 06, 2016


 I am perplexed as to why Creationists reject the Big Bang when it actually supports their fundamental literal interpretation of Genesis. Frankly, it seems Creationists are VERY selective as to which Scientific revelations they accept and which they reject. If it doesn't support their fundamental interpretation of Scripture, they reject it as pseudoscience.  Sadly the result of this superficial view of God's inerrant Word and absolute truth in the Bible, is that they tend to accept pseudoscience over the evidence revealed in God's "gift" of the Scientific Method because it appears to be incompatible with their fundamental interpretation of Scripture.

 Fundamental Christians often quote the following Scripture that I believe tends to create a fear and mistrust in Science.......Isaiah 55:8-9......

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. 9 As the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts."

 I submit God was NOT talking about His "gift" of Science because there was no Science back in Biblical times.  I believe God was refering to His Love, Compassion, Patience, Forgiveness, Holiness, etc.  God is PERFECT...His Laws are PERFECT...and we are Created in His Image therefore....... discovering and understanding His PERFECT Laws that govern reality is expected and in no way violates Isaiah 55:8-9.  God's "gift" of Science allows man to discern truth from illusions especially in this time of restoration of the planet to God's Kingdom upon the arival of His Son Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. (ie; The pseudoscience of "manmade global warming" has ONE eventually destroy America's economy and thereby remove America as the last obstacle to the fufillment of Novus Ordo Seclorum...the "secular new world order."

Atheists reject the Bible because they too believe it is contradictory to Scientific revelation and therefore pure fantasy.  The problem is NOT that the Bible is incompatible with is the "fundamental, literal" interpretation that IS incompatible with Science and logic.  Sadly, because of this way too many Scientists reject the truth and wisdom revealed in God’s PERFECT Word.  So much of what Science has discovered through the Scientific Method is verified in the Holy Bible in disease, medicine, agriculture, Astrophysics and  even Cosmology……”In My Father’s House there are many Mansions.”  (there’s a lot more to this than “rooms”or dwelling places and it is more than obvious that the “House” is God’s Cosmos..the CREATION!)

Modern Cosmology is tending to a model based on quantum mechanics that the “Big Bang” was just ONE of an infinite number of “space-time-matter inflations” which is compatible with an infinite God that always existed and always will exist and never had a “beginning” which is revealed in God’s Word.