Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's ALL done with STRINGS!

I recently received e-mail from a friend that indicated to me that she, and I suspect many other people, have the wrong concept of “Strings.” My response follows my friend’s excerpt…

… “I have considered the string theory myself often and feel it is science just catching up with spirit. Though it cannot be proven, it is actually a good beginning, only I do not like the strings part. I prefer to think of them as circles of light or energy, not strings. It just goes with the natural flow of things in the universe, the dimensions of round, the orb, circular time etc.
But that is just me.”

Remember.... the "little strings" are NOT "energy" as we know it...there are only four forces or energy in the Universe.... 1) Electromagnetic 2) Strong Nuclear 3) Weak Nuclear and 4) Gravity.... These are composed of Strings as well. It is illogical to claim that "energy" is made out of "energy".....that's like asking one to sit in the corner of a round room! I personally believe the "Strings" ARE YHWH GOD'S THOUGHTS and HIS WORD.... (John 1:1-5,14 is Biblical “evidence” of this.)

God IS "everywhere" and IS "everything" are Strings! God said in Daniel 14:2 that in the "end times" (transition from 4th to 5th world) "KNOWLEDGE SHALL INCREASE." We are witnessing the fulfillment of these prophecies. String Theory is the FINAL Gift from God to help in the Transition to the 5th World.

Saying that “String Theory” has no proof or cannot be proven is untrue. Theory is a tested “hypothesis” that has revealed physical “evidence” to support the idea. This IS the Scientific Method. “Quantum Entanglement” is physical evidence of this theory and use of this phenomena shows great promise in computer technology. Many would not consider mathematical evidence as proof but in Science, mathematical relationships ARE the underlying evidence of things “unseen.” Up until the discovery of Strings, there was incompatibility between 3 of the forces and gravity at the sub atomic level. (Quantum) In String Theory…all 4 forces “balance” which is mathematical evidence of reality. Generally speaking…if the math in your hypothesis doesn’t balance…the hypothesis is wrong! If the math works…. you have yourself a bonifide “Theory.”
Pax…Doubting Thomas


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