Friday, September 22, 2006


The following story has been circulating around the e-mail circuit. Not sure if it has been "Snoped" or not but the message is without a doubt serious, true or not. I'm afraid there are stories that are true that are a lot worse. I have a niece who teaches Spanish in a college in North Carolina. I told her I think that this Spanish "thing" is a "conpiracy" she started for job security!!! On a serious note folks...WAKE UP before it's "ADIOS" for all of us!

"Our granddaughter in California was turned down for a teaching job, because she only had one year of Spanish. She had to get a job at a private school. She now teaches in Rancho Cucamonga, second grade.

Had an interesting conversation with a lady of Hispanic origin last week. She told me that she planned to come down to St. Mary's and get a job in Admissions (where I work). When I pointed out that we didn't have any openings, she advised me that "soon" current employees will have to be fired to hire bi-lingual employees. According to this lady, the Spanish-speaking people of the US are going to demand that all public facilities like hospitals, courthouses, etc. - be staffed by people who read, speak and comprehend Spanish.

We hear about the silent majority, but I think we are going to have to speak up or find ourselves a conquered country. That would be an interesting historical note - greatest land in the world conquered by Mexico without ever firing a shot!

Think about it."


Write your Congressman and Senators urging them support legislation that would require citizenship to be eligible for social services in the United States. No amnesty and no free services for illegal immigrants and to make ENGLISH as our "official" language and to require those who live and work in our country to learn ENGLISH, not make US citizens conform to Spanish.

Pax....Doubting Thomas


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