Saturday, February 17, 2007


They say that one should never discuss politics and religion. I guess I am a glutton for punishment because they are my favorite topics! The following is inspired by a friend of mine who I have been arguing with over our differing views on religion. It was through our discussions that I realized that religion cannot be discussed civilly so, as the Doubting Thomas, I decided to share REALITY instead of religion......see what you think!........Pax...Doubting Thomas

The following statement by my friend set me on this "search for reality quest".......

"To the original point: "Allah" is Arabic for "God".Arabic-speaking Christians use that word every bitas much as Muslims do."


Yes.....Arab Christians call God "Allah" as I would do too because it is NOT His Name, it is just the generic reference to a CREATOR. (God, Deus etc....all refer to the CREATOR but are NOT His Name.....muslims call him allah....BIG difference! he ain't the CREATOR.)

BUT...the God of the Cosmos..the CREATOR of CREATION "YEARNS" (and COMMANDS) to be called by His REAL Name YHWH. Calling Him by His TRUE Name is TRUE WORSHIP of Him. This Name is not just for is what ALL Homo sapiens should call Him no matter what culture or religion. We have does God. How would you like to be called "hey man" or "hey you" instead of your own name? God weeps when we say "hey You" to Him because when we call Him God or Allah (not allah...different person) is the same as saying "hey You." We are His Children... (as ALL SV's are...ALL life for that matter and I have a hunch that ALL of God's Creation calls Him by His REAL Name as well...of course in their language.).... AND He is our Father. Now I didn't call my Dad Leonard or Lenny. Nope I called him Father, Dad, Pop or Pa. So...God being our Father...we should LOVE, HONOR and OBEY Him by calling Him ABBA...Father...or what ever word in your language means Father..... OR we shall call Him by NAME in Worship...YHWH!

YHWH is not Hebrew, it is the 4 consonants of the Hebrew written right to left in English letters called the tetragrammaton...(I don't have Hebrew letters on my machine...but it is transliterated "Yahweh" and if your hooked on phonics...that's how His NAME sounds too ....AND IT DOES NOT MEAN GOD or CREATOR or SUPREME Being....His Sacred Name means "EVERLASTING", ETERNAL. ENDLESS." (Cicil B. DeMille set a erroneous precedence when Charlton Heston (Moses) met God on the Mountain and confused "IAM" as His NAME instead of YHWH. When YHWH spoke and said IAM"...He was COMMUNICATING that He was the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel). Most people think YHWH means "IAM" DOESN'T. I used to think that way myself.

Some claim that we are never to utter God's Holy and Sacred Name, YHWH. Such are the "legalists" of ALL religions. YHWH does NOT require "legalese, burnt offerings, or sacrifices. He requires our obedience AND the path to that obedience is LOVE AND the "Journey" begins by calling on Him as ABBA...Father in our hearts and YHWH in our WORSHIP of HIS SUPREME MAJESTY.

YHWH is the most powerful "entity" in the COSMOS. I would call Him Spiritual Entity but He has recently revealed to us through His wonderful Gift of the Scientific Method, the String Theory, (TOE=Theory Of Everything)....that Spirit and Physical ARE the SAME differing ONLY in frequency. It was man who separated himself from YHWH God by dividing the Cosmos into a Spiritual and a Physical. The COSMOS and YHWH GOD and WE ARE ONE! The present 30 known mathematical dimensions in String Theory IS GOD...IS CREATION IS YHWH! YHWH IS ALL THAT THERE IS BECAUSE EXISTENCE IS YHWH!

A way to help visualize this is to imagine YHWH the ONE and ONLY "Living" Being as "dreaming" or "thinking" or "saying" EXISTENCE into EXISTENCE.....It always WAS and always WILL be. The Gospel of John sure nails this down pretty good......
John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 1:2: The same was in the beginning with God. 1:3: All things were made through him. Without him was not anything made that has been made."

We have the same problem with His Son's Name.... Is it Savior? it Emmanuel? (God with us) is it Jesus?...His Greek Name? (He was a Jew..NOT Greek!) or His REAL Name..Yahshua? (Actually calling Him Christ is really more OK as He was the ANNOINTED of YHWH God. Christos means "Annointed.") Maybe Jesus would LOVE to be called Yahshua., His REAL Name BUT.....He won't get upset if you still stick to Jesus AS LONG AS YOU OBEY and LOVE HIM! (serve others) AND by the is in His Incarnation as Yahshua that YHWH revealed His LOVE for ALL His Children...IN THE ENTIRE COSMOS!
(Giu seppe of my favorite opera is "Joe Green" in English. Would call him Joe Green if you met him? I think not. we call GOD "God", "Deo", "Deus", "Dios" or "Allah" or Whatever?.....You be the judge.... We are COMMANDED to call Him by His NAME.....IN THE BIBLE!.........

Malachi 1:11: "For from the rising of the sun even to the going down of the same, my name is great among the nations, and in every place incense will be offered to my name, and a pure offering: for my name is great among the nations," says Yahweh of Hosts."

Now we could worship Him in Name as "Eternal, Endless, Everlasting" in English but we don't call Giuseppi Verdi "Joe Green" so why call YHWH by a translated Name? Ironically...the same applies to Jesus. Why do we call Him by His Greek translated Name? ( Hmmmm....anti-Semitism have anything to do with it? I wonder.) Maybe He would really appreciate us calling Him Yahshua. As I said earlier...He would not love us any less if we still call Him Jesus...that is a translation of His Name but God or Allah is NOT a translation of YHWH's Name. BIG DEFFERENCE. Why? THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME..that's why!
Consider the following too.......

Exodus 3:15: "God said moreover to Moses, "You shall tell the children of Israel this, 'Yahweh, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.' This is my name forever, and this is my memorial to all generations."

"YHWH is God and YHWH is His Name" and I suspect He means what He says in the above Scriptures.

Maybe Shakespeare is right when it comes to "Roses" BUT I suspect when it comes to CREATION.....He should be LOVED enough to call Him by His Name...YHWH. BUT.....God is generic for Deity...the Creator....a VERY impersonal "CREATIVE Force" that was revealed to be the complete OPPOSITE when He Incarnated as Yahshua. Should we therefore not call Him by His Holy Name YHWH?

Of course...IF the Holy Bible is NOT the inerrant Word of YHWH..then YHWH is NOT His Name. The INCARNATION, DEATH, BURIAL, and RESURRECTION of Yahshua is all a nice story but obviously an illusion. In fact....if the Bible is just a bunch of story's then.....GOD is purely and invention of man. Is that what "atheism" is? The Law of Free Will can sure be "hell" for some.

Hey...if when we are dead we are DEAD...who cares....."ya pays ur money and ya takes ur choice" ....forget about the Bible and go with the illusion of karma and law of attraction. We who believe in YHWH understand that karma and the law of attraction are really rebellion against HIM! There is an "old" saying that says.....It is better to believe in the God of the Holy Bible..YHWH...and die and be DEAD than to reject YHWH and His Incarnation Yahshua and die and find out that your life is ETERNAL and be held accountable to the ULTIMATE KARMA....John 14:6.

It all comes down to.... "do we believe what the Bible says about life and the judgement" or do we embrace the New Age belief (which is really ancient belief in new "threads!") that we ourselves determine our own destiny as in the illusion of the law of attraction and re-incarnation until we "get it right." and there is no such thing as satan and hell. The Bible sure says a lot about satan and hell and it also says ......

Hebrews 9:27: "Inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once, and after this, judgment,"

Judgement to what? Re-incarnation is judgement? What's with this Men die once stuff? (OK Sadaam...let's get it right this time and not get yourself hanged again because you screwed up big time this last time?) If there is no separation form YHWH in an ETERNAL place called hell that was made for satan and his followers, and because they don't exist and hell doesn't exist and therefore we keep coming back until we are "right" with YHWH God....what's with this judgement jazz? (HELL was NEVER meant for men...the Bible says it was for satan and his minions) The simple TRUTH is.... Man and his EGO wants his "cake and eat it too." New Age is an ILLUSION for those in rebellion against YHWH God. This Law of Attraction stuff sure is seductive but if you buy into it as TRUTH you deny the Vicarious Death of Yahshua.... Jesus Christ. (I may be wrong...but I suspect that the "unpardonable sin" that Yahshua warns about is rejection of Him. Hmmmmm?"

Now...there are 2 ways to look at this Ancient Anthology called the Holy is that it is a collection of stories about God and the history of His relation with man and is therefore a religious book about Spiritual things and therefore the religious say it is the WORD of God. Because String Theory has revealed that Spirit and Physical are the same ..... the other way to view the Bible, and I believe the correct way, is that it is a history of man and his journey to restore his fellowship with YHWH and His Kingdom AND it is 100% the inerrant WORD of YHWH GOD. There are 2 views of just what is the nature of YHWH's Kingdom. Many say it is a Spiritual Kingdom in our hearts. THEY are correct but it IS for the individual preparing for the real Kingdom which is about to come and SOONER than we think. The World will NEVER have peace until the Prince of Peace..Yahshua returns to Govern His Father's Kingdom on Earth FROM JERUSALEM, ISRAEL......NOT Rome, Not Salt Lake City Not Mecca Not no where else. (Some teach that after we are all converted to this higher realm of Jesus.....then He will come as King of King and Lord of Lords. Why bother coming then?....we won't need Him! That belief is called Preterism and it is an abomination! If we really believe the Bible to be the Word of says He comes to put a stop to all who are destroying eachother and the World and to JUDGE the living and the dead.....not very popular with the New Agers!)

Man was given the Gift of the Scientific Method by His Father YHWH and I believe the 4 most important discoveries as a result of this Gift are..... 2 made over a 100 years ago, 1 made over 50 years ago and 1 made in the last 10 years that revealed the TRUTH about YHWH's Kingdom. 4 great Scientists were the instruments of YHWH that revealed these TRUTHS AND we ignore them...why?...ONE WORD.....RELIGION! These Science Prophets were......Sir Ernest Rutherford who revealed that matter is 99.99% "empty" space in his "gold leaf experiment" (lead to Quantum Mechanics).....Dr. Louis Pasteur who revealed the Law of Biogenesis in his "S" shaped flask experiment. (revealed that Life ALWAYS was and always will be) Dr. Albert Einstein who revealed that "time" is not a constant but is a manifestation of motion and space in his Law of Relativity and finally..Dr. Michio Kaku (and colleagues) a pioneer of String Theory demonstrating that EXISTENCE is entirely composed of tiny vibrating Strings differing in frequency and vibrational pattern and all the combinations there of. BECAUSE of the TRUTHS revealed through this Gift of Science......The Kingdom of YHWH God is a REALITY of ALL of HIS CREATION including those CREATED in His IMAGE that our members of a COSMIC Family called the "Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations." Yes heard me right....the Star Visitors are our brothers and sisters in the COSMOS...they are FAMILY! AH...but what about the cow mutilations and the alien abductions where people have been experimented on? That doesn't sound like family to me. AH...forgot the Law of Free Will did ya? Gene Roddenberry was a prophet in that his Star Trek Universe had a Prime Directive....DO NOT INTERFERE! FREE WILL is for ALL of CREATION not just man. Then aren't these SV's evil? Some are...the renegades lead by Lucifer-satan who were exiled from the Federation...the fallen angels of the Bible..DEMONS. It is my belief that the "elite" of the planet...the EGO driven "cabal" have made treaty's with these "renegades." (MOST POLITICIANS) They will war against Yahshua and His Hosts at His "Second Coming" The Hosts are Angleic Beings (SV's) and the Dead in Christ who have RISEN and will Reign with Yahshua on Earth. ("The Meek shall inherit the Earth" ...Sermon on the Mount and The World will NEVER end...Isaiah. As President Ronald Regan said when asked about the "enemy"...."Simple.....we win...they loose." The SV's that are our Family will be united with us in YHWH's Federation VERY soon because as String Theory demonstrates that time is an illusion perceived ONLY bt mortals like man, Biblical Prophecy is NOT about what will is about what IS! Time is irrelavant in the Kingdom of God.

I thank my friend for offering the following Scriptures that he used to prove whatever point he was trying to prove.....some irrelavant religious point of view...NOT reality. HOWEVER.... those Scriptures certainly supports the Federation and I do indeed THANK him!.......

"This is not religion folks...this is REALITY. ".........

Job 19:25: But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives. In the end, he will stand upon the earth. 19:26: After my skin is destroyed, Then in my flesh shall I see God.

Revelation 19:10: I fell down before his feet to worship him. He said to me, "Look! Don't do it! I am a fellow bondservant with you and with your brothers who hold the testimony of Jesus. (An Angel...SV) Worship God, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy." (The Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations.)

Praise YHWH!

Pax....David..."The Doubting Thomas"Check out my BLOG.....

PS: For all who read this and think me a "fruit cake" I have no problem with that and in fact I don't blame you...BUT..I sure am in good company with the likes of Galileo, Columbus etc.....they were called "crazy" too! (10 years ago an Irish Physicist at MIT (Dr. Bell?) demonstrated what Einstein predicted and called "an all too SPOOKY phemomena"....Quantum Entanglement. The Irish Physicist still can't believe he's not crazy!