Wednesday, July 25, 2007


A friend of mine and I were talking about LASERS (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation ) and their effect on “end times” and Armageddon. I stated that President Regan and his “Star Wars” plan (SAI) postponed WWIII (maybe Armegeddon) and brought down the “Iron Curtain” My friend implied that Regan had nothing to do with it…he said…
” Fairly well known tech before he took office.” Nothing secret.

Yes….LASER technology was well known before President Regan but it was he who had the gumption to push the technology making America superior to all nations. High power (CO2) “Star Wars” LASERS was all accomplished under his administration. As a result a lot of nuclear missiles were dismantled on both sides….since “Star Wars” weapons makes them obsolete.
China (an enemy identified in the Book of Revelation) had no clue about Regan's Star Wars……Clinton gave them EVERYTHING........(including the opportunity to build a great airforce which they didn’t have until Clinton. Excellent coverage on this in Discovery Channel’s “WINGS”)
BUT then again…..that's Prophecy...Clinton is a pawn of YHWH no different than Ramses II. (Egypt and EXODUS) Praise YHWH!
Anyway…..I suggested to my friend that Armageddon will be fought with these high energy beam weapons….not just nukes. The New World Order had to get them or they wouldn’t be an Armegeddon and that is impossible because of Biblical Prophecy. (Impossible also because of String Theory… Einstein said..”Past, Present and Future is an ILLUSION no matter how persistent!” In String Theory…..Prophecy already exists!
I shared some LASER experiences with him….. ……
Thought I discovered a neat way to adjust the mirrors in a Bausch and Lomb gas excited helium/neon LASER. “Look down the tube and adjust mirrors while gas was excited. (turned on) Can’t move your eye faster than “c” ) (speed of light)…I have 5 tiny “holes” in my retina of my right eye! Uuugh! (can see them when I look at a clear blue sky.)
We discussed organic LASERS…I said they were high power……
“Organic LASERS are up there in power.” Almost lost my hand to that power! I was Awards Chairmen at the 1976 New York State Science Congress at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY It was pretty exciting year... Got to have dinner with a Nobel Prize Laureate who discovered the low frequency mechanism of migratory fowl. Also got to have lunch with Carl Sagan. (Read his Dragon's of Eden right after that!) of the judges was a Cornell Optical Physicist specializing in Organic LASERS. He took us over to his lab to see his research. He used a high power argon LASER to "Pump" the organic matrix. He turned on the argon and proceeded to demonstrate the variable frequency control he had perfected. At that point I motioned as I asked the question…. .what would happen if I placed my hand in the green argon beam? He literally tackled me........stopping me from doing that..then he told us all to face the opposite wall..he took a 2x4 and placed it in the argon's path. WOW!! the room lit up brighter than the sun! Then he showed us the "hole" in the 2x4 ....saying .."that could be your hand! AND that was only 2 Kilowatts…the Organic LASER was higher!
I suggested this power was given to the US by God’s Gift of the Scientific Method (with a LOT of reverse engineering ala’ Roswell”…..BUT OL’Slick Willy….being part of the New World Order gave it to China….MUST have been Prophecy…..
" THAT'S WHY CLINTON SHOULD BE TRIED AS A TRAITOR.........HE GAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY TO THE CHINESE TO GET RE-ELECTED. Well...I guess I should thank Clinton for being an agent of satan because he has made Armageddon possible in my lifetime...although I suspect I could be evacuated (RAPTURE) unless YHWH has "other" plans for me to serve Him in the Tribulation......of which I am His humble servant. I am the Doubting Thomas so if asked..I will serve during the Tribulation fact I am not worthy to do so but I will if asked.
.....for me the ONLY truth is John 14:6....... Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.

One more LASER experience that reveals the power of LASERS……
In 1978 a ham radio friend of mine came home to for a visit. We went out for coffee. He was working for the Air Force in "optical" research. ( Optical Engineer from Clarkson Institute of Tech, Canton, NY.) He told me THEN...that the CO2 Laser he was working on "VAPORIZED" an old Army Tank at 1 Kilometer. He said it turned red...then white..then blue then explosion...just "Flash Gordon" GONE!!! (Plasmolized) . Now you know why the Soviets gave up Berlin and their missles!!! (Col. Corso talks about CO2 Lasers in his "Day After Roswell.") Funny thing …..if Clinton the idiot didn't do this.....we probably would have another thousand years to wait for Jesus. Now I'm scared that time will run out for folks to accept the Christ........wonder if more people would accept Jesus if Clinton were really impeached and removed from office? (Same for Bush)
God is patient and wishes that all would repent and “come home”…wonder how much longer His patience will last?
Gotta love our is a mystery as to who will accept His Son Jesus and repent? Will you? “Evacuation is around the corner!” (Rapture)

Pax....The Doubting Thomas (David)