Friday, April 13, 2007


A very good friend of mind asked me a question about the possibility that we have a Cosmic Family that is concerned about the affairs of the people on this planet and in fact have and will continue to intervene in these affairs of the planet. My answer follows.....(I preface my ideas on a simple belief.....GOD..the Creator whose Name is Eternal, Everlasting and Hebrew, the tetragrammaton...YHWH...transliterated in English ..Yahweh......EXISTS and WORKS within His Spiritual and Physical Laws and within and through His CREATION. GOD IS CREATION!).....Oh better believe our SV Family has a plan! It was set up right after we lost Lemuria and Atlantis. "They" decided (our Creators..the Altairians...REMEMBER...God operates within and through His Laws and His Creation..."Let Us Create Man in Our Image" (Genesis)...Altairains look exactly like us!) to "intervene" through the Jewish race to prevent another Atlantis from happening. This is the purpose of the Incarnation of the Messaiah. There is an ancient Prophecy involving this TRUTH called the "Fig Tree Prophecy." The ancient writings BEFORE the Jewish Torah talks about a future Nation whose "sign" is the leaves of the Fig Tree. The Christ mentioned this ancient Truth to His Disciples when they asked Him when the "Kingdom" will come. (Remember..the REAL Kingdom of God IS NOT about religion..ANY is about the REALITY of our SV Brothers and Sisters and the Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations. Heck, the Native Americans always knew about this Truth!) Christ said that when you see the leaves of the Fig Tree appear..this will mark the final "sign" of Transition to the 5th World of the Federation. Throughout the history of Judaism...the Fig Tree ALWAYS refers to the Nation State of Israel.(Jacob) Many have thought that the Messaiah will return at various times in the last 2,000 years. This was always apostasy and quite frankly impossible because the Christ told us what the sign was.....AND THAT SIGN IS THE NATION STATE OF ISRAEL.Why is "today" more significant than any other time in history?....The answer is...May 14, 1948.....the "Fig Tree" sprouted leaves....Israel became a Nation State....and in June the 6 day war...Jerusalem came "home" to the Israel state. THE STAGE HAS BEEN SET........The Jews have been "hated" more than any other group of people throughout history....we call it anti-Semitism which is ironic because anti-Semitism really means anti-WHITE RACE. Today they are hated more than EVER and the Islamic world has vowed to destroy them, once and for all....finish Adolf Hitler's plan. What is this plan? prevent the Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations from replacing the 4th World of Greed and violence and arrogance and EGO and hatred..the corrupt world of the "elite"..the "cabal"...Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Trilateral Commisssion etc.Now...what about the "good guys"...... the real followers of YHWH and His Incarnation...Yahshua? (Jesus of Nazareth) It is the "heart" that determines the True Family of the Federation (YHWH's Kingdom) and these are the ones who will observe the unfolding of Biblical Prophecy FROM SPACE IN A STARSHIP! The Altairians are presently preparing for this "Rapture" as Christians call it. (although...being a Christian doesn't guarnatee a "ticket"...the condition of your heart determines that) The Federation calls this the Great Evacuation......the removal of those who choose their heritage as a Child of YHWH God in the Federation of Star Nations and recognize that Jesus came to teach THIS TRUTH and to die in our place for our arrogance and ignorance. The burden of EGO is so heavy that our Star Family had to intervene in the Incarnation of the Christ to make it possible for us to join our Galactic Heritage. ...the EVACUATION is emmenent...I am fortunate to have indirect contact with a Commander from Altair...named Val and he has verified this evacuation. The process is teleportation ala' "Beam me up Scotty." he likes that analogy! The "Rapture" described in the Bible sure matches this TRUTH! The Bible is not about is about our Star Family! More and more people are making contact with our Star Family....preparing us for evacuation. We will observe Tribulation from space......the word "rapiomore" means "taken up out of" Then WWIII..Armegeddon....Russian invades Israel, then China then Islam then everyone..BUT...the Messaiah returns with His Hosts (that's us, Stas and the dead in Christ who are resurrected exactly the same way Christ was) and puts an end to the destruction of this Nuclear holocaust and establishes Earth for the Federation. World governments (the elite and the New World Order) will fight against the Federation but they don't have a snowballs chance in hell of stopping the Federation. (I think the Grays and the Reptilians fight with evil men...they are the demons of the Bible..the gargoyles the fallen ones..the Nephilim.) THEY LOOSE! (along with Hillary and Bill)There is no question that the Incarnation... died for our transgressions... (EGO)... BUT it is His Spirit that dwells in those who accept this TRUTH. This is the TRUE GOSPEL lost in the religion of Christianity.Pax...The Doubting Thomas...DavidREMEMBER...... Hebrews 13:1: Let brotherly love continue. 13:2: Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it.