Wednesday, March 21, 2007


For those who of you actually believe the Bible is God's inerrant WORD....I post some interesting TRUTH from one of my friend's website. (click title) I hope this inspires you to search out TRUTH.

Pax...Doubting Thomas

“HE appointed the moon for seasons
(literal Hebrew means “set times”);…”
Psalm 104:19

Happy 'Rosh Ha Shannah'

You're probably wondering: Huh? Rosh Ha Shannah?!?!
Now? In the spring?!?!

That's correct, Happy New year!
The Bible is right - man is wrong.
This is our CREATOR’S commanded New Year.

Aren't the Jews lucky? They have three new year celebrations: the secular Rosh Ha Shannah in September, the western new year on December 31, and one that gets hardly any mention at all is this Torah / Pentateuch / Bible / YHWH commanded new year. Recorded in 1Samuel 8:11-18, man rejected YHWH and decided to do it his way, but make-no-mistake, the spiritual events of our CREATOR, which will bring this world from chaos to eternity, will unfold on HIS timetable, not a human designed system. The sad thing is, most Bible owners haven't got a clue - Satan has been busy corrupting knowledge (2Cor.4:4).