Saturday, September 11, 2010

Building Mosques and Burning Qu’rans

Building Mosques and Burning Qu’rans

What a way to remember 9-11-01….all this fuss over building Mosques at Ground Zero and burning Qu’rans on 9-11-10. “Christian kooks and Christians apologists and American Flag and Bible burning Muslims, Oh my!” Many say America is hated because of our political support of Israel and many say it is because we are arrogant and greedy as our President suggests. Many Muslims hate Christians and Jews and many Christians and Jews hate Muslims! OMG…WHAT A MESS!!!

Yes...Jesus is weeping for the hardened hearts of His children and the hatred we seem to have for each other. Those who claim to know and follow Christ need to ask themselves the WWJD question….”What Would Jesus Do (say)?” My friend…there is a more important question we should ask Jesus….Why is their hatred? It’s NOT our support of Israel or our American culture….the basis of evil and hatred is found in St. Paul’s letter to the Church in Ephesus, Turkey……. Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

MY FRIEND …..THERE IS MUCH MORE than political reasons for our supporting Israel. Jesus was asked when the Kingdom will be restored to Earth...He said…."when you see the leaves of the Fig will know the season is near." My friend….that SEASON started on May 14, 1948. Scripture tells us that the Resurrected and Ascended Jesus returns to Earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and will Reign on Earth from the Throne of His ancestor King David in Jerusalem, Israel. Some Christians teach this future Kingdom is in our hearts…..not a physical place. If true...why did the Angels tell the Disciples that Jesus will return the same way you see Him ascend." ??? (Acts 1:8-12) John 14:6 is true for ALL humans no matter what religion because the Christ of God…...Jesus is NOT religion...He is REALITY. Israel…..the physical place on Earth over there in the Middle East is NOT about Jews or Gentiles or Muslims or anything else…..IT IS ABOUT JESUS' and God’s Kingdom that will be restored to Earth …. AND SOON my friend! There are 2 New World Orders...the one of this World and the one that replaces it with Jesus as King. When Jesus said "My Kingdom is not of this World" ..but is in our hearts is for each believer who accepts Jesus as their Personal Savior (what Scripture calls "born again in Spirit") These statements do not refer to the restoration of Earth to the True Kingdom of God. When a person is "born again" in Christ...he becomes a citizen of this future restored Kingdom at Jesus return. Jesus returns as JESUS…..not as some esoteric conversion of all humans. This idea of "the Kingdom of God" is restored when all humans are "enlightened" or spiritually elevated or some other philosophical meaning and that we as the "enlightened" are to be the instruments of this restoration is NOT THE GOSPEL of Jesus is nothing more than Old Age Paganism dressed up as New Age Paganism....same old illusions of the DEVIL used on Adam and Eve in the Garden.

NO we should NOT burn Korans or Books of Mormon or stop Mosques from being built...WE MUST TELL ALL PEOPLE HOW UTTERLY LOST THEY ARE WITH FAITH IN ANY RELIGION! Religions.....even Christianity.... does not "save" a person nor can any person "save" them selves from ANYTHING. Faith must be in ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY...that Jesus came to restore man to God's Cosmic Kingdom and that He will return to govern the Earth under the real New World Order which is the Cosmic Kingdom of God. Ironically...George Lucas in his Star Wars saga is closer to the TRUTH than ANY religion on Earth! We are ALL Cosmic brothers and sisters in God…..or as George affectionately calls the "Force." Religions fail man (even Christianity) because they all separate man from God which is the biggest SIN of all because God dwells in and works through His Creation and His perfect Laws. Jesus reveals this TRUTH in His Incarnation. Jesus came not only to restore man to God by His Vicarious Death on the Cross of Calvary but also to FREE man from ALL religions.....not to start a new one like so many false prophets before Him and after Him did,

Tolerance is NOT is callus indifference to our fellow man. Respect means we care and love them enough to share TRUTH with them. Don't put down your brother who doesn't KNOW the TRUTH about Christ.....bring them to Christ in LOVE! If you had the cure for cancer…would you keep it secret and tell others that what they are doing to fight cancer is acceptable? That would be murder my friend .............. The Doubting Thomas...David Brown...Oswego, NY