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Frankenstein is a Myth...more on Creationism

    I am a retired Biology teacher. I taught Biology for 35 years and I have been on a "spiritual journey" for the last 20 years. Being retired, I have more time to research the literature for knowledge that helps guide me in my journey.   At this point in my journey I  am CONVINCED that the Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God and FINAL authority on human destiny and I also believe that "science and faith are, and always will be allies, not enemies." In fact, I believe, since we are Created in the Image of God, that Science is a "Gift" of God that allows man to learn the true nature of God's PERFECT Laws and discern illusion from reality. The father of lies, satan, creates illusions that prevents man from KNOWING the True God of Existence that was revealed in the "flesh" 2000 years ago in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. (Yeshua Ben Joseph)  God's "Gift" of Science is one of the most important tools we have in exposing these illusions.  Frankly. I believe Science and Faith in the God revealed in the Bible are MORE than "allies"...they are co-supportive of each other.

Before Science....belief in the Bible was based on Faith alone.   The difference between the time the writers of the Bible were inspired by God to write God's Word to humanity and now is that today we have the gift of SCIENCE.  Sadly, in my opinion, most religious thinkers today, because they perceive what "true" Science has revealed threatens the validity of God's Word and in fact contradicts it and the result of this is the replacement of Scientific discovery with "pseudoscience" which not only has "spiritual:" consequences but also political consequences which allows the "elite" of this world to control and oppress other people. (ie; global warming HOAX caused by human CO2 production with the resulting destruction of our country's economy to hasten the coming evil New World Order. (BTW....CO2 is a BUFFERED gas and key compound of the "carbon cycle" and is NOT toxic)

Because we do have God's "Gift" of Science today, I am convinced that the knowledge we gain through Science MUST be utilized to decipher the true meaning of God's Word.  Fundamental literal interpretation of God's Word says that "existence" is 6000 years old. I assume they are refering to the Cosmos, the Earth and ourselves.  The Bible is clear that God "existed" before the description of Creation in Genesis and further more, even the "Angels" existed before this.   What is critical here in understanding what"existence" is, therefore, the DEFINITION of existence is critical.. Before Science "existence"  man was limited to what he could observe at the time and what his imagination allowed.  Imagination is important in the pursuit of understanding reality but if it doesn't eventually lead to "discovery" of truth, it is a futile endeavor that can end up creating illusion. The unfortunate result of insisting on a literal interpretation of Scripture is that it replaces true Science with pseudoscience and what's worse, it causes people to mistrust Science because thay are brainwashed into thinking true  Science disproves the Bible when in reality it proves it is God's Word.

Probably the biggest issue with Creationists vs Science is Darwinian Natural Selection.  What I find ironic is that Creationists accept the reality of micro-evolution evidenced by antiobiotic resistance of pathogens yet reject that it also occurs at the macro level. The Fundamental literal interpretation says that man DID NOT EVOLVE from apes.   THEY ARE CORRECT but for the wrong reasons.    Present day Science says man DID EVOLVE from apes.  THEY ARE WRONG because the Science does not support this. The reason Science cannot "see" the error in the evidence is because they reject the existence of God or have a concept of God that is un-Biblical. Sadly, most religions, including Christianity, also have an un-Biblical concept of God which is a peculiar paradox because the central dogma of Christianity is that God Incarnated in the presence of Jesus the Christ and His Incarnation reveals that God is NOT external to EXISTENCE but that He dwells and works through His Creation and operates through His PERFECT Laws that He allows us to discover through His "Gift" of Science. Yes..God's "ways" are far above man's but I suspect He was referring to Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Holiness....NOT SCIENCE.  If man did not evolve from apes...then how did God Create man?  If one really KNOWS the God revealed in Christ, they would know the answer is so simple....Recombinant DNA. (Let Us Create Man in OUR Image...(Genesis 1:26)  In addition, the creation of Eve is easily understood as "modified cloning." and is supported by the Scripture right up to Adam exclaiming...."At last, this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I will call her women because she comes from man".:......(Genesis 2:18-23.)  How does Science relate to this Scripture?  The marrow of the "rib" is one of the best sources to harvest adult stem which are easily "re-set" to an early embryonic like state called "Induced Pluri-potency." The answer to how God created Eve is simple as well.....  take two "induced" stem cells, remove and discard the "Y" chromosome (DNA)  from one of them. Remove an "X" chromosome (DNA) from a second cell, discard cell and insert the "X" chromosome into the first. The resulting cell is then induced to go through cleavage and morphogenesis and is placed into a "surrogate" womb (probably artificial and not an indigenous Simian female)  and nine months later a female child is born...."little" Eve...a female "clone" of Adam fulfilling....."at last flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone."  I suspect the ":deep sleep" part of the Scripture  had to do with maybe cryogenic suspension of Adam  and not "rib" removal surgery....(needle aspiration was all that was required anyway) because when Eve was presented to Adam she was already grown into a young women
Remember.....God's Laws are PERFECT so one could easily expect He used them to CREATE EVERYTHING.  The assumption that God is required to use the "supernatural" to create and project His will on Creation is an over simplification that limits God's power to man's limited "thinking" because the "supernatural" is the UNDISCOVERED natural. (The Amazing Kreskin)  I guess you may think I'm nuts but I must tell you my FAITH in God's Word because of Science can never ever be placed in jeopardy.   St. Thomas (Didymus) did not believe in the Resurrection of Jesus until the second visitation of Jesus with His Disciples when Jesus asked Thomas to place his fingers into the nail wounds in His hands and sword wound in His side,  Thomas fell to His knees saying my Lord and my God forgive me for "doubting."   I may not have had such a profound epiphany as St. Thomas but God revealing that Science proves the TRUTH of God's Word is "my Doubting Thomas epiphany."

 A serious problem for Science caused by their dismissing the Wisdom of God's Word is a need for a beginning to existence created by absolutely nothing.  Experiments that have shown that simple biological molecules can spontaneously form by natural collisions of elements have fooled them into believing "life" itself evolved from these simple beginnings.  Stanley Miller and Harold Urey were the two Scientists that sadly influenced Science to embrace the creation of life from non-life.  The TRUTH is that the Miller/Urey experiments did NOT prove "abiogenesis." (life from non-life) However.... French Chemist Louis Pasteur's experiment he performed over 142 years ago DID prove "biogenesis".....that is....."ALL life comes from pre-existing life."   The Miller/Urey experiments only proved the natural synthesis of amino acids....the building blocks of proteins which are polymer chains of amino acids.......NOT spontaneous  generation of life. The "jump" from amino acids to active protein enzymes which regulate energy transformations revealed in the Laws of Thermodynamics are needed to synthesize proteins is a "closed loop."   This means that a protein enzyme is needed to synthesize a protein enzyme!  Protein enzymes are also needed to synthesize  DNA and RNA  but the DNA and the RNA contain the recorded "genetic codes" to "make" the protein enzymes of specific amino acid sequences needed to make the DNA...ANOTHER "closed loop."   What this means is Pasteur was right and Miller/Urey proved NOTHING!   Many compound building blocks of organic molecules can form "naturally"  but the assimilation of these biological compounds into a living organism REQUIRES a living organism.    Bottom line.....the ONLY thing that can create a life is life itself through  asexual or sexual reproduction...PERIOD.

Recently there have been MANY claims of creating artificial life in a test tube.   This is an ABSOLUTE illusion.....  don't fall for it!  All they have done is learn how to "re-program" a cell by replacing it's DNA with DNA that was artificially synthesized in a test tube. DNA is NOT a living is how living things "record" genetic information. The point is they HAD TO HAVE AN ALREADY LIVING CELL TO DO THIS. No one has "made" a living cell from a "non-living mixture" of the biochemicals found in living cells AND THEY NEVER WILL.  Biogenesis is a Law...God's Law and it can never be broken.   Frankenstein is a myth!

In conclusion, I submit that the time, energy and money spent on the "war" between Science and Religion defending pseudoscience over real Science, defending the literal interpretation of the Bible actually hinders the Gospel message of Salvation through the Blood of Christ. .The critical message of the Bible is Salvation in Christ, NOT defending a 6000 year old Earth vs a 4.5 billion year old one.  It saddens me to think how many more souls might be lead to Christ IF these resources were spent on preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. God loves us with a power that we can NEVER understand,   He has no reason to "trick" us or "test" our Faith and Trust in Him because ALL was "finished" on the Cross of Calvary.

 Pax........The "Doubting Thomas"

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