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Did Adam and Eve have to eat before the Fall?

An interesting question raised in the article, following my comments,about eating food.........

 MY COMMENT...........

CONSUMING FOOD IS ABOUT  ENERGY.....(and growth) .....the "social aspects" in the article certainly adds to the "spiritual" .for humans and is a wonderful.. "gift" of sharing and love etc. ..Since the book of Genesis said that Adam and Eve could eat of any tree other than the "forbidden tree of knowledge"....animals..including man were vegetarians...why? ENERGY.. Primary heterotrophic nutrition (vegitatian/herbivores) is much more energy efficient than secondary consumerism (carnivore and predation)  which only )supplies 10% of the original energy of sunlight stored in  autotrophic life (green plants) through photosynthesis.  Because of the disobedience that lead to the "fall" in the Garden of Eden...secondary heterotrophic nutrition .became necessary for animals and man and energy flow in the food web became less efficient.

When the Lord Jesus returns to Earth..... (EXACTLY THE SAME WAY HE LEFT 2000 YEARS AGO...Acts 1:8-11) .... as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to restore the planet to the Cosmic Kingdom of God.....FOOD NUTRITION WILL BE RESTORED as well to the original energy EFFICIENT primary heterotrophic nutrition as Prophesied by Isaiah ....Chapter 11 verses 6-9.    (sorry McDonald's and Ponderosa etc!...change your menus!  we will no longer be omnivores)   BTW..those who INSIST in being obligate vegitarians today are not helping themselves or speeding up the transition because Jesus hasn't arrived yet for ALL life to be restored (Transfigured) to our "original state."  Because humans have been omnivores for such a long time.....there are some essential amino acids needed for protein sysnthesis that are found only in animal life and obligate vegitarians will suffer the consequences of nutritional deficiency.

Some of the CONFUSION on original sin and DEATH is understanding what kind of DEATH original sin created.....for is Spiritual death which means "SEPARATION" from God...NOT Biological death. When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior through repentance  ..we are "born again" spiritually and are no longer separated from God...HOWEVER..we obviously still experience Biological death until we are Transfigured through Resurrection or Rapture if we happen to be "alive" when Jesus arrives.......which is highly posible because of the fulfillment of the "Fig Tree" Prophecy of Jesus on May 18, 1948..the restoration of Israel.  I know many Christians have accepted the apostasy that the Body of Christ..the Bride..the Church have REPLACED Israel .....such belief is unBiblical and shows ignorance of Covenant Theology.  The New Covenant in the Blood of Christ does NOT nullify the Old Testament or nullify the Covenants made with the Israelites...IT  VERIFIES and FULFILLS THEM.    Gentiles become "grafted" to the "Tree of Life"....... (revealed to the Jews in the Old Testament) ......through the New Testament AND ALL people who accept Jesus are saved.(grafted) Does this mean Jews are saved by the Old Covenants?  ABSOLUTELY NOT ....ALL humans INCLUDING  Jews are restored to the Cosmic Kingdom through the Blood of Christ..John 14:6.    The acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah by the Jews was prophesied and we are witnessing this event today.  Does this mean all Jews are saved?    It means ANY Jew that accept Jesus Christ for remission of sin are restored just like everyone else.....muslim...Hindu....Buddhist....New Ager....Atheist.  The Blood of Christ saves everyone who repents and obeys Christ..PERIOD.   Since we do NOT know the hearts of other human beings...we must NOT get into judgmental arguments of who is saved and who isn;t......we are God's Children..NOT GOD.   We are told not to judge least we be judged with the same measure and the parable of the "workers" in the vineyard should warn us that we cannot know who accepts Jesus because they may have accepted Jesus in the LAST milli-second of a person's Biological life......"just like the worker who came in to work for the last hour and got the same pay as the one who started in the morning and the one who started at noon."

Our job is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone in humility and LOVE.....when we judge..we may be condemning them and ourselves. We have two essential actions we must take if we claim to accept Jesus as our Savior....TO our enemies....."Father forgive them for they know not what they do."  and TO everyone......the TRUTH of John 14:6......

MAIN ARTICLE..............

Did Adam and Eve have to eat before the Fall?

Posted on February 9, 2015
Did Adam and Eve have to eat before the Fall?

In today’s feedback, CMI’s Shaun Doyle explores some questions regarding the coherence of Genesis 1–3.

G.S. from Australia writes:

    I had a friend ask me a question and I am stumped with how to answer it.

        “Why did Adam and Eve even have to eat in the garden? You believe there was no death or sickness before they ate the fruit, so why did they need to eat anyway? You can’t say if was to sustain life because there was no death at the time. You can’t say to keep them healthy because there was no sickness. So what was the purpose in eating?”

    I have been pondering this for about a month now and cannot come up with a satisfactory answer for him. I know we do not need to know the answers to everything, but this was a genuine (and might I add, original—for me) question and I was wondering if you can help me here


CMI’s Shaun Doyle responds:

Dear G.,

Thank you for your email.

The Bible doesn’t tell us whether Adam and Eve needed to eat to live and stay healthy before the Fall, but your friend’s questions can be answered regardless of which view you take.

First, let’s say that Adam and Eve didn’t need to eat to live and stay healthy before the Fall. Even if so, it’s obvious that Adam and Eve were made to eat. God permitted Adam and Eve to eat from every tree in the Garden of Eden (except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil), which implies that He didn’t need to command them to eat. Moreover, our bodies are designed to eat and digest food, and there’s every reason to think Adam and Eve were no different. And we get more out of eating than just sustenance—eating (when the food is good) is a pleasurable experience, and meals are a common means of human fellowship. There is still plenty of reason to eat even if someone doesn’t need to.

Now, let’s say that Adam and Eve needed to eat to survive and stay healthy before the Fall, and thus were physically capable of suffering malnutrition and starving to death. Even if so, just because they could starve to death doesn’t mean they would starve to death. God can create a world in which they wouldnot have suffered malnutrition or died through starvation before the Fall. All He would have to do is create a world in which the desire to eat is sufficiently strong in Adam and Eve that they would always choose to eat sufficiently to stave off malnutrition and death. In this scenario, God planned not only the end (avoidance of malnutrition and death before the Fall) but also the means to that end—eating food. Thus, your friend’s objection that “You can’t say to keep them healthy because there was no sickness” has it backward—it was because they would always choose to eat that they would have always stayed healthy!

Either solution works, given the biblical data—which one you prefer depends only on whether you think God would make eating food part of the means by which Adam and Eve were kept alive before the Fall or not. But plumbing the depths of what God would do is beyond my abilities, so I leave you with both solutions.

Kind regards
Shaun Doyle
Creation Ministries International

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