Friday, September 25, 2015

LHC and Symmetry

 LHC- Symmetry Article follow my comments...........

The "key" in understanding Existence is that  Creation was not an event but instead is an eternal process......never had a "beginning" and will never have an "end."  The resolution of the Quantum  Laws of the subatomic world will not reveal what Existence merely reveals the Laws that govern it.

The Laws of Physics (God's Laws) are PERFECT.....the suspension or violation of those Laws is non-sequitur. Man is presently is a mortal being and being so, he required a mechanism that fulfills his "need" for a "beginning" and an "end" to Existence......the creation of the of the "supernatural" fulfills that "need" but it is unfortunately an illusion that prevents man from comprehending the concept of a REAL GOD. 

  In most religions...God is thought to be "external" to Creation and is characterized as a "spirit superbeing." 2000 years ago the Incarnation of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus the Christ in Greek) revealed the TRUE God.  Jesus revealed that God dwells within, works through His Creation and His PERFECT Laws...therefore God is NOT external Creation...He IS CREATION......a process not an event!   The Creation described in Genesis is about the Creation of "our" existence......NOT an Eternal  Infinite Cosmos. The writers of Genesis could not comprehend a concept of an infinite Cosmos because the observable Universe is all they could see or even imagine. .

Ironically, 142 years ago French Chemist Louis Pasteur actually proved this concept of the Eternal Infinite when he discovered the Law of Biogenesis in his simple "S" shaped flask experiment......"All life MUST come from pre-existing life."   Science celebrates his contribution that disproved "spontaneous generation" once and for all.....and then .....because of a "need for a beginning" .....claim it happened at least once and they even attempt to explain how the biological polymers necessary for the "living process" to occur formed via the violation of the Laws of impossibility.  The extrapolation of the Miller-Urey experiment that spontaneously formed amino acids to include the biomolecular polymers is fantasy because these polymers made up of chains of amino acids (protein enzymes or catalytic RNA polymers made up of nucleotides) REQUIRE "enzymatic polymers" that lowers activation energy so that stable polymers can form in the first place!   It's the molecular version of.."What came first..the chicken or the egg?"   The TRUTH is NEITHER!   What we call a "chicken" formed by Darwinian Natural Selection and the "prototypes" in-between LAID EGGS!    

It's very always existed and always will and life will always change either by natural new genetic information as the result of possible positive DNA mutations  occurring in germ cells (99% are "lethal" and less than 1% occur in germ cells)  BTW) ......OR "Intelligent Design" via Recombinant DNA (rDNA)....which is how "God" Created the first Homo sapiens (Adam)  in His Image.  (I suspect  the major plant and animal phyla were Created by "Intelligent Design as well.)  

I find it ironic that Science rejects "Intelligent Design" and God's Word (Bible)  and the Religious Creationists believe in it...however...because of man's "need" for the "supernatural"...they do not KNOW the God revealed by Jesus and as a result have no clue that Science actually has discovered how God Creates using rDNA! Science has no clue either! is even more ironic that the Big Bang which religious Creationists reject actually supports their interpretation of Genesis.  Science is slowly "getting" it..the Big Bang is NOT an is just one of an infinite number of processes...."the Multiverse."
One possibility........a "black hole" is the "back side" of another "Big Bang."  BTW...Big Bang is NOT a "bang" is an inflation of space-time and matter and energy.

Some Scripture "clues" that reflect an "internal" God.......  Psalm 82:3-6, John 14:8-23, Galatians 3:26-28, Colossians 1:27, 2:9-10, 1 Corinthians:3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, 1 John 4:11-16

In Christ...David Brown

 Mirror image: Fundamental symmetry in nature confirmed using CERN Large Collider
Published time: 22 Sep, 2015 14:41

A general view of the Large Hadron Collider © Pierre Albouy

The existence of a fundamental symmetry in nature has been confirmed by measuring particle mass and electric charge using the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Researchers say it will help determine which theory on the laws of the universe is most plausible.

The study, conducted by researchers at Brazil's São Paulo University (USP) and the University of Campinas, determined that there is a symmetry between the nuclei of particles and their antiparticles in terms of charge, parity, and time. The research was published in the journal Nature Physics.

The experiment was part of an investigation to detect differences between the ways in which protons and neutrons join in nuclei while their antiparticles form antinuclei.

"After the Big Bang, for every particle of matter an antiparticle was created. In particle physics, a very important question is whether all the laws of physics display a specific kind of symmetry known as CPT, and these measurements suggest that there is indeed a fundamental symmetry between nuclei and antinuclei," said Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz, a professor at USP's Physics Institute (IF), as quoted by

The measurements were made possible by ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment), a heavy-ion detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ring. It measured particles produced in high-energy collisions of heavy ions in the LHC. This process allows for the study of matter at extremely high temperatures and densities.

The collisions were found to produce a large number of particles and antiparticles, producing nuclei and antinuclei at nearly the same rate. Using this data, ALICE was able to make a detailed comparison of the properties of nuclei and antinuclei that were most abundantly produced.

After measuring both the curvature of particle tracks in the detector's magnetic field and the particles' time of flight, that information was then used to determine the mass-to-charge ratios for nuclei and antinuclei.

Munhoz believes the finding can help physicists determine which of the theories on the fundamental laws of the universe is most plausible.

"These laws describe the nature of all matter interactions," he said, "so it's important to know that physical interactions aren't changed by particle charge reversal, parity transformation, reflections of spatial coordinates and time inversion. The key question is whether the laws of physics remain the same under such conditions."

The existence and relationship between matter and anti-matter has long stumped scientists who believe, based on existing theories, that the Big Bang should have produced equal amounts of both, which would have resulted in the two immediately destroying each other.