Monday, May 02, 2016


 Most people think the fastest growing religion in the world is islam.....first of all,  islam is NOT a "spiritual" religion... it is a fascist political movement no different than NAZISM hidden under the "religious trappings" of a false prophet (mohammed) and a false god (allah) and sadly, even muslims themselves do not realize this which is why they should not be judged but instead should be prayed for.

AND secondly... the fastest growing spiritual religion is NOT Evangelical, Catholic, Protestant, non-denominational or charismatic Christianity...IT IS MESSIANIC JUDAISM.....the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy assigned to the "times of the restoration" of the planet to God's Cosmic Kingdom...including the salvation of Israel.  The salvation of Israel could not happen until Israel was re-established....that happened on May 14, 1948. Many Christians do not recognize this fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy and claim the "church" is Israel. This is the belief in "replacement theology"...the anti-Semitic driven belief that God has abandoned the Jew for the "gentile."   These people do NOT understand the Jewish Prophets in the Old Testament that specifically stated that God would "scatter" the Jews from the "promised land" for disobeying His commands (The Diaspora) AND would, in the "end times", (restoration)  RESTORE His People Israel to "their" "promised land."  Why would God restore His "chosen people" that He revealed Himself to, to return to their land and NOT include their salvation along with the gentile Christians? The Biblical answer is He wouldn't.......He promised to "restore and save Israel." He did the first part in 1948 AND is doing the second part today by His promise to "pour out  His Spirit" on ALL FLESH in the "end times." (end of the evil world order)

I have one thing to say to "preterist replacement theology" Christians...God forgive you, you have no idea who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is that was revealed in the "flesh" in the Incarnation of Yeshua ben Joseph. (Jesus the Christ) .


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