Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Problem with Science AND Religion

The problem for Creationists and Scientists is that they BOTH reject each other's basic premise.  There is no question that the Bible is the absolute inerrant Truth, however, the literal, fundamental, Creationist  interpretation of it is NOT, therefore Scientists unfortuneately do not realize that God's "gift" of Science reveals the absolute Truth revealed in the Bible. ALL Scripture can be verified by Scientific analysis.


.......Adam was created in God's Image from the "dust" of the Earth. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous are the elements of DNA.....certainly qualifies as "Earth dust." Since God is PERFECT His LAWS ARE PERFECT so  obviously God Created Adam via Recombinant DNA hybridization.... NOT Darwinian Natural Selection of Simian stock. (Not enough "time" because of the "lethal" nature of DNA mutation...the ONLY source of "new" genetic information. Adam contained "divine DNA from God's Cosmic Family).......

.......Eve was created from a "rib" of Adam and when she was presented to him "all grown up after Adam's deep sleep"...he exclaimed "At last this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I will call her 'women' because she comes from man."  Since the "rib" is the richest and easily accessible source of adult stem cells which are easily "re-set" to an early embryonic state (Induced Pluripotency), obviously Eve is a "modified clone" of Adam.."flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone." The "deep sleep" obviously was a suspended animation to allow Eve to grow into a sexually mature women.)   Two IPScells are involved.  The "Y" chromosome of one is removed and discarded. The cell is saved. An "X" chromosome is removed from the second IPScell and is inserted into the nucleus of the first cell which is easily induced to start cleavage and form a blastocyst which is implanted into a surrogate womb (in vitro) where gestation is completed and 9 months "baby Eve" is born. Obviously this is the Science but the Creationist would say God violated His PEFECT Laws and crated Eve as a grown woman!  God does NOT violate ANYTHING...man does!


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