Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Creationism vs Science"

I found and interesting quote from a Fundamental Christian Creationist site using Evolutionary Science in an attempt to explain natural Biological phenomena recorded in Genesis.

“Secondly, because of natural selection, today’s organisms have become very specialized. Yet even despite this specialization, many of today’s species of fish are able to adjust to both freshwater and saltwater. This suggests that the ability to tolerate large changes in salinity was present in many fish at the time of the Flood. You can definitely find logical answers when you start with Genesis and use real science!”

Not sure if the person making this quote is being hypocritical or they have no clue what Natural Selection is! I guess, “they want their cake and eat it too!” No wonder they are covering up their bias with the new phrase “Intelligent Design.” Pax…David (Doubting Thomas)


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