Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Don't throw the Baby out in the Bathwater!"

I was seriously thinking about the purpose of living and what life was all about. Throughout history men and women have wrestled with this concept of “what’s all about?” Well…Theologians, Philosophers, Medicine Men, Gurus, Dali Lamas, Avatars from every culture and race and even Scientists have grappled with this age old issue of Existence and have come up with some really interesting systems of belief and explanations of “what’s goin’ on.”

Scientists thought they nailed it down pretty good with Darwinism but they never stopped to wonder where did the matter, space and time come from for “Natural Selection” to do its’ “thing”. Then…. the Doppler Shift came along and WOW! “Big Bang!” Boy, we sure got it now! Never mind that the 4 Forces of the Universe (Electro-magnetic, String Nuclear, Weak Nuclear and Gravity) had no workable math that would “unify” these forces at the “Quantum” level. Then about 10 years ago, using reverse Scientific Method, Mikio Kaku and other Quantum Physicists formed a very “weird Hypothesis” in an attempt at “Unification” of the 4 Forces. “Quantum Entanglement”, …(An event at one point in space and time affecting an event at another point in space and time simultaneously, even if infinitely separated.)…. a “spooky phenomena” predicted by Einstein, who called it “all too spooky”, has been demonstrated in the laboratory and is presently being developed as a technology in “Quantum Computer CPU Chips.” This “spooky” phenomenon appears to be direct concrete evidence that the proposed “Strings” of Existence in the “Hypothesis” is pretty darn close to “reality” and we now have a workable Theory called the “String Theory.” The Theory has come a long way and there has been modifications added to it such as “Super Strings”, Branes (M-Theory) and “Bubbles” in the Fabric of Space-Time. In String Theory we have “Unification” in a multidimensional Universe of 11 dimensions and the “math” works! Of course, Science “lost” its’ connection to the Spiritual in the first quarter of the 20th Century so now they are caught in a paradox of calling the “tiny loops” of Strings “energy loops” but that is illogical because the different kinds of energy are made out of different frequencies of the vibrating loops so we are stuck saying “energy” is made out of “energy.” Most Scientists are unable to comprehend a Spiritual connection in this “reality.” (Personally, I suspect “Strings” are manifestations of God’s Thoughts…His Word…. John 1:1-5,14, and the 11 dimensions? How about John 14:2? Note: In the Scientific Method, math is often considered Scientific evidence)

Now, about the Philosophers, Theologians. Medicine Men, Gurus, Dali Lamas. and Avatars, etc……They are all “men” too. They had to come up with what they think “reality” is by “reasoning” it out. Not a bad idea since we are Created in the Image of The Creator BUT very incomplete because it does not consider Science, a “Gift” from our Creator’s Image. Theologians “invented” God and all the different forms of “religion” to go along with it. The rest of them did their thing too but for the life of me I still can’t figure out what the heck Philosophers are trying to say. One thing is certain; Theologians are a heck of a lot more “Scientific” than Philosophers!

Most systems of belief developed by men include an element of “working” or “earning” “enlightenment” or what Christians call “Salvation,” which for Christians and many other religions includes a ticket to “Eternal” life, whatever that is. 2,000 years, the established Monotheistic Religion of Judaism was thrown into turmoil with the Birth of a Child that we know has changed the World historically and for many others Spiritually. He grew up to bring “new” message to the World we call the Gospel. If you really look into what this Man Jesus taught…He was really saying “religion” in NOT the WAY! Man did take His teachings and Created a “religious” system out of it called Christianity but unfortunately, because it is just another “religion” men created over 200 different forms of it, each one thinking they are right and the others wrong. What about all the other religions before Christianity and the one big one after…Islam? All man made for sure just like Christianity. BUT…one thing Christianity has right, I believe, is that “enlightenment” or Salvation” or whatever you want to call is it not “earned” or “worked” out…it is FREE for the taking. Problem is everyone thinks this is Christianity and they have to be a Christian so they reject this TRUTH. Too bad…because its NOT religion. (The Scripture that says we are to “work” out our salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord has to do with our “hearts attitude” about Christ NOT our WORKS! Philippians 2:12-18.) We don’t do “good” to get Jesus and be saved…We get Jesus so we CAN DO GOOD!

NOW…the POINT I am trying to make! (finally!) Jesus said weird things. .He did weird things and He said we can do the same weird things and MORE AND He makes it all possible by His Precious Shed Blood at Calvary…..

JUST BECAUSE MAN MADE A RELIGION OUT OF THIS TRUTH DOESN’T MAKE IT “JUST ANOTHER RELIGION OF MANY” WITH ALL RESULTING IN THE SAME AFFECT. For me….my “Journey in Scientific Spirituality” towards the Light of Creation has been verified by String Theory and for me is a “Doubting Thomas Gift.” …….




Personally. I think the “secret” to “enlightenment”, “Salvation” and Eternal life is hidden in String Theory and I suspect this is what Jesus was trying to get across to us! The Supernatural IS the Natural for it is all ONE in God. When you acknowledge the “purpose” of Christ, you knowingly become ONE with God within the Strings…I suspect this is what Christ is saying in John 14:6…”I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” St. Thomas Didymus was given the “Special Gift” of “knowing” Christ by placing his fingers into Christ’s Precious Wounds. Many believe we are in the “end times” (whatever that means) and I suspect we are. I am convinced that God is speaking to us today through String Theory, which is a “new and final” Gift to all of us Doubting Thomases just as “powerful” as when St. Thomas placed his fingers into Christ’s Wounds. I know my reaction to this perceived Truth is the same as St. Thomas…”My Lord and my God” (John 20:28)

Pax….Doubting Thomas


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