Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Just finished reading Larry Wilson’s “Warning! Revelation is About to Be Fulfilled.” (http://www.wake-up.org/

I found his book to be very interesting! His view of the Tribulation of the Book of Revelation seems very steeped in Science. We do disagree on the Rapture in that he says that there will be “no evacuation” but most of what he says sure seems interesting.

I believe that without people disagreeing on what they believe is TRUE, neither will "grow" and TRUTH may very well be illusion for both. "Come, let us reason together." His explanation of an asteroid collision signaling tribulation seems plausible. He obviously accepts the premise that God operates THROUGH and IN His Creation and His Laws as I do. One thing we did agree on was the eminent return of our Glorious Lord Jesus to Earth....."The ultimate Good News!"

Now, whether there is an "evacuation" of believers before the rule of Ante-Christ or not is where, unfortunately, many Christians are divided. I do worry that a lot of this division is caused by the very "old" problem of "ANTI-SEMITISM." I suspect that it is very closely tied in with Jesus' parable of the "Fig Tree." I know what I believe about it and after much study I am convinced that it is the pivotal point in Earth’s history. I am very interested in “other” interpretations but passing it off, that the New Covenant nullified all of God's previous covenants, does not explain the parable or symbolic meaning of the “Fig Tree Prophecy.”

Check out the following sites... Important for all Christians to consider.




Since Wilson’s book indicates the we both agree that God operates through His Creation....I was curious as to what his views were on Star Visitors. I have many Fundamentalist friends who consider all this UFO stuff evil and I wanted to know what he thinks. I also wanted to know his views on the.... "The Astronaut Affect" and "Quantum Entanglement?' (So far no answer)

As a retired Biology teacher (35) years)......and a person who believes that Jesus is God Incarnate and that He died for my sins (ego) so I may exist forever....I do look at the Bible as an anthology of God's Truth that has NO errors...notta... NONE! In the Torah..in Hebrew...the order of Creation in Genesis is "Phylogenetic" and supports the "Heterotroph Hypothesis. I was shown that by an Orthodox Jewish Biology Teacher from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1969. That started my "Journey" of Scientific Spirituality as I like to call it and has brought me to the present belief that the "supernatural" is the "undiscovered natural" as the Great Kreskin stated.
For me.... the God given Scientific "Gift" of the String Theory has become my "Doubting Thomas" experience and is what convinced me the Bible is 100% TRUE and that Jesus DID actually "rise from the dead" and is who He said He was and is YHWH GOD INCARNATE. (and I further suspect that Star Visitors are the "Angels of the Bible."

As far as "end time" events....Wilson’s “giant asteroid” theory seems much more plausible than the manmade nuclear conflagration that many Christian Eschatologists are claiming for the Book of Revelation. I always thought that approach was very arrogant thinking that we have the EGO to think we are "greater" than God and we have the ability to actually blow ourselves up! Wilson’s “asteroid model”... “fits" in with my Scientific Spirituality much better than a "nuclear destruction."

I sent an e-mail to Wilson asking him the following question… AND I said I was very serious... NOT nuts.... "Why is there a concept of an "evacuation" in most world religions and cultures, especially Native North and South American? I have a recurring dream where I see tons of "mother ships" in the sky. Is this the Host of God coming to deliver justice or possibly the "evacuation armada" (Rapture) ala' "Beam me up Scotty?" I am aware of God's warning in Ephesians 6:12. Is this illusion?

( I waited patiently for his explanation of the "Fig Tree" and “evacuation.” ...

I have not received an answer from him and suspect I won’t)

PS; If the Body of Christ is present during the coming eminent Tribulation...Jesus will see us through it as He promised. Scripture says we are "taken" out of it...either by being witness to it and part of it but coming through it safely,..(Generation that will not taste death) or, by an actual evacuation from it. Either way, the net result is the same only "surviving through it " is a little more "scary " than "beamed out" but for those who love, trust and obey the Lord, we will prevail! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AMEN!!! NOTE: even if a Christian is killed at the hands of "nature" or "evil, cabalistic, New World Order men in this Tribulation, we are "instantly” with Christ.... so.... net result is the same. As a Star Trek fan...I kinda like the idea of "Beam me up Scotty" a whole lot better!
...The important thing we need to focus on is FAITH in the shed Blood of Christ Crucified for Forgiveness of sins to give us the Gift of Salvation and Eternal Life. Hw was raised from the Dead and WILL RETURN "SOON". THE REST OF THIS STUFF IS just interesting to discuss. What do you think?


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