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NOTE: THIS POST IS A RESPONSE COMMENT made by me on my May 16th post on “Creationism vs Science” to a friend’s comment that was originally suppose to be on a post that was deleted because of duplication…………….I wanted to share some of my thoughts with all visitors from that post and comments.


That's why YHWH Creator decided to Incarnate in the first straighten this mess out! What did we do? We made a "bigger" mess called Christianity! Christ came to "do away" with religion, once and for all. (BTW.... Christ is NOT a Christian! He is GOD! He was also a Jew! Big difference!)

"He came to set the captives FREE."

An example of legalistic fear is in avoiding saying God’s Name. The “Commandment” says not to use it in “vain.” ie; wasteful. Besides…. “GOD” is NOT The Creator's Name...His Beautiful Name is YHWH. He loves being called by His Name just like we do. He is NOT a "legalist" or a Philadelphia lawyer or politician...Thank GOD!)

I don't "fear" God the way people tell us we should "fear" Him. "Fear" is NOT the correct translation in the first place. It is more of forgetting to LOVE Him...that is the only "fear" we should have, not because of the consequences of His wrath BUT because when we forget to LOVE Him with all our Heart we re-Crucify Him all over again. As FDR said..."We have nothing to "fear" but "FEAR" itself and I believe that applies to our relationship with our Creator as well. Therefore we should "fear" ONLY loosing our LOVE for Him. When we LOVE our God, we obey His Commandments NOT because of "fear" but because when we don't, we loose our Love for Him and broken Commandments “hurt” us but “hurt” Him even more.

You know how we get lots of forwarded e-mail on prayers etc. that require you to send it immediately to your buddy list or your "car will turn into a pumpkin" or whatever? Or that if you do forward it, God will "like" you a real lot and give you a "new car" or a "gazillion bucks?" Anyway.... really lays the ol' guilt trip on you, right? Well...some of the stuff is good and I forwarded one recently BUT I added the following "preamble" to it and this you can take to the "bank!"


Your statement.... "but the Jesus I believe in ….. in my opinion…. would not want someone to believe just because they were scared of being wrong or cast into hellfire etc... which I do not believe in, I believe hell would be eternity outside the presence of G-d... I can't think of anything worse."

THAT, my friend is HELL.... it is not fire and brimstone. it IS separation from our LOVING Creator AND our LOVING of our Creator. THIS IS WORSE THAN HELL...."fire and brimstone would be a "piece a cake" compared to separation. Much easier to deal with! We do this to "separation" ourselves. He doesn't do it to us. In fact...every time we choose not to LOVE Him we cause suffering for ourselves AND Him...only it is much worse for Him! (NOTE...all this has to do with "String Resonance", but I'll cover that later! hee hee hee)

Yes...we all are "eternal"...this is a basic aspect of String Theory for sure but I agree with you that we "create" our own hell for sure and it really causes much suffering for our Creator.

You are so correct about matter and energy eternally existing and therefore we do as well. They exist in 11 Quantum Dimensions and CHANGE in frequency of the Strings and the resulting change in dimension is the ONLY REALITY that exists. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF REALITY AND EXISTENCE...THIS IS GOD! YAHOOOOO!!!

(Believe me, you are NOT off track on my post or my ideas...YOU ACTUALLY understand what I am trying to share!)

Not only are we ourselves a manifestation of the Strings.... Jesus taught us that we can "control" them and do "more than He Himself did." Biblically stated...when we accept Christ's actions on this planet, He gives us "power" to become the Sons of God (John 1:12) and the ability to obey Him and do good works and all kinds of "supernatural phenomena which are nothing but scientifically undiscovered "natural" phenomena." (thanks to the Great Kreskin for that thought) (John 14:12-13) The Bible says that God is "Spirit" and that we should realize we too are "Spirit." AND what is "Spirit?" I believe that Science has been given a "Gift" in discovering the "Spirit of God" in the mathematics of String Theory. Stephen Hawking (Theoretical Physicist and author of "A Brief History of Time") said he speaks to GOD every day in God's own "language"...Mathematics. I suspect he is right. Sounds impersonal eh? OK....the Christ "hanging" on the Cross at Calvary between "Heaven and Earth" like the "brass serpents" held up on a staff by Moses is "impersonal?" I DON'T THINK SO! As the Israelites were "healed" by gazing upon the "serpents" , so to are we "Spiritually" healed upon gazing at the Crucified Christ on the Cross. Man....what more can God do to show how much He loves His Creation and us? (gotta LOVE that String Resonance! hee hee hee) (Interesting that Medicine chose the "coiled serpents" as the symbol of healing!)

The Bible's reference to "soul and spirit" is a simplified transcription of String manifestation for our existence is in God and His existence in us which is the "essence" of REALITY. "It's all done with Strings which is GOD."

So what's this String Resonance stuff? Simple.....when we are "right" with God (accept His terms...John 14:6) our "frequencies are in resonance" with His. When we rebel against Him...we are "out of resonance" which causes a disturbance in the "FORCE" ala' Star Wars! When we accept God's Way....resonance is restored which the Bible refers to as "forgiveness of sin" for that is exactly what it is! We come to Jesus because He "forgives us" which gives us the ability to "forgive ourselves."

OK.... quick review of "resonance." When vibrational phenomena like "Strings" are in "resonance", their vibrational patterns are in phase and the result is "constructive interference." When they are out of "resonance" they are NOT in phase and the result is "destructive interference." A practical example of this is when we have resonance on radio frequency energy on an antenna we get radiation of radio waves. When an antenna is out of resonance, there is no radiation, no radio waves are created and instead energy is lost in creating heat. Spiritual phenomena can be explained in a similar way. (Physics lesson over!)

Some say that Ephesians 6:12 is “fear based.”...I believe Ephesians 6:12 is light years away from being "fear" based. It is a statement of reality of the consequences of the Law of Free Will describing those who choose to rebel against YHWH Creator. The purpose of the Scripture is not meant to instill "fear" but to make us aware that many beings, humans and some Star Nations are in rebellion against God. Ephesians 6:12 is fact...not "fear tactic" or fiction and one does not need to be a "rocket scientist" to realize this.

I Corinthians 8: 5-6 certainly says it all. I agree absolutely! BUT there is ONE Creator. One God PERIOD...He IS Abba "Father", ..YHWH by Name and Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ and Holy Spirit. Christianity calls this the "Trinity"...3 Persons in ONE like "3 in 1 Oil" I guess. BUT that is NOT what the Bible says. The Bible...both Old and New Testament is MONTHEISTIC. How can Jesus be God? How can the Holy Spirit be God, How can God be God? How can ONE be "lesser" than the ONE? Jesus is NOT "lesser" nor is the HOLY SPIRIT. THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME! Like EVERYTHING in the Universe differs ONLY in String is the same with YHWH, Jesus and Holy Ghost.

The problem is that our physical nature while in the flesh is a different dimension and set of frequencies than when we are in the "Spirit" and therefore we cannot comprehend the Nature of God while in the flesh. This is why Jesus said to Thomas Didymus, .."You believe because you have seen but BLESSED are those who believe yet have not seen." THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY FOR US TO COME CLOSE, EVEN IN THE SAME "BALLPARK", TO COMPREHENDING GOD IS IN THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD AND MATHEMATICS. Math ALWAYS leads to TRUTH and math is the basic tool of the Scientific Method. It is our "bias" that causes error and illusion...NOT Science and Math. I personally believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and supports the Scientific Method 100% and vice versa. When Jesus was born into flesh 2,000 years ago.... His dimensional nature and frequency was such that He "did not" consider Himself equal or above God (Mark 10:17 and Philippians 2:5-11) Another words, ..He WAS God but at a different frequency. (Remember, you asked me before how come Jesus doesn't know when He is suppose to return, only YHWH knows and I tried to explain it in terms of the space-time continuum. It all boils down to String Frequencies.

This statement by my friend is a "biggy."………

"If a person truly Loves the one true G-d, reveres G-d & his creation,
has an unshakeable belief in G-d and gives praise to G-d...
then aren't we all heading the same direction?"

Well....I hope you are right about that for it seems plausible enough BUT you must admit...just because something seems reasonable does not make it so. As I said before.... I consider the Holy Bible to be inerrant and very Scientific and as I said in my post on 4/29 "Place your Bets", I personally am placing "my bet" on John 14:6.

Quote from Galileo……

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
- Galileo

Yes...Galileo was right…. we must use our God given "Gift" of the Scientific Method for it we don't, we INSULT our Creator and we will suffer the consequences of creating illusion....

Many accuse the Christian Faith as one that is EXCLUSIVE. It divides people instead of bringing people together. Even within the religion there are over 200 denominations! The Muslims are more united! (Although the few different types that there are love to kill each other! At least the Christians aren't killing each other any longer now that there is a quasi peace in Ireland. Personally, I consider Christianity to be the MOST INCLUSIVE religion that ever evolved on our planet. They accept anyone who accepts Christ but don't kill you for rejecting Him. If your Muslim and you accept Jesus, ..They KILL you. This trend is starting to happen in Buddhism and Hinduism as well. (See ) Messianic Jews aren’t having a picnic these days in Israel either!
Pax...Doubting Thomas


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