Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"WARNING: String Theory Debunked....Shades of DaVinci Code?"

Link to String debunking story... http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2102-2214707,00.html

String Theory debunked? By a mathematician? Shades of DaVinci Code?


Hmmmmm...Peter Woit, a mathematician at Columbia University has debunked String Theory?...WHERE Brian Greene teaches Physics? ( Greene is author of Elegant Universe and Fabric of the Cosmos..where the MATH works!) Hmmmmmmm Little bit of jealousy, maybe? Bit of arrogance too...saying that Brian Greene, Mickio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, tons of others and even Einstein don't understand the math involved?
One thing I noticed in all my math courses from algebra through 3 semesters of calculus......there is NO mention of the Scientific Method. The void between the Spiritual and Scientific thinkers is a vast chasm (unfortunately) which is why I have a website up on Scientific Spirituality. Not many people are aware of the contention between various fields of academia. The chasm between Math and Science thinkers is even larger than Science and Religion. Math (unfortunately) is a religion to many mathematicians. I always was arguing with my math teachers over tons of stuff for their arrogant rejection of Scientific Method. uuuggh! I would tell them right to there face...MATH IS TOOL FOR SCIENCE NOT MATH! Science has one goal only...to seek TRUTH...the essence of God's Gift of the Scientific Method.

First of all String Theory is not ONE theory...it is a collective of ideas with one goal..UNIFICATION of the 4 forces. (Electro-magnetic, Strong and Weak Nuclear and Gravity) It is composed of Super Strings, memBrane and Bubbles. (mini perpetual Big Bangs) So Peter Woit has a LOT more to debunk! I suggest Dr. Woit take some good ol' fashion physics courses over in the Physics Dept. at Columbia taught by his buddies in Science! courses...maybe even Brian Greene if he can get past his jealousy of him. He should check out some Astronomy courses too! Too bad Carl Sagan passed on!) {I had lunch with Carl Sagan....he can be defined in two words...."Scientific Method"}

Many people do not buy into the fact that there may be "other" intelligent life in the Universe (they obviously don't believe or know the Bible which verifies other life forms) These same have been debunking Roswell ever since. Well....what is Roswell? REVERSE ENGINEERING that's what (crashed Star Visitor vehicle?)....night vision, laser, maser, integrated circuits, "Quantum Entanglement", Michelson affect, Misner affect, :Astronaut Affect" and ANTI GRAVITY? No wonder Scientists got excited.....if Reverse Engineering gave us these breakthroughs and more....WHY NOT TRYING REVERSE SCIENTIFIC METHOD? (I don't know if there is REVERSE MATH?)

The simple "double slit" experiment that I did in lab with my students when I taught Physics in my first 3 years of teaching Science really made my students think that "REALITY" is NOT what we think it is. It wasn't until I taught this stuff that I too wondered if REALITY is a MATRIX. (I taught Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science in those first 3 years in a very small High School although I am a Biologist by training.) After 35 years of teaching Science, particularly Biology , I have come to this Journey of Scientific Spirituality. As Kreskin the Magician said.."The Supernatural is the undiscovered Natural"...I believe this too is REALITY. String Theory and Quantum Entanglement supports this view of Kreskin. Einstein predicted Quantum Entanglement and called it "too Spooky." Computer Scientists are now incorporating this phenomena into Quantum Chips."

String Theory debunked? I DON"T THINK SO.......

DaVinci Code sure helped people "doubt" the Bible and Religion. I suspect Peter Woit is the Dan Brown of Science and will help people "doubt" Science.

I'll be honest..Peter Woit had me going there for awhile, up until he revealed his arrogance and jealousy. Einstein was considered to be very poor student of mathematics. Thank God he was otherwise we would still be trapped in a world of Scientific Paganism instead of Scientific Spirituality.

BESIDES...I WANT TO BELIEVE! Pax...Doubting Thomas


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