Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Most people of faith are very aware that the Bible says we are commanded to "serve God". This is so VERY true but for most something gets lost in the translation. How do we serve God? Obey His commandments? Obviously. Pray a lot? Yepper...... BUT.....Jesus SHOWED us how to serve God on the Passover of the night before He died. HE WASHED HIS DISCIPLES FEET! Huh? Dirty feet? nope...He was showing us that God Service is PEOPLE SERVICE. He said...."When you do the least of these things for my people you do it to ME!" So often we think of God as a "Ruler" and that we are taught to fear Him so that we obey Him to avoid punishment.

The opposite of this are those that think of God as all "fuzzy, warm, lovy dovy feeling" and they miss the point that God is HOLY and that there is a Scientific meaning to this Holiness that is very much tied to Hyperspace Theory. I personally believe that His example of the "washing of feet" is the "key" to TRANSITION and ENLIGHTENMENT. When we serve eachother...we begin to "get it right" and we then become "The Kingdom of God" NOW. Problem is...this is too simple so we make it so complicated that we miss the point of existence. The Bible says God is Love. Most think of this as an emotion or a feeling. Love is not just a feeling...IT IS ACTION as taught by Christ in the "Washing of the Feet."

If you "serve" God are really "serving" self. When you serve your fellow human beings...then you truly serve the Creator. He doesn't want "burnt offerings" anymore or running around in sackcloth and ashes fasting until we are anemic and demonstrating "how Holy we are." And God forbid we get hung up on rules...He really gets bored with legalistic junk! (I have a hunch He really doesn't trust lawyers...especially the ones who become politicians!) As St. James without works is dead and works without faith is just as dead. WE DO NOT DO GOOD THINGS TO GET SAVED....WE ARE SAVED TO DO GOOD WORKS and those good works are the FRUITS of salvation.

If you really want to serve God....serve His people! If you serve because you feel your required to,...YOU MISS THE WHOLE POINT OF EXISTENCE! Pax...Doubting Thomas


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