Thursday, June 08, 2006


Violent death of ANYONE is obviously not the Will of the Creator..BUT He has given His Laws which cannot be broken and today we witness the consequences of these Laws. The Christ warned us that if we "live by the sword we will die by the sword." I don't rejoice in anyone's death, however,.....the death of Al-Zarqawi will be a positive event for the fledgling democratic government of Iraq. Unfortunately...many will utilize this event for political gain and that in my opinion is definately opposed to the Will of God. The right thing to do is pray that this event brings stability and peace to the poor people of Iraq...not more violence.

I do find that the faith of people like Zarqawi is indeed very strange when compared to Scientific Spirituality. Virginity, marriage. romantic love and sexual union is a sharing of the "creative" process with the Creator. It is not about fullfilling the "carnal pleasures" of the body for men.(lust) This is why the Christ was constantly comparing the Kingdom of God (Church..Body of Christ) like a Bride and her Bridegroom. The concept of "serving" their god allah by killing "infidels" with the heavenly reward of being served 72 virgins for their personal pleasure is just not is Scientifically illogical! As they say...."it's the thought that counts" so Zarqawi may or may not be enjoying his 72 virgins right now...but he sure "thought" he was going to get them for killing us "infidels." Personally, I suspect he's just DEAD and there are no 72 virgins for this "sexual" concept of eternity does NOT fit the mathematics of Hyperspace Theory! (sex is really about the union of DNA and talking DNA in Hyperspace has no meaning.)

Hmmmm....I wonder....If physical death is a "Stargate" to Hyperspace for the "consciousness of the soul" (there are 7 more dimensions in Hyperspace) and Mohammed is right and Christ is a fraud and wrong... will Zarqawi get another 72 virgins when he's finished with the first 72? If he doesn't get a new fresh supply when he's finished with each batch, he sure better be conservative and streach them out as far as possible...."eternity" sure is a long time!

UUGGH..."God forgive us all, including Zarqawi.....for we know not what we do!"


a possibility? John 14:6 "I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me."

(Isn't it weird that Jesus is considered a Prophet in Islam and they "honor" His Mother Mary?...Hmmmmmm....)

Let us not "celebrate" Zarqawi's death.....let us Thank our Creator that his evil deeds will no longer hurt people. (and we better Thank God because 1000 Zarqawis will come to his funeral and they are not "happy campers.")

Pax....Doubting Thomas


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