Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I don’t normally post political issues unless they are directly related to Biblical Prophecy. Well…TODAY is a sad day for America as a result of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision and I am afraid it IS related to Biblical Prophecy.
America’s democracy has always been dependant on a system of “checks and balances” to specifically prevent any one group in government to take over another. I fear this has already happened to our government. The first to be “taken over” was our judiciary as evidenced by all the recent “legislating FROM THE BENCH.” The next “phase” seems to be coming from the executive branch, specifically the “Rumsfeld plan” to “privatize” government under the guise of increasing efficiency and saving money. The TSA, the newest agency to be created, as a result of 9/11, was the “unofficial testing” ground for this plan. Well…. the TSA is certainly not “private” but the “test” was to make TSA exempt from collective bargaining (even for working conditions) and denying WHISTLE BLOWING protection for its’ Federal employees. The American Federation of Government Employees fought hard and “won” several cases against abuse in TSA that resulted in limited whistle blowing protection. HOWEVER, THAT ALL ENDED YESTERDAY! In the name of national security we have Executive violation of our FISA laws, offensive military philosophy and NOW, TOTAL loss of our critical “checks and balances” in the Federal Government.
The Supreme Court has attacked the “final” stronghold of American “checks and balances”, the rank and file Federal employees who were our first line of defense in management corruption, foreign interest infiltration (enemies) and incompetence. We will now be “at the mercy” of agency management who will have to “answer” to NO ONE! A government of “checks and balances” has unfortunately been replaced by one of “trust us…. we know what’s best for you and our country.” Ben Franklin must be “rolling over” in his grave!
The third paragraph below is a “red flag” that ALL American’s should take heed to. The last sentence in the second paragraph is VERY scary…stating that when we are working we are not American citizens and therefore not protected by First Amendment rights.

Supreme Court rules against whistleblowersBy UPI StaffUnited Press InternationalMay 31, 2006
WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A divided Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that government whistleblowers have no First Amendment protection for comments involving their jobs.
The justices ruled 5-4 against Richard Ceballos, a supervisor in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, who claimed that he had been subject to retaliation for a memo that said a police affidavit for a search warrant contained misrepresentations. The court, overruling an appellate decision, found that public employees making statements in the course of official duties "are not speaking as citizens for First Amendment purposes."
"Without a significant degree of control over its employees' words and actions, a government employer would have little chance to provide public services efficiently," the court said in a summary of the decision.
The National Whistleblower Center said that the ruling deprives whistleblowers of almost all protection.
"The ruling is a victory for every crooked politician in the United States," said Stephen Kohn, the center's director.


The ultimate purpose for what we see, as “globalization” is the preparation of “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, The New World Order of One World Government. In fact, this Latin proclamation has been on the back of our one-dollar bill since 1932! The last obstacle to this transformation is democracy and America is the “cornerstone” of all democracies and it is obvious that American Democracy as we know it must be altered for this transition to occur. The only way for this to be possible is to eliminate the basic protection mechanism of American Democracy…”checks and balances.” The elimination of whistle blowing rights for Federal employees will be the single most powerful step to this end. ALL of this is prophesied in the Book of Revelation. The rise of the One World Leader would not be possible with American Democracy in the way. The next phase I’m sure will be a “National ID” program with possibly a “digital ID chip” implanted into our bodies. Digital Angel of Palm Beach, Fla. is presently manufacturing such chips. THIS IS ALSO PROPHESIED IN REVELATION.

May 30, 2006 will mark the “beginning of the end”…

I suppose I should rejoice in seeing the Will of Our Creator fulfilled but as a Federal employee who is presently in an appeal for a discrimination lawsuit based on retaliation for whistle blowing, I am selfishly frustrated that I will not succeed in my appeal as a result of this Supreme Court decision. However, I shall pray that His Will be done…. not mine.

Pax…Doubting Thomas


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