Sunday, August 13, 2006


Often we say hurtful things to a friend without even realizing it. I did such a thing recently to a friend whose site I have linked in the title. I therefore formally and publically apologize for my insensitivity to him. Since apology was made and accepted in the comments and not everyone reads comments, I post the comments I made for all to read. Thank you...Pax...Doubting Thomas

My insensitive comment....."Messianic Judaism accepts this, as they are the TRUE Zionists. " (accepts the Christ as the Messiah...I alienated all of Judaism in that comment and the Abrahamic Covenmant)

Comments made to my friend ......

.."I appreciate your "frankness" and your defense of your faith. Very admirable. I did not realize that there was problems between Orthodox Judaism and Messianic Judaism in Israel and maybe even all over the world.. Being a Catholic, I was very happy the late John Paul II formally apologized for 2,000 years of anti-Semitism. I had no idea that there were still some hard feelings for some Christians from some Orthodox Jews. So sad. I will add more later"...Pax...Doubting Thomas

The following sites seem to be a "good sign" of understanding between Christianity and Judaism......

"I would also like to apologize for in insensitivity to you. It is not my intention and I will edit the derogatory statement in my post. I would like to share with you what I believe. I believe the Abrahamic Covenant with Israel is eternal and that "Gentiles" are offered this same "Gift" given to YHWH's (God's) "chosen" people as an "adopted" people through the Blood Covenant of Jesus Christ. I see no evidence in the Bible where the New Covenant of Jesus Christ nullifies YHWH's previous Covenants made to His people Israel. I do understand that Orthodox Judaism does not recognize Christ as the Messiah BUT...Judaism is a Messianic Faith and is the ONLY Faith that teaches there is a "redeemer" of Israel and I believe that this is ABSOLUTE TRUTH. As a Catholic, I believe that Christ is this "Promised Jewish Messiah." Jesus,(Yashua) His Mother Mary (Meriam) and His Disciples NEVER left the Faith of Judaism....THEY WERE NOT CHRISTIAN' was MAN that created the Christian Faith that SADLY resulted in MORE anti-Semitism. I believe John Paul II realized this which is why he did formally ask Israel for forgiveness. I like wise ask forgiveness for my "anti-Semitic" remark in my post that Messianic Jews are the ONLY True Zionists. You are correct in saying that was indecent. Forgive me..I know better!
I view the Crusades differently, however. I don't see them as anti-Semitic at all but in reality a "defense movement against the false prophet Mohammed and Islam." I believe strongly history has failed to record the TRUTH of the Crusades. Unfortuneately, the world has convinced us that they were a "bloody forced conversion" to Christianity. The "political element" that infiltrated the Church of the Holy Roman Empire DID commit these atrocities and enhanced the anti-Semitism that was in the world but that was NOT the Church described in the Book of Acts of the New Testament.
When I study the New Testament..I do NOT see a "religion" of Christianity. I see the Messianic Faith of Judaism "FULFILLED." Please DO NOT BE OFFENDED but I consider my self "an adopted Gentile of fulfilled Judaism."
I support Israel with all my heart and prayers....I believe Israel is the "Israel" of the Bible. May 14, 1948 is a day that has much meaning for me and I celebrate this day just like I do July 4th, 1776. I do not believe like some Jews that the Torah forbids Israel from having its' "own" promised land ever again. Believe it or not, that is an anti-Semitic Fundamental Preterist Christianity that says that! They teach the Christ prophesied apostasy that "Israel" is the "Body of Believers in Christ", NOT the Nation of Israel. This is a lie straight from the "pits of Hell!"

No ......YHWH God has NOT abandoned Israel. Jesus and His Apostles were NOT traitors to their Faith just because they recognized the Promised Messiah. The Judaic Laws were not NULLIFIED...they were FULFILLED in the Messiah when He said that ALL the Law and the Prophets are based on TWO principles... ONE: "Love your God with all your heart and soul. The SECOND is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself."




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