Saturday, June 24, 2006


"Mathematician Peter Woit of Columbia University describes string theory in his book Not Even Wrong,. He calls the theory 'a disaster for physics.' Which would have been a fringe opinion a few years ago, but now, after years of string theory books reaching the best sellers list, he has company."

Knew it wouldn't be long before Peter Woit "String Theory Debunker Extraordinaire" would piuck up a "fan club." Because Dr. Woit is a mathemetician and most mathemeticians are inept in the critical thinking required in the Scientific Method, it is no surprise he is clueless as to how 'String Theory" was born.

The maximum collision force possible in the lab is 2c (twice the speed of light) in a supercollider. (supercolliders smash particles together by accelerating them in oposite circular directions and then allowing them to collide "head on", hence 2c max.) There is no other source of more inertia. The data collected form these collisions experiments is all there ever will be. Quantum Physicists stuck with this dilemma decided the only way out if this was to apply "reverse Scientific Method. Precident was already establised in "reverse engineering technology" from the Roswell crash, even thiough it "supposedly" never happened! Yeh right....we developed microchips, laser, fiber optics, night vision, super tenacity, and more in 30 years of simple analog electronics. Believe that and I have a nice piece of realestate I'll sell you real cheap....ON MARS!

One of the reasons I suspect for the recent attacks on String Theory is that it is possible scientific evidence of the ''supernatural" and would therefore be beneficial to Bible believers, New Age Philosophy and UFOlogy and the demand for "disclosure." The "elite" cabal can't afford to have people developing a faith in ANYTHING that would reduce their dependance on the cabal and thereby render the cabal obsolete...."put them out of business." the cabal knows that "ignorance" is the biggest business and power on Earth and they have a monopoly on it! As Jesus of Nazereth said..."Ye shal know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free." The FREEDOM He revealed is FREEDOM form all religions (including Christianity and New Age) and cabalistic slavery........Pax...The Doubting Thomas


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