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The following post was a reply to an August 6th Devotional sent by a TV and Internet Evangelist. (link above) on the topic of Biblical Creationism and his "anger" over Christians falling prey to "political correctness" in calling Creationism "Intelligent Design" hoping to make it more pallatable to the Scientific community. The journey to seeking TRUTH somehow got derailed at the start of the 20th Century when Science abandoned the Spiritual and set the stage for the "final" battle between Science and Religion....a battle carefully orchestrated by Satan himself. It is such a perfect plan that most of the educated world has abandoned even believing in the Devil!

The battle lines are so well entrenched between both sides that it seems a "truce" is impossible. "Intelligent Design" was a "feeble" attempt to a "cease fire." I have taught Biology over 33 years and I could never understand this battle then I was lead by God's Holy Spirit to Ephesians 6:12 "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." It became apparent to me that BOTH sides in this battle are "blinded" by their own EGO's and fears and can not "see" the REALITY of GOD through the illusion created by this battle.

The way I see it is a battle between EGO and FEAR. Being a "Doubting Thomas".....I have to KNOW what REALITY really is. God made me that way! Like Fox Mulder of X-Files fame..."I TRUST NO ONE" and I know the TRUTH is "out there." Some say the TRUTH is "inside of us"...Well...that got us man made religion including Christianity and all forms of man made philosophys and "New Age" thinking. I believe it is impossible for us to "figure" it out with our flawed human wisdom as a result of the inheretence in our DNA of the "original sin." (Note: The Blood of Christ does not "remove" this "gene" "forgives us" so it can be "turned off by God.") Theology and philosophy both yield illusion. One of he greatest gifts of God, given "in His IMAGE", is the Scientific Method. It served us well until Science abandoned God and became gods themselves. (sound familiar? Lucifer?)

When Science abandoned God, bias and prejudice crept into the process so that man was not able to "see" the Spiritual in the physical, continually widening the "gap" betweem Science and Religion. Hate to say it...but Satan sure has done a remarkable job for the "bad" guys, EVEN if he doesn't exist!

Well.....I am no prophet and far from being a "Holy" person. However, being a Doubting Thomas I believe I have something to share with those who truly seek TRUTH and don't "buy" into this battle between Science and Religion. THIS IS THE BASIS OF MY CONCEPT OF "SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITY." I believe that TRUTH is found ONLY when BOTH parts are present....the "Spiritual and Scientific."

I am VERY disturbed by those of Faith that say Darwinian Natural Selection is "just a theory." This demonstrates the ignorance of Science that permeates the religious world today. IT IS THE SOURCE OF BIGGOTRY AND PREJUDICE. Science is NOT human philosophy or a belief is a PROCESS that reveals the "true nature of reality." A theory is not a believed Scientific fact. It is a "tested" Hypothesis that has specific evidence to support it's reality. The Theory of Evolution is such a idea. It is not "human thinking" that developed is based on the Scientific Method. It was NOT discovered to disprove the existence of God and refute Biblical TRUTH! The psudo-science behind debunking it is not based on the Scientific Method and therefore IT IS PSEUDO-SCIENCE...PURE..HUMAN BELIEF. CHARLES DARWIN PUBLISHED HIS "ORIGIN OF SPECIES" IN 1865 THAT REVEALED THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION AT A TIME WHEN SCIENCE STILL HAD ITS' SPIRITUAL ELEMENT PRESENT. It wasn't until Science abandoned the Spiritual that Darwinism was embraced by the secular atheistic world to erroneuosly prove that the Bible is not true and there is no God. DARWIN HIMSELF WAS A BELIEVER IN GOD!


"God forgive us for we know not what we do."

Pax...The Doubting Thomas


Bill....Just read your August 6th Devotional on Genesis. I couldn't agree more with you about "Intelligent Design." It imply's that God is "intelligent." How arrogant can we be? God is obviously way beyond "intelligent" and we INSULT His Majesty and Glory when we try to describe Him in human terms! uuugh! Bible Creationism is the ONLY Creationism...there is ONLY ONE TRUTH and that is the REALITY OF CREATION!

First of all...there is no "other" interpretation of the Bible...It is God's inerrant Word... PERIOD. Question is what does the Bible really say? Just what is Biblical Creationism? With out God's Spirit it is impossible to know. Most interpretation is flawed by previously held bias. Most of this "bias" is created by man's wisdom. God does not "trick" anyone. We "trick" ourselves!

Isaiah 55:8-9
For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.

This passages in Isaiah that refer to God's Ways are way above our ways refers to the fact that we have inherited in our DNA the "original sin of Adam" that produces the fruit of EGO. EGO is the result of "original sin." and it is the source of all "human wisdom" and because of this EGO, ALL "human wisdom" and philosophy, including theology, is "flawed." It is EGO that makes us "think" we know it all! It is the source of all error and illusion and we have been warned in Ephesians 6:12 to be "aware" and "beware" of this "problem".......

Ephesians 6:12
"For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."

The resolution of this "problem" is found only for those whose sins have been covered by the Precious Blood of Christ by accepting the vicarious Death of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary for the remission of sin that results in the death of EGO. Only these people have this Spirit of God to lead them to TRUTH and freedom from illusion.

Jesus told us He came to "set the captives free." Free from what? I believe it is FREEDOM from human philosophy, wisdom, ego, and man made theology and religion....ALL RELIGION including Christianity and its' over 200 denominations all thinking their way is God's Way. uuugh!

I am embarrassed to see the way we Christians "compete" for souls as though we are in a contest to see how many souls we can win for Jesus. "Put a nickel on the drum, just to save a dirty bum." We Christians have done a lousy job showing the lost and hurting of the world the Love of God because of our EGO's and this resulting "competition." This "competition" has caused us to be poor shepherds of our planet and the souls on it. Jesus prayed for UNITY..not division. Unfortunately, the lost and hurting see "division"..not unity. This competition is not of God. We should be competing against Satan...not each other. We will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement.

John 14:6
"I am the Way the Truth and the Life, NO ONE comes to the Father except through me."

I believe this WAY because Jesus was NOT a "religious prophet"...He was YHWH God INCARNATE in the manifestation of His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. God created us in His beautiful IMAGE which means we have His, compassion, forgiveness etc., AND His Wisdom if we "obey" Him. Because of His Gift of pure unconditional Love.... He also gave us the Law of Free Will. We have the God given "right" to rebel against Him or accept His Love and obey Him. The natural part of Free Will is consequences for our choices. If there were no wouldn't be "free." We would be mere "puppets." Lucifer was given free will and he chose to rebel. Adam and Eve had free will and they chose to rebel and we inherited this characteristic. Thank God He sent is Son to "rescue us" from this predicament.

EGO has ALWAYS been a problem for man. Eve and Adam were NOT "tricked" by Satan to eat of the "forbidden fruit" in the Garden of Eden. (I suspect the "fruit" was human wisdom which is confused with knowledge) It was a result of their choice under the Law of Free Will. EGO is still our problem to this day but we can escape the problem in Christ.

There is a ANOTHER very simple Universal Law of God...The Law of BIOGENESIS. "ALL LIFE MUST COME PRE-EXISTING LIFE." This Law was proved by Louis Pasteur (a devout Christian) in the 19th Century. His famous "S" shaped flask "experiment" can still be observed "unchanged" in its' original state in the Pasteur Institute in France. What is "experiment?" The greatest gift God has given man is that by creating us in His IMAGE, He has given us an ability that is far above "human wisdom and philosophy" and its' ego based bias. He gave us the GIFT OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. This process when practiced in the "Wisdom" of God instead of man always results in discerning truth from illusion. We know all the parts of a living cell and we have placed them all "in vitro" and guess what?...NO LIFE! (guess our EGO's still think Pasteur was wrong!) What's missing?...simple..GOD IS. God "breathing" the "life" into Adam or even a simple one celled Amoeba is the THE LIFE FORCE. God is our loving Creator..."the Life Force of Creation." Thank God. GOD is not a man or a Philadelphia Lawyer...or worse..a politician! YES..only "life" begets life and God is LIFE!

When a person comes to this understanding of God....he realizes that ALL killing is murder...abortion , euthanasia, capital punishment and war. War is NEVER just IS part of this fallen 4th World. He also realizes that we must defend life in all of it's forms and stages...including "extraterrestrial life"....Angels of the Bible...although they are without "original sin"...they are still God's children like us. The exemption from this principle of killing not being murder is in defending one's own life or others. This is the Law of Homeostasis and it is a right and responsibility to does not justify intentional killing. The person who is trying to kill you MUST be stopped but our intent should be "non-lethal" force. If the attacking person dies in the defensive process...then it becomes God's will not ours. Jesus said... "If we say we love God and even as much as hate our brother it is equivalent to killing him and we are liars. He told us if we live by the sword we will die by the sword. A simple Wisdom of God available to all believers in ALL situations is very simple.....ask..."What would Jesus do?" (WWJD)
The wisdom of man operates on the following..."Exitus Acta Probat" (The ends justify the means) I suspect Jesus would COMMAND the following......"The Ends are Justified ONLY by Just and Moral means, otherwise the Ends become immoral." Today is August 6.....the horrifying 61st. anniversary of Hiroshima that man attributes with the "ending" of WW II. Look at the world today.....was that "A" bomb justified? I think not.

What about "eating" a plant or animal? The plant and animal must die. Is this killing and murder? NO....This is part the "Circle of Life" just as physical death is.. ALL life needs energy and the biochemicals of life. Being a "vegetarian" doesn't get you "off the hook" either! It just makes you "sick" because you lack the amino acid cysteine that is necessary in making oxidative enzyme proteins in our energy releasing pathways in the mitochondria of our cells. Plants are "living" organisms too and part of God's Creation just as animals. When an animal eats a plant or an animal eats another animal or a human being eats and plant or animal....he is following the Law of Nutrition. The materials of the organism we eat is re-arranged into more of ourselves to grow and repair and energy is released to maintain the Law of Homeostasis...the life process. If you kill an animal for just the fun of killing it, it is not of God. If you kill an animal or plant for "honor" that animal or plant and you obey the Circle of Life. Note that we are the only organism that likes to "torture"...whether for food or not. No other Creature of God does this except for the "fallen Angels...Demons." No wonder we consider "killing a baby" in its' mother's womb is a "women's Constitutional right." is not a Constitutional right...the decision of Roe vs Wade was not a Constitutional was an EGO based decision based on Exitus Acta's wisdom...NOT GOD"S!

I recently attended a prayer service for Terry Schindler Schiavo where her personal Crucifix was given by her parents..Robert and Mary Schindler as a "gift" to the "Mother of Joy" House of Prayer in Constantia, NY. A "Spiritual Song" specially written in Terry's memory called "Choose Life" was performed for the very first time in public. It was "beautiful!" The Schindlers were suppose to be there and I would have met them but a medical emergency kept them from attending. Many people believed that is was perfectly OK for the State of Florida to starve and thirst her to death because "her soul" had already gone back to God. This is blasphemy because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and although Terry was not conscious from brain damage...the Holy Spirit of God WAS present and her death was another "spiritual crucifixion of Jesus all over again! Of may be a biggot and say since Terry was Catholic...she was not a true Christian and therefore the Holy Spirit did not live in her body anyway. They may "judge" her but I sure won't! (WWJD?)

I am Catholic too and I guess many judge me as lost and not a Christian as well. OK..fine...BUT... I know my "redeemer lives" and that He died to wash away my sin... do you? I believe in the Bible and it reveals the "Fig Tree Prophecy" and I believe Israel IS Israel not just the Body of Christ as many claim and I believe in the Rapture (evacuation of true believers in Jesus) from the immanent Tribulation of the New World Order and government under the anti-Christ. Do you? AND I believe Jesus will return very soon to establish His Kingdom that is already in our hearts here on Earth as it is in Heaven as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Do you? I believe it will be in Jerusalem..not Rome, Salt Lake City. Mecca or anywhere else. Do you?

If all people knew that God is present in ALL of His Creation...we wouldn't be arguing when the "soul" enters a human baby before birth. The question of abortion being a "human right" would be meaningless. The "soul" is present at the moment of conception....fertilization...sperm enters the egg...the "diploid chromosome number" (DNA) is re-established. Each child is unique and the particular genetic recombination that made that child will NEVER occur again in all of ETERNITY The "soul" is the Life Force and it is always present in a living cell. This Law is also extended to asexually reproducing organisms. This would mean that "human clones" are PEOPLE TOO with a God given "soul" still Created in God's image. If this were not true...identical twins would be "soulless." Identical twins are "clones" of the original conceived "zygote" and each possess a unique "soul." The Bible teaches that at the moment of our physical death, our "soul" returns to God for as Jesus said..."He lives in us and we in Him" and we return to Him at physical death.

A great and beautiful promise of God is stated in the following Scripture...."THE WORLD WILL NEVER END NOR WILL ISRAEL."....

Isaiah 2:4: "He will judge between the nations, And will decide concerning many peoples; And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, And their spears into pruning-hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, Neither shall they learn war any more."

Isaiah 45:17: "[But] Israel shall be saved by Yahweh with an everlasting salvation: you shall not be disappointed nor confounded WORLD WITHOUT END."

There is an apostate interpretation that says this refers to the "Body of Christ." This was written under the Abrahamic Covenant....the Blood Covenant was not until Christ came which afforded Gentiles a way to salvation. Everywhere the figure of the "fig tree" is found in the always refers to Israel..not the Body of Christ. This teaching is called "Preterism" ...the "false gospel" that Jesus warned about. This promise also includes the resurrection of the dead when Jesus returns to establish His Kingdom on Earth from Jerusalem..... at first in the "clouds" with those who are alive and "taken" up with the dead and then to return with Jesus who puts an end to the destruction of the world, (Armageddon) then destroys Satan and his followers which terminates this present the 4th world and we will Reign with Him forever. (millenium)

1 Thessalonians 4:13-17: "But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." (see Matthew 24 also)

John 5:28,29: "Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation."

These Scriptures not only promise eternal life for the righteous in Christ on a never ending planet Earth after a resurrection of the body but also makes it quite clear that there are consequences for those who choose to rebel against God. There are those in the New Age movement who would tell you this is re-incarnation, however, it would be illogical to be re-incarnated into damnation...the very thing these "New Agers" are rejecting. (there are 425 verses that show the world never ends)

At one time...all scientists were required to study the Holy Scriptures in the original languages in order to be awarded a Doctor of Science. (My mentor in college had a ScD and was a deeply devout Christian. He was H. J. Mueller's grad assistant who helped Mueller win the Nobel Prize in Biology by proving that X-rays (radiation) causes mutation in DNA. He was my inspiration to become a Biologist and teach Biology 33 years ) Unfortunately, today EGO and it's "human wisdom" has replaced God's Wisdom in Science and we know have the Doctor of Philosophy. uugh! The result created a huge "chasm" between Science and Religion. Satan was ecstatic! Both scientists and believers don't " trust each other" and as a result they BOTH have fallen for the lies of Satan and his illusions. Scientists think "believers" are weak, ignorant children and Christians think scientists are EVIL. (many are...and some Christians are too!)

One of the biggest illusions that was created is that Darwinian Natural Selection proves there is no God. (Darwin was also a devout Christian.) NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. In elude to this fact in your devotional where you ask the scientist where the first cell came from to evolve to human beings over millions of years. In fact Science itself has proved BIOGENESIS..."Spontaneous Generation" NEVER happened ANYWHERE in the Universe...EVER! Life can ONLY come from God through Life itself. the non-living can NEVER be "living." Because of Biblical ignorance...scientists are subject to illusion and because of Scientific ignorance and fear, believers are like wise subject to illusion. The real truth is that the Holy Scriptures are proved by Science and vice versa! I have called this "new" God given reality "Scientific Spirituality." The "secret" is simple....when a person practices the Scientific Method within the Wisdom of God and not man...the science is unbiased and leads to truth and the ONLY way this Wisdom of God is available is for those who are in God. It is interesting to note that the great Laws of Science discovered by men of science were also men of God. I was recently told by a "Fundamental Christian" that the science of Albert Einstein could not be trusted because he was not a Christian! Nope...he was a Jew.....same as Jesus and he was a man of God. This demonstrates the "fear" and "ignorance" present in many Christians.

The late John Paul II was asked some interesting questions. One was did he believe that there are Star Nation beings in other places in the Universe. He answered by saying that God has revealed to us in His Word that He has other Created beings in the Universe. I believe these are the Angels of the Bible. Jesus Himself said that He was Shepard of "flocks" that were not of this "fold." Who was He taking about? Mormons? I think not! He was asked if he thought Scientific Theories was opposed to God's Holy Word. He answered in God's Wisdom.....he said "Truth NEVER contradicts TRUTH. I suspect John Paul was right. When Science contradicts Scripture...the Science is incorrect, there was an error in the Scientific Method due to EGO and the resulting bias. When Scripture contradicts Science.....the interpretation is NOT OF GOD but is based on man's wisdom instead of God's.

In 1969, the summer Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, I was a student at the City College of New York studying Biochemistry and Physical and Historical Geology. A Biology Teacher from Brooklyn Technical High School who was also a Rabbi befriended me. He noticed I was an enthusiastic follower of Jesus by my Campus Crusade for Christ badges I was wearing! We became very good friends and shared Scripture, me with my Latin Vulgate and he with his Torah. He knew I was young Biology Teacher working on my Masters. He figured I considered evolution to be "ridiculous" as you do. We studied Genesis and he revealed to me something that "blew my mind." He showed me that the sequence of God's Creation was "phylogenetic" (general reflection of change) which was more evident in the Hebrew. It was at that point I learned that the Scientific Method was a "gift"of God given to us in His image and that God inspired Scientific Method is not only compatible with His Word but it is indeed proof of its' TRUTH. I realized then that it was Satan who created the chasm between science and faith in God because he knew he must keep the two incompatible if he was to create illusion and blind us from the TRUTH. I call this revelation "The "Doubting Thomas Paradigm" Just as The Risen Jesus permitted Thomas Didymus to place his fingers into the "Wounds" of His Hands and Side causing Thomas to "doubt" no longer, He has given us the TRUTH revealed through the Scientific Method to remove our "doubt" which I suspect is a sign of the transition and the coming of Jesus Kingdom to Earth.

The "fear" that Science places ANY part of the Bible in question is just that.."fear" generated by ignorance caused by Satan's illusion. I agree with your premise that if one part of Scripture is questioned and is said to be puts all of Scripture in jeopardy. HOWEVER...that is NOT the case. ALL of the Bible is Scientifically and Spiritually TRUE and Science verifies this TRUTH. Darwinian Natural Selection does not disprove God but actually verifies His WILL in Creation. NOTHING that happens is an accident...(random events totally devoid of God) for God is even aware of a "sparrow" that falls from the sky! Everything that "happens" is known by and is the Will of God. The only thing that is NOT His Will is our rebellion towards Him as a consequence of our own choosing in our practice of the Law of Free Will. This is why He came to die in our resolve this paradox. There is no greater Love than was demonstrated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Biblical Creationism is TRUTH and is supported by unbiased Science. The Fundamental Christian interpretation appears contrary to Science because it is based on literal interpretation and human wisdom instead of God's Wisdom. As John Paul said....Truth NEVER contradicts TRUTH. It is not my intention to discuss the Scientific Evidence that supports Natural Selection.....I taught it for 33 years and I am very familiar with the "so-called" Scientific evidence against it. The difference between the Scientific evidence for it vs Scientific evidence against it it that the Scientific Method cannot be applied for evidence against it. If the Scientific Method cannot be applied...IT IS NOT SCIENCE.

Many believe we are in the "end times." I suspect this is very possible considering the "signs" that point to this Biblical event. The greatest of all signs of "end time events" I believe is the 'Fig Tree Prophecy." I believe May 14, 1948 was the fulfillment of this prophecy when Israel became a Nation. In addition to this we have the conspiracy of the Roswell Event on July 4th 1948 that supposedly gave us the advanced technology we have today by "reverse engineering." (see Col. Phillip Corso's book..."The Day After Roswell.") I also suspect this to be possible. The next significant date is 1984 and I am not speaking of George Orwell and "Big Brother" which is also Biblical Prophecy!

The 1984 "sign" is indeed probably the greatest for the Bible tells us that "knowledge" will abound in the "end times" just before the return of Jesus. OK...what happened? It all started with Einstein searching for a Unification of the mathematics for all 4 forces of the Universe. He gave us the Theory of Gravitational or "General" Relativity and Special Relativity. The problem Einstein had was that the 4 forces....1) electromagnetic, 2) strong nuclear, 3) weak nuclear, and 4) gravity all were unified in classical Newtonian Physics. HOWEVER....when related to the "Quantum" world of Quantum Mechanics...the Subatomic World...only the first 3 forces were mathematically related and gravity failed miserably to "fit" in with the math. The Unification of The 4 Forces eluded Einstein and he went to his grave "mathematically" frustrated.

Knowledge of the "Quantum World" is obtained through experiments involving the collision of high speed subatomic particles in gigantic particle accelerator machines called "alternating gradient synchrotrons" The products of collision are observed in hydrogen bubble chambers. The equations of Quantum Physics are worked out using the data collected this way by "Particle Physicists." By 1984...the data collected seemed to place physicists at a "dead end" in terms of finding a Unified Theory. In 1984, Michio Kaku of City College in New York working with teams of other particle physicists came up with a "brain storm" of an idea. Let's apply a "Reverse Scientific Method." to the data we have. Lets pretend that there is no more data coming since .99C is the highest velocity possible and there fore the highest inertial collision possible due to the barrier of light speed.. Although....a "new" "Supercollider" is being built in Geneva , Switzerland but will not be operational until 2008-2010. It will have almost 2xC by colliding 2 particles head on at C resulting in the equivalent 2xC inertial collision. Particle Physicists believe that this new collider will NOT result in new data but will instead verify "gravity waves" and the Theories that have been developed thus far using our 1884 data.

OK...what is this "New" Unification Theory developed by reverse Scientific Method? It is called "String Theory." Since 1984 it has been fine tuned to "Super Strings, Brane Theory and Bubble Theory. Essentially....the Theory says that there are 11 total dimensions in the Universe and that ALL matter and energy and dimensions (space-time) are made out of combinations of 6 specific "frequencies" of vibrating closed "loops" of very tiny filaments called STRINGS. These 6 frequencies are called UP/DOWN, TOP/BOTTOM, CHARM and STRANGE QUARKS. The entire Universe is filed with these STINGS and in fact...they are REALITY..they are EXISTENCE. Some Scientists call Them to be God's WORD or THOUGHTS. I am CONVINCED that they are. Those who have abandoned the Bible have no clue what they are....they can't call them "energy" loops because "energy" is made out of them! In this theory ALL 4 forces balance mathematically and there is UNIFICATION. Einstein predicted an all too "spooky" phenomena of instantaneous communication will be discovered one day. His prediction has come true and is the first physical evidence of Strings. It is called Quantum Entanglement" and computer companies are presently researching the possibilities of incorporating this phenomena into the technology of future computer chips. Such chips I/O time is instantaneous! String Theory means the Universe is always connected together. as ONE. This is a pretty good definition of God I might add! In String Theory... "supernatural phenomena" is the "undiscovered natural" as Kreskin the Magician used to say. The Physical and the Spiritual are also unified in that the only difference between them is "FREQUENCY." Space is no longer separate from time...they "co-exist" as ONE so we call it space-time continuum. This stuff sounds like Science Fiction BUT it is Science Reality. Computer companies don't spend millions of dollars on the "supernatural."

The greatest value in String Theory is Biblical verification of Biblical events and "miracles" and psi powers that Jesus performed and said we would do likewise and even GREATER than He! String Theory even reveals the mechanism of prayer. We are in constant "connection" to God in String Theory so it becomes obvious that God knows our prayer even before we ask it and He always answers prayer according to His Will which is reason to "rejoice!"

Therefore, String Theory is the Doubting Thomas verification of Spiritual TRUTH of Jesus and God. We don't deserve is a "gift" and we don't deserve this knowledge of String is a :gift" as well. The Bible has always been attacked by those that are in rebellion to God. Christianity has always suffered much persecution and it is getting worse today along with anti-Semitism. Both are signs of the eminent return of Jesus. Well.....proof String Theory is in the "right" ball park is that it too is under serious attack from the side of rebellion. There is a mathematics professor, Peter Woit at Columbia University that has launched an "all out war" on String Theory claiming that those promoting it have put Physics behind 30 years saying that the math is all imaginary. Is it Jealousy because he doesn't get on Jay Leno and Dave Letterman like Particle Physicists Michio Kaku co-discoverer of String Theory and Physics teacher at City College of New York does and Brian Greene, Physics teacher at Columbia University , the author of "The Elegant Universe" and "The Fabric of The Cosmos"..(BOTH excellent books on String Theory) does? OR is it more "sinister" like a cabal plot to create confusion and illusion because they know that String Theory will have a "Doubting Thomas Affect" and bring many people to Salvation in Jesus Christ and as a result be FREE from the slavery of the cabal?. If String Theory is just a bunch of junk Science...why all the fuss over it? Must be something to it............

So.......we both agree that "Intelligent Design" is an insult to our God and that we should call it Biblical Creation for that was how God Created within His Law of Biogenesis. Our disagreement is not on what the Bible says but on what we "think" it says. The Bible answers the question "why did God Create" and Science answers the question "how did God Create." Since Science and the Bible answer different questions....the two can never contradict each other for they BOTH are TRUTH. (again as John Paul said.) Claiming that the bonifide Theory of Evolution is un-Biblical and disproves God is illusion and calling it unscientific indicates a lack of understanding of what Science is. This my friend is Satan's great illusion because he knew God would reveal His Creation in "String Theory"- to us in the "end times" so he had to keep as many as possible ignorant of Science and Spirit and in a "cloud of illusion" or many more "souls" would come to Jesus as St. Thomas did. There are many "Doubting Thomases" out there and I am one of the biggest ones who is ever so grateful to God for allowing me to "put my fingers" in the Precious Wounds of Jesus." praise Him FOREVER!

In Jesus Precious Name.....David Brown

PS: I suspect no one has ever come to Jesus by proving or disproving evolution to them. Telling them they are forgiven by Jesus and that He died for their sins and was resurrected from the dead is how people come to Jesus!


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