Sunday, September 24, 2006


...............THE INFORMATION IN THIS STORY HAS BEEN "SNOPED.".............

One of the demands being made on Christians and Jews today is to be TOLERANT and POLITICALLY CORRECT of just about EVERYTHING so we don't offend anyone. In fact it appears that we should be apologetic for believing in Christianity or Judaism in the first.

We are told that if we do not embrace this "love and accept everyone" attitude that we are failing our own religion. I find it VERY interesting that the ones who say this are either New Age agnostics or even atheists and as the recent Benedict XVI fiasco demonstrates..the Muslims! Yepper..those peaceful, forgiving and compassionate "living fossils" from the 10th Century insist on our tolerance of their agenda to "take over" the world in the name of their god allah. They expect we should be willing and totally cooperative as they slice our heads off! It is our duty as "infidels!"

(As a Catholic I am indeed embarrassed Benedict XVI gave into political correctness and said he has "deep respect" for Islam. Notice that it hasn't helped him one "iota!" I suppose being a "Head of State" like President Bush...he is unfortunately expected to behave this way. Ahmadinejad and Chavez may be "crack pots" BUT they sure got guts to realize that "political correctness" will kill them! If we don't realize this ourselves we are doomed!)

I am suppose to feel guilty and responsible for being so bigoted and racist and an intolerant "infidel." I am suppose to feel that I am failing Jesus by thinking like this. Well folks...THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THESE GUYS WANT YOU TO THINK. They know they can use our faith against us, they count on it. They have convinced the New Agers that thinking this way causes the problems. Well...wake up New Age thinkers...the transition you guys are "buzzing for" might include bursas for our women and beards and "rags" for us men and bowing towards Mecca 15 times a day in repetitious prayers to the pseudo-god allah. They know that the ONLY way they can destroy us is to make us feel that we are failing our Faith by being intolerant of them. It's working folks.

Well..... I personally feel there is know way you can say you have true Faith if you are ashamed of John 14:6 "Jesus said to them, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me." You either believe this statement to be TRUTH or you pretend it means something else and therefore no body is wrong.

Unfortunately, too many Christians believe this way. Well...the Muslims don't...they
are convinced they are right and to the point they are willing to kill themselves and us in God's name! I am not advocating "nukeing" them or harming them in any way. That would be total rebellion against God...BUT...being politically correct saying they are right also is actually worse than "nukeing" them. In fact..our God will hold us accountable for not bringing His Gospel of Love to them.

What I advocate is telling them they are loved by God as any man, women or child on Earth is and that this God Incarnated as Yahshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) to rescue all of us from this "vale of tears." We must bring this Gospel of Love in the state of love. It cannot be forced. BUT...if they reject it and go away..that's God's department. If they violently attack you for sharing this TRUTH with not only have the right to defend yourself but you are also obligated by God to do so. The God I speak of is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...the God of the Holy Bible..YHWH by Name...."IAM"

Are we bringing the Gospel to Muslims? Some are and they are being Martyred for it. Unfortunately, I think most of us are being "politically correct" about it. WE HAVE NO CHOICE...WE WAKE UP AND DEFEND THE GOSPEL OR WE LOSE OURSELVES AND THEM!




Subject: Story about London 06

This was forwarded by a Coast Guard Academy classmate of mine. Of course you won't find the U.S. media telling it like it is (what's new!!). We all had better wake up, before it's too late ...the Administration knows exactly what's going on, and thank the Lord, has been doing something about it. Alice & I spent 4 days in London in 2001 with our two 10 year-old grandsons, and had a hotel near Marble Arch. About 1/3 of the people on the street and 2/3 of the restaurants were Arabic, but we did not see any problems at the time. It is obvious that conditions have changed radically since then. Bill This was forwarded to me. It is scary. VIKI & JIM, JOHN AND I WERE DISTURBED TO FIND THAT LONDON HAS CHANGED IN JUST TWO YEARS. THE AREA NEAR MARBLE ARCH AND OXFORD STREET WERE FILLED WITH MUSLIM WOMEN WEARING BLACK COVERING EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE EYES, OTHER WOMEN WEARING OTHER GARMENTS COVERING EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE FACE. THE AREA WAS APPARENTLY TAKEN OVER BY THE ARABS AS THE BUILDINGS AND SHOPS WERE COVERED WITH ARABIC WRITING. WE THOUGHT THAT ENGLAND WAS IN TROUBLE. AFTER RETURNING HOME FROM LONDON, WE RECEIVED THIS E-MAIL PERTAINING TO MUSLIMS DEMONSTRATION IN LONDON. I WAS UPSET SEEING THE PLACARDS. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR NEWS MEDIA? WE DID NOT SEE THIS AT HOME. WELL, TODAY WE FOUND OUT THAT THE TERRORISTS WERE ATTEMPTING TO BOMB MANY JETS FLYING FROM HEATHROW TO THE UNITED STATES. These Pictures tell it all! Muslims have stated that England will be the country they first take over. These are pictures that are not shown on American newscasts or in American Newspapers (as they might help Bush's war on terror). These pictures are of Muslims marching through the streets of London during their recent "Religion of Peace Demonstration."

Why would anyone think that we should be at war with such nice, peaceful Moslems?! Americans need to Know - You need to forward this one to everyone in your address book! Everyone who has his/her head buried in the sand regarding this worldwide threat better wise up before it is too late. The dye has been cast!


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