Friday, September 22, 2006


I subscribe to a newsletter from the Media Research Center. They have made a special DVD available that will help you understand the bias that exists in our news media.


Pax....Doubting Thomas

Only days ago the Media Research Center released an exhaustive
five-year study analyzing news coverage of the war on terror
dating back to 9/11.

Our team chronicled how the media was undermining the war
on terror through misleading and liberal reporting. In fact,
news coverage was far more concerned about alleged threats
to our civil liberties than to preserving the lives of the
American people.

We made this exclusive report available to ALL members of
our MRCAction Team because we want you to know the truth--
the real truth, not the liberal media's version of the
truth that is inundating millions of Americans each night!

But there is something else--something deeply moving and
compelling that could be used as a mighty tool to literally
change the debate on the war on terror... it is the MRC's
Special Tribute to the American Military DVD, and I'd like
you to have a copy for yourself by clicking here: (TITLE)

Our special tribute is the REAL story about the war on
terror through the eyes of those who are fighting it--not
the biased, anti-American, anti-Bush news media!

Hundreds of MRCAction Team members already have
this incredible DVD, and I’d like for you to have a copy
to share with your family and friends as well.

Though the media is running amuck, giving the world's thugs
and hooligans like Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
a grand stage to poison the airwaves with their anti-American
hate speak, we must stay on point--championing the truth
whenever and wherever we can.

This DVD does just that and more. It completely contradicts
the message of the media!

This amazing DVD also includes a heartfelt
and emotional tribute to those brave members of our military
who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of all
we hold dear.

I appreciate your great support in what we are doing here
at the MRC. On behalf of Brent and the staff, thank you
for taking action with us.

Douglas Mills
Executive Director
Media Research Center

P.S. What is keeping the media from poisoning Americans with
their liberal bias against the war? Friends like you who are
supporting the efforts of the MRC. Because of you, we are
able to produce eye-opening exposes like "The Media vs.
the War on Terror," and other special reports that lift
the veil of lies and misleading information being perpetrated
by the media.


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