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ANOTHER post inspired by my friend who rejects Israel IS ISRAEL.........Hope it makes all of us THINK? Pax...Doubting Thomas

This STATEMENT from World Net Daily inspired this diatribe from me......

It always astonishes me how the international community simply refuses to take the Arabs at their word. Talk about racism!
For example, the Bush administration continues to insist that the “Palestinian” general public wants peace with Israel based on the “two-state vision.”
The “Palestinians” themselves are doing their best to refute that claim, but no one is listening!


Based on the outcome of Secretary Condolezza Rice's recent Palestinian-Israel Summitt appears that the MAJORITY of Palestinians DO NOT desire a State of their own existing in peace with Israel. My friend has sent me numerous articles that these are Palestinian Christians that are saying this.

Personally....I don't believe these are Palestinian Catholics or Protestant Christians, because if they are part of the muslim belief that Israel has no right to exist (Like even some of the wacko Rabbi's believe too!.) THEY ARE NOT FOLLOWERS OF YAHSHUA-JESUS. They may think they are but the Body of Christ is NOT Israel...that is the apostasy of Preterism...a lie straight from the gates of hell. In fact....the "world" and islamic desire for the total destruction of Israel and Jews is a fulfillment of Scriptures and probably the most profound SIGN that the Second Coming of the Lord Yahshua -Jesus is VERY NEAR.

It ALL boils down to 2 schools of thought on REALITY...BOTH can't be right.....even though they BOTH claim to believe in the Bible. Those who don't accept the Bible are "on their own" and will have to form their position of REALITY on their own EGO's.

THE FIRST POSITION ON REALITY IS....... (and I suspect that this is un-Biblical)

REALITY is that "The Kingdom of God" is in our hearts and by the eventual conversion of all humans to the teachings of Jesus "WE" will BUILD the "FUTURE" Kingdom of God on Earth. This is the position of Preterist Christians and New Agers. Christians who believe this way are anti-Semitic and are therefore apostates and un-Biblical. There are New Agers who accept His teachings BUT NOT HIM as the FINAL Sacrifice for humanities transgressions. The New Agers who don't even acknowledge His teachings are no different than islam or any of the other false religions of the world. Jesus warned us about these false prophets who would lead us away form the GOSPEL of TRUTH that was "ONCE and FOR ALL delivered to the Saints"...Jude 1:3.....Preterism and New Age (really very "Old Age in new clothes") is APOSTASY...... ANOTHER SIGN of Biblical Prophecy fulfillment that the Kingdom is VERY near. None of this makes since until May 14, 1948....fulfillment of the Fig Tree Prophecy. (why do we "wait" for Biblical Prophecy to be fulfilled? Simple answer.... We do not really "TRUST and Obey" the Lord, like the old Protestant Hymn encourages us to String Theory reveals...Biblical Prophecy is NOT about what will is about what IS.

Isn't this "Kingdom in our hearts" what Jesus said anyway? YES it is FOR THE INDIVIDUAL to PREPARE for the "ACTUAL-REAL Coming of the Kingdom." The problem with the illusion that "WE" build the Kingdom which has been "embraced" by New Agers and their misuse and misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction IS the word...."WE"...... Self centered instead of God centered...unless you think your God and if you think you are....God Bless ya and "good luck." satan didn't have much "luck" with that approach so give it a "shot" if you want. Our God YHWH LOVES us so much He has given total Free Will to do as you please! The Law of Attraction is nothing but a new positive look at determine your own destiny and you determine the consequences of your own choices. Don't worry.....according to your illusion you have fallen'll keep coming back until you "get it right." Personally....I'll put ALL my eggs in ONE basket....YAHSHUA-JESUS. Hey if we are BOTH dead when we are dead....we won't know we disagreed anyway so who cares? The result is the same but what if I'm right???

If you should ever forget about loose NOTHING...if you forget about've LOST EVERYTHING>"

The Law of Attraction is VERY real...BUT it is NOT "WE" who manifest this is the Christ living in us. As St. Paul said..."Without Jesus we are NOTHING. Can non-believers in the Gospel of Jesus have these psi-powers and manifest the Law of Attraction? ABSOLUTELY.....that's why it is so conclude that you don't NEED the Sacrifice of Jesus. YHWH God allows the foolish to wallow in their EGO. (John 14:6 is a lie if you believe this nonsense and you better hope it is!)

This is why I propose the Hypothesis of Spiritual Symbiosis. We were NOT CREATED to exist without God...we ARE Symbionts with the Spirit of CREATION (YHWH GOD) and when we live outside of this Symbiotic relation with our CREATOR our 'Spiritual Homeostasis fails" and we are "Spiritually" dead just as the Homeostasis fails for any Physical Symbionts when separated. REMEMBER...satan is able to mimic God and "fool" the EGO centered person........and satan's goal is to convince us that "WE" are GOD and therefore "surely we will not die." he said that to Adam and Eve a real long time ago and we are still falling for this lie today.."hook, line and sinker." PT Barnum knew this just as well as satan..."There's a "sucker born every minute."

When a person responds to the LOVE demonstrated by Yahshua-Jesus on the Cross of Calvary and accepts Him and ONLY Him as His personal Savior.....he or she is "restored" to the original CREATION before the fall in the Garden and their "Spiritual Homeostasis" is re-established and they are a NEW person ETERNALLY alive in Jesus Christ. Homeostasis..the Biological ability to maintain the LIVING process is BOTH Spiritual and Physical and we die if we try to separate them at either level BECAUSE ...String Theory has revealed that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN THE REALITY BETWEEN THE SPIRITUAL AND THE PHYSICAL.....JUST DIFFERENT FREQUENCY AND WAVELENGHT AND VIBRATIONAL PATTERN.

NOTE: The former Soviet Union's "100th Monkey experiments" and all the pseudo-science experiments that have followed since, inspired by this misunderstood phenomena of the Law of Attraction, is used to support this New Age philosophy....WAKE up SHEEPLE.....monkeys and ALL life are born just like Yahshua- Jesus!..... WITHOUT SIN. Only Homo sapiens inherit the defective DNA of Adam..."Original Sin." That's why God "rescue" His Creation of Homo sapiens on this planet in the first place..


I suspect and am even CONVINCED that the "REAL" Biblical explanation of Reality is not even CLOSE to common "religious" explanations including Christianity and Judaism and all it's variations and furthermore I am convinced that the TRUTH of REALITY is definitely supported by String Theory. The commonly accepted explanation of Biblical Reality is really no different than ANY world religion or New Age philosophy. ALL of them separate the Spiritual from the Physical which I believe is a lie straight from the gates of hell itself! They all teach that the Supernatural is the realm of God instead of the fact that ALL the Cosmos is God's realm. The magician, "The Great Kreskin", hit the nail on the head when he said that the "Supernatural was the undiscovered Natural. Wake up folks....GOD is REALITY and He CREATES and works through and within His Creation. His Law of Biogenesis is immutable and ETERNAL by it's EXISTENCE. (YHWH God is manifested in all His Laws...for He is His Perfect Laws and He revealed HIS LOVE in CREATION by hanging on the Cross of Calvary on our behalf.

YHWH God's Laws are ONE....the Spiritual..... Free Will, Karma, Psi-power, Law of Attraction etc. AND the Physical.....Thermodynamics, Gravity, Electromagnetism, Relativity, Quantum and Biogenesis with "Intelligent Design" through His Creation in Recombinant DNA, Hybridization, Protoplast and modified Cloning. Only man tries to separate them. This because man's nature is rebellion to God. I personally believe that anti-Semitism is not just hating Jews and Israel and the's REALLY about hating YHWH God.

The TRUTH is that the Bible flawlessly tells us about who we really are and who YHWH God is....we are God's Children in CREATION...the so called Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is composed of the entire Cosmos and is called the Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations. (and we should probably add Inter-dimensional as well) As the late John Paul II said to a small child....the SV's are God's Children too which make us brothers and sisters with the SV's..THEY ARE OUR FAMILY. Then why don't they stop this cruel insanity going on in the world? Same reason God doesn't. They love us as much as YHWH Himself and will not and cannot violate the Law of Free Will. Gene Roddenberry of the Star Trek Universe called this the "Prime Directive."

We are all to "work out our salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord of Hosts" which boils down to accepting or rejecting.....John 14:6......"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life...NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me." If you reject this are left with " justifying raising yourself" which is impossible so you are faced with rejecting the entire Bible. OH..there are plenty of "cafeteria" style believers who choose and pick what they want from Scripture but in reality..they are as lost as MOST POLITICIANS! REMEMBER....Salvation through Jesus Christ is for the individual to prepare him or her for the REAL Kingdom...the FEDERATION.

Don't ya just love the Law of Free can just write me off as a wacko Catholic retired Biology teacher who is playing poker with a pinochle deck and thinks "deuces" are wild! If my writing pisses you least you ain't dead yet!

Pax....David..."The Doubting Thomas"Check out my BLOG.....


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