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Science Proves The God Does Not Exist!

It’s official! They found Yahshua-Jesus’ Body and Dan Brown was right about Him in the DaVinci Code AND a recent scientific study done on heart patients to the tune of $2.4 million has finally proved that PRAYER does not work and in fact is wishful thinking! Christianity is a fraud…Oh My GOD….THERE IS NO GOD!!!…..(I’m so upset I think I’ll go eat worms. NOT!)

If this is the BAD News what the heck is the GOOD News? Well…..if Christianity is a fraud so are ALL other religions and human philosophy including the New Agers like Scientology and Kabala. This is no surprise because ALL religions and philosophy is based on man’s EGO. This has to be the BEST NEWS EVER because now we can clear the way for TRUTH and REALITY. AND just what is TRUTH you ask the Dali Lama? The REAL YHWH GOD can now be FINALLY REVEALED even though He tried to REVEAL Himself 2,000 years ago and the EGO of man made a Religion out of Him. UUGH!. (YHWH means Eternal, Everlasting, Endless.)

First of all……the Body of Jesus found by real Archeologists back in 1986 with His Mother Mary and wife Mary Magdala and their son Judah in a Ossuary in Jerusalem, and being exploited by John Cameron of “Titanic” fame in a new documentary movie for the Discovery Channel this Sunday is one of 6,000 people by the name of Jesus that lived in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Saying that this is the Crucified Jesus that REVEALED YHWH GOD to man has about as much validity as Al Gore’s “Convenient Truth” that got him a “Convenient” Oscar and maybe even a “Convenient” Nobel Prize that will get him a “Convenient” Democratic Nomination for President! Al Gore is NOTHING but a “Convenient Hypocrite.” The “carbon credits” that Al says he buys because he is such a big energy HOG himself to be used in research for clean energy is from a company that HE OWNS! UUGH! UNBELIEVABLE..."How to make millions off a lie."

I finally figured out where "W' gets all his inspiration from...........

"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." --Al Gore, Vice President

Both James Cameron and Al Gore are nothing but CONVENIENT LIARS. Dan Brown may have been a novelist and his DaVinci Code pure fiction BUT it had a “hidden” agenda even if Dan didn’t intend it. The one common bond that all these guys have is making $$$$$. (See where George Soros is attempting to buy out Haliburton? I knew it was too tempting for him. When you have a lot…you simply NEED MORE!) Cameron is no dummy either… he saw how much Brown raked in. ANYTHING that is anti-GOD SELLS and big time! People believe this crap. Goebels knew it and so did PT. Barnum….”There’s a sucker born every minute,” Lies are more believable than TRUTH. Too bad President Bush didn’t realize this and start lying….the Dems would love him if he did!

(BTW….Global Warming caused by American greed is an ILLUSION and has NOTHING to do with Science and the Climatic Cycles of the planet. It is a “Convenient Lie.” (Mars is in a warming cycle at this time too and real Scientists agree that it is related to Solar Activity..NOT CO2! (The Oceans buffer CO2 levels and that has been going on for millions of years…the Green House effect works for glass and particulates..NOT CO2) The REAL agenda behind the “GREEN” movement is to weaken the American Economy via the Kyota Agreement to speed up the rise of the “Novus Ordo Seclorum”….THE NEW WORLD ORDER….Biblical Prophecy.)

OK…now about PRAYER…DUH! Prayer is ALWAYS answered. It may not be the answer we prayed for BUT they are ALWAYS answered. Sometimes the right answer is NO. People are just like kids…they have no clue what the word NO means! The error made by the people in this expensive study on prayer (no doubt government pork barrel) is the SAME error made by ALL religions and philosophies.
That error is….. EVERYBODY separates GOD from His CREATION. They think the Spiritual is separate from the Physical. YHWH GOD is EXISTENCE….He is in His Natural Laws which are both Spiritual and Physical. The newly discovered String Theory reveals this TRUTH. He works within and through His CREATION and like CREATION, He always was and always will be. There was no beginning to the Cosmos and there will be no end. EXISTENCE always IS. Man’s EGO needs a beginning so the Scientific Data of the Spectral Doppler Shift created the ILLUSION of a Big Bang. The 30 dimensions of String Theory, Quantum Entanglement and the Space-Time Continuum reveal that Big Bang is an ILLUSION and the incorrect interpretation of the data. The Law of Biogenesis proven over 150 years ago by Dr. Louis Pasteur in his “S” shaped flask experiment is the closest proof that GOD EXISTS that we have… “All Life comes from pre-existing Life.” The question...”what came first, the chicken or the egg?… is meaningless…it is an oxymoron. GOD is LIFE…He is in ALL life from unicellular organisms to humans to Star Visitors. GOD Creates in and through His CREATION. ALL is EXISTENCE and there is no “supernatural”…that is an EGO term. As the Magician The Great Kreskin said…”The Supernatural is the Undiscovered Natural.” He said this many years before String Theory where we now realize that the Spiritual Realm and the Physical Realm are ONE and the SAME differing ONLY in frequency and vibration patterns of the Strings. I believe these Strings to be WORD and Thought which is YHWH and the Bible sure verifies this.

John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 1:2: The same was in the beginning with God. 1:3: All things were made through him. Without him was not anything made that has been made.

Genesis 1:26 also verifies that YHWH God CREATES through His CREATION…”Let Us Create Man in Our Image.” Unfortuneately, man separated God from His Creation by creating the Trinity..Father, Son and Holy Spirit. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Man had to create the TRINITY so the “plural” in Genesis would make sense. When you realize that GOD is ALL of EXISTENCE and that He CREATES through His Creation….you have no problem with the “plural” in Genesis….It may come as a shock to some BUT God Created us in His IMAGE through our Star Visitor Family… via Recombinant DNA and Hybridization and the Wonderful, Beautiful Diversity of all other Life is formed by the Finger of God….Darwinian Natural Selection throughout the COSMOS.

ABBA Father IS GOD, Yahshua-JESUS is GOD INCARNATE and the HOLY SPIRIT is GOD. GOD is NOT a person nor is the Holy Spirit...they are the Spirit that gives life (Biogenesis) Yes…Yahshua –Jesus Incarnated and IS a person that tried to teach us this TRUTH but we went and made a religion out of Him! UUGH! He also came to RESCUE us from our own EGO’s by dieing on a Roman Cross 2,000 years ago. This Act of Passion and Love RESTORES man to the original condition of His Creation that was lost in the Garden of Eden. GOD IS PURE LOVE. (Scientifically …restores String Resonance and Balance) The real reason why prayer is ALWAYS answered is that GOD is ALWAYS with us.

Fundamental Christianity is really big into “Intelligent Design” for CREATION. It is ironic how close they are to the TRUTH but they are so blinded by their own EGO’s and the religion that was Created from it that “they can’t see the forest through the trees!”
THE SIMPLE TRUTH is that the Kingdom of God is ALL of EXISTENCE and is manifested in the Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations. The Kingdom of God in our hearts is the one Jesus tried to teach us to PREPARE us for the COMING Kingdom. (Federation) Many believe that this is how the Kingdom comes to Earth…by everyone finally “getting it” after many re-incarnations. This is entirely based on EGO and makes God a liar. Re-incarnation is an ILLUSION and violates the Law of Free Will not to mention the Space-Time Continuum of String Theory.

BTW….The Fabric of the Cosmos revealed in String Theory was actually first revealed by Sir Ernest Rutherford over 150 years ago in his “gold leaf” experiment that demonstrated that what we call matter is 99.99% EMPTY SPACE!

The bottom line is that we all must work towards FULL Disclosure that there is an Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations and that we have SV Family…. which are all Children in the Kingdom of God and I am convinced are the Angels of the Bible. The only religious leader I know of who recognizes this God given TRUTH was the late John Paul II. Full Disclosure will bring more people into the Kingdom than all the world’s religions combined. The 4th World of EGO is about to TRANSFORM into a New World of group consciousness that will restore the pre-Eden conditions on Earth under the Federation and YES…rued by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords..Yahshua-Jesus. Remember, this battle we have against the “dark forces” is one of influence as warned by Ephesians 6:12: “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

These “ dark forces” are the “renegade-EGO SV’s”…the “fallen angels” and demons of the Bible THAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS IN COMMUNION WITH!

LASTLY….YES...there is GOD…DUH…you EXIST don’t you? YES..Yahshua-Jesus did die for our transgressions, was buried and rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. That’s about all Christianity got right! (Yepper….taken up into a Starship surrounded by CLOUDS from the condensation of water vapor from the strong propulsion fields of the craft. His Disciples saw Him exit this way and He told them He would return the same way. However, there will be an EVACUATION of God’s Children (called the Rapture) before this event along with the resurrection of those who died in Christ prior to the final battle of Armeggedon)

Remember… the Bible has NOTHING to do with RELIGION…it is a history of our Journey back to our true heritage with our brother and sister SV’s in the Federation (Kingdom of God) IN fact…Bible Prophecy is Not about what will be...It is what IS!

“TRUST YHWH GOD and His Creation…our SV FAMILY”…

PAX…The Doubting Thomas


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